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Political Party Time
Fundraiser in the News

A fundraiser for: Terri Lynn Land

News source:

Event description: Luncheon Fundraiser

Location: NRSC Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

Date/time: June 18, 2014

Cost: $500/$2,600/$5,000

Hosts and other lawmakers:
Sen. Mitch McConnell
Sen. John Cornyn
Sen. John Thune
Sen. John Barrasso
Sen. Roy Blunt
Sen. Jerry Moran

Dow Chemical Co PAC
Alticor PAC
National Restaurant Association
Ziad Ojakli, Ford Motors lobbyist

Source: Sunlight Foundation's Party Time www.politicalpartytime.org. The Sunlight Foundation collects these invitations from anonymous lobbyist sources.

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