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Joomla User Manual

Joomla User Manual

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Joomla 1.5 User Manual
Joomla 1.5 User Manual

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Published by: myhootz on Dec 02, 2009
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First, we will explain the concept of Home page and the Front Page Component in Joomla!, as
many people easily confuse these two concepts.

When a visitor types in the URL of your site, http://www.yourdomainname.com (or when they
navigate from another site), the Home page is usually the first page they visit.

The Home page itself is the first published item located in the mainmenu section of the Menu

Note: Setting the first published item in the mainmenu to something other than Home, e.g. Web
Links will display the Web Links page on the homepage of your web site. Even if the
mainmenu Module is NOT published, your Home page will still be displayed as the first or
‘home’ page of your web site.

The Frontpage Component publishes content to your homepage (as long as the Frontpage
Component is the first Menu Item in your Main Menu). You can assign any Content Item to the
Home page by checking the parameter Show on Frontpage. The default configuration sets the link
to the Frontpage Component to the first published item in the mainmenu. However, as with any
other Component, it may be placed anywhere in your menus.

Access: Select Content > Frontpage Manager.

The Frontpage Manager screen will be displayed.

Figure 72: Frontpage Manager screen

Toolbar Buttons: Archive, Publish, Unpublish, and Remove are available.

This page shows a list of the Content Items assigned to the Front Page Component. You may
filter the display by Section, Category, and/or Author.

The following information is displayed:

Column Name Details/Options


This is the title of the Content Items displayed on the Front Page and is listed within
Section and Category. Click the title to edit content. A padlock button, next to it shows that
it is checked-out. To check-in, click the name.


This shows whether the item is published or not. Hover over this button to see a summary
of the publishing information. Click to change state.

Chapter 6: Accessing Functions from the Back-end: Manager

Joomla! 1.0.11 User Manual


Version 1.0.1.


Click the arrow buttons to move the item up or down in the list.


Shows the order of Content Items. Enter the list manually in the field provided and click the
Save button to save the new order.


This is the user access level for the Content Item. Click on the Access Level to switch it
between Public, Registered, or Special.


This is the Section associated with the Content Item. Click the Section title to edit the
Section page.


This is the Category associated with the Content Item. Click the Category title to edit the
Category page.


This shows the name of the author of the Content. If the author’s name is displayed in red,
click to edit the author’s information.

Remove a Frontpage Item

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