November 13, 1999 Provo Gun Club 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Guns and ammo will be furnished * Shot Gun clay pigeon SHOOT 22* 22-Rifle SHOOT * Black Powder SHOOT Coaches' * Coaches' Clay Pigeon Shot Gun SHOOT regulations Rules, regulations and Registration Form is on the back.

To get to the Provo Gun Club shooting range, go up Provo Canyon to the Squaw Peak Road turn-off and drive up this road 0.8 miles. At that point the road has a switch back to the left, and there is a gravel road to the right through a yellow steel gate. This gravel road leads to the shooting range. Leave your guns and ammunition home. They will be provided. Also practice and obey all safety rules with regard to safe gun control. Because of BSA regulations, no team will be able to participate without a tour permit, twodeep leadership and signed parental consent forms. This will be checked at the beginning of the event. Pre-registration before Nov. 1st with Ken Cluff at 225-6747 would be appreciated. This will help us keep the cost down and have about the correct number of turkeys to give out at the shoot. Each boy and adult will also receive a participation pin.


Team No.__________ Number of Scouts: ______ Ward: ____________________ Strake: ____________ Coach: _____________________________________ Phone: ________________________

Cost: Registration fee, Turkey shoot, pin and one event: ___________times $4.50 = $__________ (______) Additional event, 22-rifle shoot: ___________times $2.00 = $__________ (______) Additional event, Black Powder: ___________times $2.00 = $__________ (______) Additional event, Shot Gun shoot: ___________times $3.00 = $__________ (______) Coaches Shot Gun shoot & Pin: ___________times $4.00 = $__________ Total fee for the team: $__________