Identity : Name: Father’s name: Age: Address: Study level: Objective: Hobbies: Family members : Nilmini Sureka Ranathunga. R. G. Endoris (50 Years old) 19 Years (21. 06. 1989) Birthday. Thanna wattha, Niwithigalayaya, Pahala Alupothdeniya, Gagulandeniya, Katuwana. Advance Level, Bio Science (Exam in August 2009) (She did her exam in 2008, but she willing to try her second try as she is not confident of her exam this time) To become a Doctor. Not at the moment. She hopes to spend full time for her study than for hobbies. Her father is a farmer. He has Pepper farming in his Garden. Average income 3000.00 Rs. Monthly. He also works at other Gardens to get extra income. Her mother (Sumanawathi is a Housewife.44 years old. She has started to work at nearby tea factory since few months. It is a night shift work and she has to go for work every other day. One brother 14 years old studies at village school at grade 8. 02 rooms, Sheet roof house. Walls are in clay. Small kitchen outside the house.

Home status : Miscelleanous : Distance to school : Wake up time : Transport method : After school tuition : Arrival time after tuition :

40 km. 3.30am. by bus and walking twenty minutes. 07 days. 7.30 pm. In two busses. But most of the time busses are not available. Transport cost monthly : 3000.00 Rs. Private class fees monthly 1400.00 Rs monthly. She is receiving 2 classes entry free. Clothes & Shoes ect.. 200.00 Rs Books & stationary 300.00 Rs Soap, cosmetic & toothpaste 100.00 Rs. Home visit per tour 140.00 Rs. (4200.00 Rs monthly) English She has a general knowledge in English. But would like to practice and learn more English. She never has spoken in English with someone. She is happy to have English lessons at home. Computer Love to have a Computer at hostel. She does know nothing about computer. She is now able to surf internet for searching study information. Future plans and hopes To live with the family and to help them. Helps Now she is happy that both her parents are earning some thing. She would need help if she enters the university in the future. Note TCR is one of the best services provided to needy students.

This is Nilmini (Left) and her home.

Her study table in the living room.

Her books Shelf and other home materials.

The only bed in the house.

The kettle was on the hearth without fire.

The vegetable left for the rest of the day.

Fathers pepper grow in the garden.

This is how they get water at home.

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