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Joomla User Manual

Joomla User Manual

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Joomla 1.5 User Manual
Joomla 1.5 User Manual

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Published by: myhootz on Dec 02, 2009
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The difference between static content and a normal Content Item is that static content:

Does not have a Section and Category structure
Cannot be published to the Front Page.

Access: Select Content > Static Content Manager.

The Static Content Manager screen will be displayed.

Figure 71: Static Content Manager screen

The Static Content Manager shows a list of the Static Content Items on your site.

The following information is displayed:

Column Name



This is the title of the Static Content Items. Click the title to edit content. A padlock
button, next to it shows that it is checked-out. To check-in, click the name.


This shows whether the item is Published or not. Hover over the button to see a
summary of the publishing information. Click to change its state.


Shows the order of Static Content Items. Enter the list manually in the field provided and
click the Save button to save the new order.


This is the user access level for the Static Content Item. Click on the Access Level to
switch it between Public, Registered, or Special.


The ID assigned to the item as held in the database.


This shows the name of the author of the Content. If the author’s name is displayed in
red, click to edit the author’s information.


The date the item was created or modified.

Other functions available on this screen include:


You may enter text in the Filter box to refine the list based on whether the text is found in
the title of any item. Type in any text and press the Tab key.


You may also order the list by a variety of options or by selecting an Author.

Toolbar Buttons: Publish, Unpublish, Trash, Edit, and New are available.

Create a New Static Item

Click the New button. The Static Content Item: New screen will be displayed.

This screen has all the functionality of the Content Items New screen except you cannot:

Chapter 6: Accessing Functions from the Back-end: Manager

Joomla! 1.0.11 User Manual


Version 1.0.1.

Assign a Section or Category
Split the text between Intro and Main
Publish to Front Page.

Publish, Unpublish, Delete, and Edit are handled in the same way as a Content Item.

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