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Dated: 03/08/2007

Ref.#: ase 01/2007

A. S. E. Exports
Mobile : 09845091343

Kind Attention: Mr. Mohd. Moosal

Subject: Offer for 25 KVA High Frequency Induction Heating

Power Supply

Dear Sir,
We would like to thank you for showing interest in our products.As
discussed with you regarding your production/technical details, i.e. for
Induction Hardening for Pipe upto 40mm, we would recommend the
High Frequency Induction Power Supply 25 AB with Fixture for
Material Handling.
The features of the Induction Power Supply are as follows:
Power: 25KVA
Operating Frequency: 30 to 80 KHz
Range: High Frequency
Inverter Control: PWM
Power Devices: IGBT (Insulated Gate
Bipolar Transistors)
Electronics Cooling: With De-ionized
Coil Box Cooling: With De-ionized
Supply Voltage: 3 Phase 415 VAC
(+/- 1%)

Special Delivery price for the 25 AB High Frequency Induction

Power Supply would be INR 3,20,000.00 (Indian Rupees Three
Lac Twenty Thousand only)

Scope of supply:
The supply of 25 AB Induction Power Supply will include the
1. One piece of 25 AB High Frequency Induction
Power Supply.
2. One pieces of Output Coil Box.
3. Interconnecting Cable: One Set.
4. Fixture For Material Handling.
5. Operating Manual: One.
6. Spare Coils as per your jobs:03.
Recommended arrangement at your factory:
1. Cooling Tower For Electronics Cooling.
2. Pump for Machine Cooling: Power 1.5
KW/Capacity 100 LPM.
3. Servo Stabilizer Capacity 25 KW.
4. Water Tank capacity 1000 lt.
5. Water Line (Industrial Water) for coil cooling
and quenching with return pump
arrangement and all relevant plumbing.

Terms and conditions:

1. Payment terms are: 50% advance with confirmed

Purchase Order, 50% On Inspection at our works.
2. CST and Duties: Extra as applicable.
3. Delivery time: 45-50 working days from the date of
receipt of confirmed Purchase Order with advance.
4. Installation labor cost will be zero.
5. Warranty: One year from the date of dispatch
against all manufacturing defects and malfunctions
during operation. Mishandling and poor operating
conditions are however not covered in this

Looking forward to your valued order, we are

Sincerely yours
For and on behalf of
A. B. Electricals

Gulshan Bhatia (ase01)

Mobile : 09313033187