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Joomla User Manual

Joomla User Manual

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Joomla 1.5 User Manual
Joomla 1.5 User Manual

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Published by: myhootz on Dec 02, 2009
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Type: mod_latestnews

The Latest News Module shows a defined number of the most recently published Items, which are
still current, as hyperlinks. The default selection is all Sections and Categories. Alternatively, you
can define a selection of Sections and or Categories.


Module Class Suffix:

Enter the suffix for the CSS class of this Module. (e.g. moduletable-poll). In this
example, the -poll is the suffix. This suffix class must currently be in the template
CSS Style file. This allows individual CSS classes to be applied to certain
Modules independent of the site's default Template CSS classes.

Enable Cache:

Select whether to cache the content of this Module.

Module Mode:

This allows you to choose which type of content to display in the Module. Select
from Content Items only, Static Content only or both.

Frontpage Items:

Select the Show or Hide items that are currently displayed on the Front Page. The
Module Mode must be set to “Content Items only” for this option to apply.


The number of items to display. The default is set to five.

Category ID:

Select items from a specific Category or Categories. Separate multiple Categories
with a comma.

Section ID:

Select items from a specific Section or Sections. Separate multiple Sections with
a comma.

Menu Item Link(s):

Select the Page(s) or Items that the Module should be displayed.

Note: By copying the Module (see Introduction), define different Section and Category criteria and
applying different moduletable th (table header) and td styles you can create a distinctive style of
specific Latest News Modules.

Chapter 7: Accessing Functions from the Back-end – Administrator

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