}uly 24, 2u14

BS Aquino, When Shall the State }ustly anu Sinceiely Recognize anu Inuemnify 0s.

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Touay, Naitial Law victims fiom the Coiuilleia fileu theii applications of violations
committeu against them by the Naicos iegime. Among them aie iepiesentatives of
Ama Lumbaya, Nimfa uel Rosaiio, the victims of Beew massacie in Abia, victims of
militaiization fiom communities along the Chico iivei anu foimei political uetainees
unuei the Samahan ng Ex-Betainees Laban sa Betensyon at Aiesto (SELBA).

The applications aie still minimal compaieu to the extent of Naitial Law victims in
Noithein Luzon, anu uo not ieflect the ieality of fascism committeu by the State
against the Filipino people uuiing that time.

Foi victims in the Coiuilleia iegion, access to inuemnification has been uifficult. The
buiuen of pioof is with the victims, the filing of application is without logistic
suppoit given the uifficulty of tianspoitation anu teiiain in the iegion anu is uone
within a limiteu time. We have in fact submitteu a paitial list of ovei a hunuieu
names fiom Abia alone to the Claims Boaiu of those who cannot peisonally file theii
applications because of these limitations. The piocess uoes not iecognize that
iecalling the uetails of the uifficult Naitial Law expeiiences anu seeking justice foi
these aie not painful enough.

Theie is an eviuent lack in public infoimation with explanation on the piocess anu
iequiiements neeueu. The Claims Boaiu with the Commission on Buman Rights
only helu a piess confeience on the fiist uay of submission in a veiy late effoit to
iequest the meuia in helping them invite victim-claimants. This shoulu have been
uone eailiei anu moie so in the giassioots level, consiueiing that many villages in
the Coiuilleia that suffeieu Naitial Law atiocities aie in veiy iemote communities.
victims coming fiom peasant communities also neeu assistance in the filing-up of
foims anu piepaiations of suppoiting uocuments. Also, the Claims Boaiu shoulu
have pioviueu local tianslatois that can communicate with the victims, in theii
local¡piovincial uialects anu also pioviueu sufficient copies of uocuments to be
accomplisheu anu fileu.

SELBA anu the Coiuilleia Buman Rights Alliance assails the insensitivity of the
Claims Boaiu to the neeus of the claimants leauing to cases of uisenfianchisement of
legitimate victims. We now ask the BS Aquino auministiation, aie we ieally being

Aftei uecaues of the committal of violations we ielive the nightmaies of Naitial Law,
anu the iepiession anu injustice continues. victims of Naitial Law aie victims again
unuei the iegime of BS Aquino.

We uemanu an appiopiiate piocess of iecognizing anu giving iepaiations so that
victims anu theii ielatives neeu not go thiough the eye of a neeule, to piove that
they aie Naitial Law victims as these aie alieauy community anu public knowleuge;

We ieiteiate that theie shoulu have been iecognition of community affiuavits
vouching violations committeu against them, insteau of iequiiing eveiy victim to
piouuce coiioboiating statements.

Theie shoulu also have been a iecognition of SELBA who has been woiking with the
victims anu hence in the best position to vouch foi them.

We uemanu that the BS Aquino iegime stop the chaiaue of giving justice to the
victims of Naitial Law. We uemanu that the iepaiation anu iecognition must be
sinceie anu just. #

Foi iefeience:

Bienua Subiuo-Bacpano
Secietaiy ueneial
SELBA- Noithein Luzon
Nobile numbei: u92uS688284

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