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Ways to Use Your Time to Have Successful Relationship 6

Ways to Use Your Time to Have Successful Relationship 6

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Published by olufemi fasanya
Do you want to get married young or at 35+? If your answer is young, it behooves you to spend your time wisely. rela
Do you want to get married young or at 35+? If your answer is young, it behooves you to spend your time wisely. rela

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Published by: olufemi fasanya on Dec 02, 2009
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Ways to use your time to have successful relationship 6 Time is the only asset that is given to everyone of us that

depletes and can’t be restored again; once we spend time, it’s gone forever. There is nothing you can do to turn back the hand of time to undo what has been done; time is really life. Every tick of the second, we all age and it’s required that we become responsible before we grow to an age that we regret the actions that have been taken years earlier. So many people wish they have your youthfulness presently; believe me there are people who are watching some of the people who will read this write ups that wish they stop the kind of lifestyle they are presently living because they have lived the life and they know the consequences that is the end result. Daniel kept trying to get John to see the need to do a u-turn in the lifestyle he has adopted; John wasn’t taking his studies seriously. He was an all fun guy with lots of friends (both male and female) flocking around him. Daniel who is over 15 years older kept telling him the repercussion of spending his time in the manner he was presently doing and the regrets he had in his own life. When he was much younger he told him, my parents would call me to reiterate the importance of been educated. But alas, it was like they were trying to stop him from enjoying himself. Today, he told John, some of his classmates are medical doctors, some are directors in their offices and some are managing their companies. He however, is working as a janitor, cleaning up offices and earning merger salary. What embarrassed him the most is; presently one of the companies that he sent to clean belongs to one of his classmates in school. Alas, John won’t listen to him; he even did his best to avoid coming in contact with Daniel. When Daniel saw the attitude of John, he had no choice but to leave him; he hoped that he would see the need to change before it was too late for him. John however, didn’t change for the better; his result in the Secondary School Certificate Examination was terrible- he failed all except Christian religious studies. He is presently an area boy in his neighborhood, while some of his classmates are graduates working in multinational companies. The difference between you and anyone else is what you do with your time; we all have 24 hours to put our acts together and prepare for the future we desire because it won’t appear from the blues. It must be created; that can only happen by every action we take today that is consistent to getting us to our desired destination. Do you want to get married young or at 35+? If your answer is young, it behooves you to spend your time wisely. Every tick of the second counts; what you do with them will be the real answer to the question I asked. I will like to continue on the topic- ways to use your time to have a successful relationshipSpend time to understudy the person that you are interested in or who is interested in you- No relationship will become successful when the individual involve rush into it; time is required for any relationship to lead to the desired end- marriage. One of the ways

to spend time is to understudy the guy or lady before anything intimacy comes in between you both. One mistake that I have observed is common with women, is the fairy like manner they got into relationship; some of them have watched and read love stories that it makes them blind to the world of reality. If you observed relationship that end in heartbreaks the most are those that the relationship was rushed into without one of the individual involved really knowing who he/she is going into relationship with. Such has the story of Dennis. Dennis met Dora in a meeting hosted by the church he attends; the church had given invitation cards to its members to invite their friends for the relationship meeting they wanted to hold for singles. The venue was packed with people; when Dennis met Dora, he liked the way she comported herself all through the programme. They had exchanged pleasantries and phone numbers during the course of the meeting when they were told to interact with one another. In less than a month of relating with her, he proposed marriage; though Dora played hard to get for a while, she soon gave him her consent. Two months later they were married. It wasn’t long after marriage that Dennis began to realize that he didn’t know much about the person he got married too; he discovered behind the composed posture a person who is very aggressive. They had been married for more than two weeks when he had an argument with his wife threatening to slap him; her eyes were red hot, and it took his controlling himself to prevent things from getting out of hand. Whenever she sees him with the opposite sex, she becomes excessive jealous and in some occasions she had gone to threaten the ladies that she felt were too close to him. He discovered that she had gone through series of heartbreaks in the past; so she finds it difficult to trust him with the opposite sex. He also discover to his shock that the reason why she was living alone as a single was because she wasn’t a social person; she will not allow his mum stay a day before she (his mum) begins to complain about her attitude. Presently his family members have stopped coming to see him; most of his friends too have also stop coming, their reason- his wife. His regret is that he didn’t get to know Dora well enough before taking the relationship to stage of marriage; they didn’t get to court for more four months before he did that. He is miserable, yet he doesn’t want to leave the relationship because of his children and the faith he has come to uphold which is against divorce. In my book, 21 Never singles must obey, I wrote the following words, ‘This is a warning I want you to seriously heed; behind every haste is a mistake. When someone wants you to be hasty to get married, there is a likelihood that the individual wants to hide something. Elijah Ekan-Ndem said, “When a man is desperate for anything in life, he opens himself up to exploitation.” God could have created the world and everything in it in a day, but He allowed it to take six days, and this is to let you know that time is needed to let things mature. You need time to...

*Be friends *Consider if the individual is God's will for your life *Know his friends/her friends *Start courtship etc’ Olufemi Fasanya 08037257479 www.relationship-singles.blogspot.com

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