Sandya Kumari

Identity : Name Father’s name Age Address Study level M. A. Sandya Kumari M. A. Nanda Pala (48 years old) 21 years (22 – 08 – 1987 B/D) 181, Liyanagahawattha, Indigetawela, Hakuruwela. Advance level Bioscience 2010 August. (Second time) She did her exam in 2008, but she is not fully confident of her exam and willing the do it again. According to her family background, she couldn’t complete her lessons well. So she has planned to take another two years to complete her lessons to sit the exam in August 2010. Mahanaga, National School (Not more attending school for To become a Doctor. Father is a farmer, around 4000.00 Rs. incomes monthly. H. T. Renuka, 38 years old, is working at home. 01 younger brother and two sisters are still studying in schools. Mud house of two rooms with the roof in tent sheets.

School her second time) Objectives Family members : Mother’s name Family Members: Home status:

Studying details : Distance to school 26 km. from Home town. Wake up time 5 am Transport method Buy bus 1km walking distance. After school tuition 06 days Arrival time after tuition 6.30 pm Transport cost monthly 2000.00 From Home town to Tangalle. Private class fees monthly 1600.00 Clothes & Shoes ect.. 500.00 Books & stationary 250.00 Soap, cosmetic & toothpaste 200.00 Home visit per tour 80.00 English She doesn’t have a good knowledge in English. She prefers to have private English lessons if possible. Computer She has no computer knowledge at all. She prefers to use the computer provided at youth hostel. It is her dream to be good at computer too. Future plans and hopes To become a decent civilian and to help the community for better nation. She will also willing to help her family members and to have a better life for herself. Helps She desperately needs financial helps to overcome her problems to meet her goals. Note She is very courageous but, helpless girl. TCR is willing to extend its helpful hand to her with her future study and family matters.

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