Departure: 8 AM, Thursday, July 26, 2007 Bed roll Rain jacket Small pillow Small tarp or plastic Flashlight and

batteries Mosquito repellant Sunscreen Medication, if necessary 2 water bottles Scriptures Pencil Journal Swimsuit Rope Towel Washcloth Soap 2 trash bags Underwear Water/old shoes Sneakers Hat 2 or 3 T shirts (BSA if possible) Uniform (shirt minimum) Belt 2 Shorts Long pants Sleepwear (consider sweats to replace wet clothes if necessary) Snacks Sack lunch for Thursday with drink Watch Pack or bag Googles Knife * * * * I hereby authorize Paul H. Masters, Ron Eckert, Will Clements, Bill Raudebush, Jim Jensen, and David Halliday to authorize all essential medical treatments in my absence in the course of my child's, ___________________________________________ [Name], participation with Varsity Team 188 of the Boy Scouts of America. ________________________________________ Parent or Guardian