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AllChildren Can And WillLearn

Aurora East Schools

District 131
East Aurora High School
779 slh Avenue
Aurora, lL 60505
Telephone (630) 299-8000. Fax (630) 299-8199
December 6,2013
To Whom It May Concern:
I am pleased to write this letter in support of Tracy Hand's application for employment in your
district. For two semesters, I have obierved Ms. Hand in mycapacity as the English and Fine Arts
Division Chair at East Aurora High School. In the spring semestei of iol3,she w-orked closely with
one of our veteran teachers in preparation for student teaching which took place during the fali
semester of this school year. Besides teaming with her cooperating teacher in Junior-English,
is a course focusing on American literary themes, tvts. ttand taugit Sophomore English, a brand
new world literature course for this year. Whether s he was workiig witir a reluctant learner or an
advanced writer, she consistently demonstrated her intelligence, humor, creativity, and patience.
Ms' Hand exemplified the characteristics
of an exceptionaiteacher
through her process
of seeking
feedback to improve her instructional practi""r,
in the area of cJop".ut'ir,." learning.
As a student teacher for fourteen weeks, at East Aurora High School, Ms. Hand consistently
demonstrated a commitment to her students and her craft. In addition to this ,igo.ow schedule,
she participated
in curriculum development with the Sophomore English
we-ekly. This group
developed and taught a highly relevant narrative-based
unit, where-sophomores gained
skills through their reading of Like Water
Chocolate and pre-writing
activities. Students wrote a
narrative incorporating
magical realism as the summative assessment for the unit. After this
narrative unit, Ms. Hand took advantage of the writing skills students attained to have them
complete an argument, where they followed a structu.Jd-pro"".,
approach to writing about
and in Junior English, Ms. Hand impiemented
a Wiki to assist students with
their editing skills. Without question, Ms. Hand is prepared
to enter a classroom as an instructor
and make a difference in the lives of students
Ms' Hand's professionalism
does not end at the classroom door. She is dependable, conscientious,
and professional
in her appearance and demeanor. Ms. Hand attended all department and faculty
meetings, parent open house, and parent-teacher
conference, as well as all professional
Ms. Hand successfully worked with our specialeducation
a'"purt*"rt to implement
IEPs and 504 plans.
Ms. Hand accurately set up and impiemented
classroom systems to organize
student work, grade papers, return them promptiy, and enter them into the Infinite Campus program, as
well as take daily attendance. She also activeiy lnvolved herself in the lives of our students in extra-
curricular activities. Ms. Hand worked closely with our drama program
to assist students in our fall
musical, Zombie Prom, and she voluntarily coached flags for our marching band season.
Without reservation, I recommend Tracy Hand for this position. The students who encounter her will
be fortunate to have her in their school. IfI can provide any further insight into Ms. Hand,s character,
please contact me at (630) 299-8107.
Andrea Cobbett
English and Fine Arts Division Chair
East Aurora High School
lllinois' FIRST Public Schoo/ District