Lev. XV. 20, &c.
I. The Scape-goat, called in Hebrew, azazel, that is, the Goat gone away, Ac., was
so called, because he escaped alive ; representing Christ Jesus alive in his Divine nature,
though put to death in his human nature, or alive afteif he i^se again fh>m the dead.
n. He wa» presented alive, that by him reoonciiiation might be made, and this . after
the other Goat was sacrificed ; signifying, according to the learned, two things ; (1.) The
resurrection of Christ. (2.) Our rising with him, from the death of sin, to a life of grace,
by the operation of the Spirit, &c.
lU. ** Aaron shall put or lay both his hands npon t^e bead of a five goat; and coaiess
over him all the iniquities of the children of Israel, &c., and he shall ^ax* them," Lev.
xvi. 21. Figuring thereby, how Christ should bear all our sins, viz., the ponishment due
to them ; *' The Lord haUi laid on him the iniquity of us all," Isa. liii.
lY. And so the He-goat was sent into the ^demess, or land not inhabited, wfaidl tfie
Greek calleth abaton, wayless, or inaccessible ; figuring the utter abolishing of our sins
by Jesus Christ, both from the face of God, that so they may not appear before him
against us, to condemn us, or be imputed or charged upon us, nor have any dominion or
power over us.
Y. They were to confess, npon the head of tlie goat all their iniquities ; signifying
if we would have our sins carried away, and for ever to be forgotten, we must confess them,
&c. By this, saith Ainsworth, it appeareth, that as the killed Goat figured Christ killed,
or put to death, for our sins ; so this living Goat figured him also, '* who bore our griefs,
and carried our sorrows," Isa. liii. 4 — 6. And because Christ was not only to die for
our offences, but also to rise again for our justification ; and because these two things
could not fiUy be shadowed by one beast, which the priest having killed, could not make
alive again : therefore God appointed two, that in the slain beast Christ's death, and in
the live beast his Ufa and victory might be shadowed. See the like mystery in the two
birds, for the clcansin^r tlie leper.

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