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2007 Summer Camp Leaders Guide

2007 Summer Camp Leaders Guide

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Guidelines for a BSA summer camp - useful to set up own camp
Guidelines for a BSA summer camp - useful to set up own camp

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Published by: tortdog on Mar 24, 2008
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Do you love to climb? Do you feel freedom in leaving the flat earth
behind? Do high and windy places invite you to come and explore?
Maybe you‘ve climbed trees and hiked to the tops of hills. Perhaps
you've made your way up the stairs of a fire tower or to the observa-
tion floor of a tall building. If you‘ve felt the excitement of being
above it all, then climbing may be for you – find out on the tallest
climbing tower in Texas! Climbing allows you to challenge yourself – it
is a sport that does not require great physical strength, but it does
demand mental toughness and the willingness to practice hard to
ter a set of skills. Class size is limited to 20 Scouts.

Merit Badge




Advancing Scouts

Come and learn to climb and rappel on the highest climbing tower in
Texas! There is a $10.00 charge for this course. This fee covers the cost
of the equipment and ropes needed to make this course available. If you

read the merit badge book in advance and learn the knots, you‘ll have

more time at camp for actual climbing!

Open Tower

Older Scouts

Free time for climbing and rappelling on the tower for Scouts who al-
ready have the Climbing merit badge, who took it earlier but need to
finish requirements in order to complete it, or who are currently enrolled
in Climbing. This is not a merit badge.


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2007 Leader’s Guide

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