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Amy L.

763 8oyer SLreeL ~ uubuque, lA 32001 ~ Amy.LvarLs[ ~ P: 363-380-3333

!"#$%&'&() +,&-'#.( /&0, 0,. 12&--1 (.+.113#4 0$ 3+,&.%. 15++.1167

SLudenL-focused, goal-drlven, and dedlcaLed Leachlng professlonal wlLh a passlon for learnlng and Lhe ablllLy Lo
connecL effecLlvely wlLh youLh. Skllled ln Lhe arL of lesson developmenL and dellvery, ensurlng flexlblllLy and
accommodaLlon for every sLudenL's learnlng sLyle and ablllLy. 1alenL Lo engage sLudenLs Lhrough dynamlc hands-on
acLlvlLles LhaL augmenL learnlng and capLure sLudenLs' aLLenLlon. ossess ouLsLandlng communlcaLlon and
lnLerpersonal skllls Lo fosLer and malnLaln solld relaLlonshlps wlLhln Lhe school communlLy.

Areas of Lxper|ence Inc|ude:

! 1echno|ogy Integrat|on ! kWL & Learn|ng Centers ! L|terature C|rc|e
! arent-1eacher Conferences ! kead|ng Strateg|es ! Wr|ter's Workshop
! erformance Assessments ! Graph|c Crgan|zers ! L|terature-8ase rogram
! hon|cs ! Gu|ded kead|ng ! Lesson |ann|ng
! 1hemat|c Un|ts ! Da||y S ! Integrated Act|v|t|es

8.+,($-$)&+3- 92&--1: "#$%&'( )$% *)+#$,&(- ./0 1$(2#3),#&$0 */ .44#+5 /6#,50 7&'537&#$,0 "&3%0 89+5:0 8$+)3,)
8$+;+:&25%#)0 1$,53$5,0 <6=2/,)3,0 >:&?(,530 @$#=&,&0 7#9#5 A0 B:)CC53#D50 "&3%:5E


Master of Arts (2011), Ma[or: LlLeracy - Clarke unlverslLy - uubuque, lA

8ache|or of Arts (2001), Ma[or: LlemenLary LducaLlon - Clarke unlverslLy - uubuque, lA
Cum Laude, CA: 3.36

F53,#4#+),#&$(G HIJ K5)+-53 8:5=5$,)3; F:)((3&&= L HIM N5)%#$?


Archblshop Pennessy CaLhollc School - new vlenna, lA/eLersburg, lA 08/2002 - resenL
O/=):: 23#P),5 (+-&&: '#,- )223&9#=),5:; QR (,6%5$,( 43&= 735(+-&&: ,& J
1eacher (1
Grade) - 08]2004 - resent
1eacher (3rd Grade) - 08]2002 - 07]2004
lnsLrucL sLudenLs wlLhln all core currlculum wlLhln a self-conLalned classroom seLLlng. Llalse wlLh faculLy members Lo
esLabllsh currlculum mapplng, ensurlng sLandards are followed, and benchmarks are ldenLlfled. ALLend faculLy
meeLlngs, and remaln acLlvely lnvolved ln all school-sponsored acLlvlLles.
lmproved 1
Crade readlng levels Lhrough Lhe research, developmenL, and lmplemenLaLlon of a gulded
readlng program, uLlllzed ALA for addlLlonal educaLlonal resources.
lncreased sLudenL learnlng Lhrough Lhe developmenL and lmplemenLaLlon of creaLlve hands-on lesson plans
LhaL effecLlvely addressed Lhe dlverse learnlng sLyles wlLhln Lhe classroom.
MoLlvaLed sLudenLs by augmenLlng lessons wlLh manlpulaLlves LhaL lncluded creaLlve wrlLlng, llLeraLure,
movles, songs, and [ournal wrlLlng.

Amy L. LvarLs - 8esume age 2 of 2
O73&45((#&$): K5)+-#$? 89253#5$+5 +&$,#$65%TS

CulLlvaLed a focused and work-orlenLed classroom by uslng a solld classroom managemenL plan LhaL
ensured clear and conslsLenL dlrecLlon and follow-Lhrough. used behavlor modlflcaLlon and poslLlve
relnforcemenL sLraLegles.
lnLegraLed Lechnology wlLhln Lhe classroom uslng a compuLer lab and allowlng sLudenLs Lo use educaLlonal
games, enhanced Lyplng skllls, charLlng, and graphlng.
lnsLlLuLed Safe lace Area for sLudenLs who sLruggle wlLh self-conLrol, and LaughL sLudenLs ways Lo calm and
deal wlLh lssues.
lmplemenLed 8eadlng rogram for Lhe school, uLlllzlng readlng logs for sLudenL accounLablllLy for aL-home
upheld excellence ln educaLlon accepLlng role as 1echnology Currlculum Leader and SlAC CommlLLee
1ralned and menLored Leachers ln new programs such as owerSchool program, Lechnology, Wlklspaces,
and blogs.

Poly ChosL CaLhollc School - uubuque, lA 03/2002 - 06/2002
O73#P),5 (+-&&: '#,- URVIAVV (,6%5$,( 43&= 735(+-&&: ,& M
Subst|tute 1eacher (3
Student 1eacher (2
Grade) 08/2001 - 12/2001


CbservaLlon Survey LvaluaLlon - WesLern uubuque-eosLa LlemenLary-Sprlng 2007
8lver CuesL-Clarke unlverslLy Summer 2010
uonalyn Mlller-AuLhor of 1he 8ook Whlsperer aL 8eckman Plgh School, uyersvllle, lA Summer 2010
8eadlng ls 1hlnklng by SLephanle Parvey-Chlcago, lL Summer 2009


Member, LasLern lowa 8eadlng Councll