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EN Power Supply ©, vow a5n08 POWER SUPPLIES FOR SPUTTERING CATHODES, ION BEAM, SUBSTRATE BIAS, ATMOSPHERIC PLASMA & OLED HEATERS KEY BENEFITS: Proven liability n mass production (multiple thousands of units shipped) Pulse shapes designed fo optimised processes Easy system and process integration Convenient User interface Increase production yield atthe lower cost of ownership Reduce defects and improve thin lm quality 10 KEY FEATURES High reliability & excellent performance, ower interference and nose High density pulse plasma contol, adjustable fequency and pulse width Optimized for spect processes and applications (sputtering, ar, bias, atrmosphericpressure et) \ery stable topology with drooping characteris + 32bitDSP enables igh speed and precision conto, igh endurance for sag (SEMI F47) Reliable high speed arcdetecton and interruption ver low ac energy (< ImWKW), builtin arc contol parameters Superior conto features of rapid changing impedance Low output ripple and system energy eeemanas Wide operating range TECHNOLOGIES Emarked PRODUCT RANGE Made! Aoplcation fnersvean™ DC power for (Sa, Rh et] magneton spterng 1,20 30nd KW esos, ual ouput 45 and 1+ TOAW veins Fnertase™ Pale power 0, 2, Gl, St) or magneton spteng 5,10, 16and20 ves, High and Low Voage unplpueveson Bas applications LnerhseDvo™ al pds power or Dual agneton Stern and Rese puter, “Sad TOW versions, Psecen™ gh apcty pase mates sen cmbaton wth 0 power spr sgl magnets 25,30, AOR esos, PuseGenDuo igh apacty tpl pulse mediates fuse cominatnwith DC power supra magnons 20,38, A0RW sons, Fneois™ Poe sup fe Vaca Arc process "WW von, Dcsubsratebias power sup 10,20 6306 esis Ion beam power supp. 6, 300012000 BRI, 3000, 2060 mh ‘uas pulse poner sup Amosphen Pasa Dice, “2 64 TORI ven. PAC cR Doe eC a ee RE AC EL etd

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