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webMethods Adaptors

webMethods Adaptors

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Adaptors Overview

Why do we need them ?
Adapters provide connectivity to information resources, seamlessly linking and integrating them to the webMethods Integration Platform.

webMethods Adaptor platform
Extensive connectivity- The industry's broadest selection of adapters, with pre-built connectivity to a wide spectrum of software applications and resources:  Enterprise applications - The leading enterprise application packages such as SAP R/3, Siebel, Oracle, J.D. Edwards, PeopleSoft and many more.  Databases - Native support for Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and other databases, as well as ODBC and JDBC  Messaging middleware - Connectivity to common messaging middleware, including MQSeries, MSMQ, and JMS  Application platforms - Integration with J2EE and .NET  ther - Support for flat files, email, LDAP, etc.

webMethods Adaptor platform 
Non-invasive functionality. Advanced features - including key cross-referencing, bi-directional synchronization- enable complex integration requirements to be supported with minimal effort, while requiring no changes to existing applications. 

Graphical configuration. Visual configuration of the operations performed by an adapter eliminates the need to understand low-level application details. 

Introspection. Intelligent introspection into the application's meta-data allows adapters to reconfigure themselves and adapt to application customizations. 

Custom adapter development kit. The adapter development kit accelerates development of custom adapters for applications not supported by an out-thebox adapter. The same framework is used by webMethods to build its adapters.

webMethods Adaptor platform

JDBC Adapter Architecture

JDBC Adapter Features 
Adapter Connection : Enables the Integration Server to connect to database systems at run time. 

Adapter Service: Enables the Integration Server to initiate and perform database operations on a database. 

Adapter notification: Monitors a database and notifies the Integration Server when an action (not initiated by the Integration Server) has occurred on a particular database table.

Sample Business Integration Scenario using JDBC Adapter

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