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Published by Raeanne Davis
Regrets about love
Regrets about love

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Published by: Raeanne Davis on Jul 24, 2014
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Raeanne Davis

What if my knees got weak when I went down ground floor,
fell chest first while you
wait there at the end of the stairs?
I know you would reach out for my hand and help me, and
in a little while, we’ll just both laugh about it.

If only I didn’t have doubts on having stomach-aches
I could have accepted the whole box of sweets you were giving me,
not only picked the small and cheap ones instead
I’m telling you I should, because
now, I badly crave for more.

If only I weren’t so afraid to slip off the pavement the night it rained
I could have ran into you and together,
stood under the same umbrella
Now, I still feel guilty about you
having that Pneumonia

I bet you thought you annoyed me so much that
I hated you
If only I called you back every time you asked me to
I could have told you the same jokes we used to share when we were together
over and over
again. Felt each other’s lips curved on the space we created

If only I could close my eyes tonight, I’d see the smile you gave me, see the lips
that could have been the sweetest thing I’d ever consume
Maybe feel the arms that could be the refuge I always seek to

If only Cupid aimed well to hit both targets at the same time and
if there weren’t clouds that used to cover my eyes
If only I wasn’t so afraid to take pleasures,
If only I could turn back and change the time
Most of all, If only you just held onto me a little longer, like the typical day
we held hands
Maybe, there would be this thing called you and I
And it’s only now that I realized, flashback hurts more than goodbye

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