Identity: Name: Father’s name: Age: Address: Study level: Objective: Hobbies: Family members: Mother’s name Other family members Nelka Srimali Nupe Hewa. N.H. Wimalasena. 48 years old. 19 years (28.03.1989) Birthday. No.16 Andaragasyaya, Magama, Tissa. Advance Level, Maths (exam in August 2009) Tangalle Balika Vidyalaya. 2nd time exam. To become an Engineer. she likes to read translation book, playing chess game and listing to the song. Father is a farmer. : W. A. Jayawardana. 42 years old. She sales coconut oil.

: Three elder brothers. One of her brother was an army soldier. Another one is studying for his external degree. Other one is working at ceramic company Ltd as a temporary worker. Her elder sister is working as a computer operator in Colombo. Her younger sister is studying for her Ordinary Level Exam in December 2008. And her younger brother is studying at grade 09. 3 rooms with a kitchen outside. Tiled roof and cement floor.

Home status: Miscellaneous: Distance to school: Wake up time: Transport method:

120km. 5.00 am. Bed time: 1.00 pm. Two hour and ½ hour by bus and 15 minute walking. After school tuition: 06 days. Arrival time after tuition: 19.30 hours. Transport cost monthly: 5040.00 Rs Private class fees monthly: 1500.00 Rs. Clothes & Shoes ect: 300.00 Rs. Books & stationary: 500.00 Rs Soap, cosmetic & toothpaste: 100.00 Rs. Home visit per tour: 210.00 Rs English: She has a fair knowledge of English. But she needs improvement. Computer: Her computer knowledge is very poor. She happily uses the computer at TCR. Future plans and hopes: Her expectation is to have a better and decent life and help her family members in the future. She prefers to serve her mother country in the future. Helps: Note:

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