Aga khan Hospital
Subject: Request for the Post of Senior Administrative Assistant.
It is submitted with great interest that I am applying for the post of Senior Administrative
Assistant in response to your advertisement published in ang daily! I have master degree
in "omputer Science and #!A in $rdu from Sindh $niversity amshoro! %esides this I
enjoyed five years of e&perience as Admin: / Account 'fficer in various reputable
organi(ation as) Admin: / Account 'fficer *+,,-, .resent/ at The 0ducator #irpur1has,
Admin: / Account 'fficer *+,,2 to +,,-/ at S3A%IST Intermediate "ollege #irpur1has)
Admin: / Account 'fficer *+,,4 to +,,2/ at unior "ambridge 5igher Secondary School
Sanghar) Admin: / Account 'fficer *+,,+ to +,,4 / at ISRA Institute #irpur1has!
I have following e&perience in account!
 To prepare financial reports, .reparation and disbursement of staff salaries, .etty
"ash, 6eneral ournal, 7edger, Income Statement, %alance Sheet, %an1 Reconciliation,
%udgeting, maintaining 'ffice %uilding, Its Security, "leanliness,
 Secretary of .rocurement "ommittee, member of discipline "ommittee!
 I am enthusiastic and energetic
ready to contribute my subject 1nowledge to your
organi(ation programs and ma&imi(e the students learning e&perience!
Throughout job career I have demonstrated for meeting an organi(ation objectives
and demands! 8ou will find the enclosed resume covers past e&perience!
5opefully you will thin1 over it favourably and sympathetically!
8ours truly,
Muhammad Danish Rathore
Street 9 ,2, 5ouse 9 ,:
7alchandabad #irpur1has!
@ated: ;,<>+<+,,?
HOUSE # C!"#$"%, PHASE&

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