Identity: Name Father’s name Age Address Study level Objective Hobbies Family members: Mother’s Name Other family members : K.A.H.G. Tharaka Kumarasinghe. : K.A.H.G. Albert 58 Years old. : 20 years (08.11.1988) Birthday. : 1/188, “Sinhagiri”, Yakagala, Angunukolapelessa. : Advance Level, Bio- science. (Exam in August 2009) H/ Mahanaga National School. 2nd time exam. : She likes to be a Doctor. : She likes to read news papers, collecting stamp, sing song, reading books. Her father is a farmer. : G. K.H. Vineetha. 51 Years old. She is a house wife. : She has one elder brother. He is married. He is a businessman

Home status: 05 roomed house with kitchen. Tiled roof and cement floor. Miscellaneous: Distance to school: 35km Wake up time: 5.30 am. Bed time: 11.30 pm. Transport method: One hour by bus and ½ hour walking. After school tuition: 04 days. Arrival time after tuition: 18.00 hours. Transport cost monthly: 960.00 Rs Private class fees monthly: 900.00 Rs. Clothes & Shoes ect: 1500.00 Rs. Books & stationary: 200.00 Rs Soap, cosmetic & toothpaste: 200.00 Rs. Home visit per tour: 60.00 Rs English: She has fairly knowledge in English. But she needs to improvement her knowledge. Computer: She has basic knowledge of Computer. Future plans and hopes: Her expectation is to do a better job and help her parents in the future. And also she likes to be an exemplary citizen in the country. She likes to grow spirit. Helps: Note:

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