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Beginnning of Term 3 Note

To my wonderful families and students

Welcome to Term 3! The coming weeks are filled with exciting events in the classroom and St Peters calendar, we
cannot wait for the different experiences we will have over the coming term. Below I will aim to give you an
overview of classroom news, upcoming events and other housekeeping odds and ends.
Events to look forward to
Catholic Education Week: Friday August 1
All houses have been preparing for this special night of performance and poetry. Notes from the house
teachers may be sent home soon advising of costuming and other particulars. All students from the participating
grades are expected to attend as all children have a part to play in the performances. We look forward to a
wonderful night of performance and visual art at the St Columbans Performing Arts Centre.
Ekka Holiday: Monday August 11
Students do not attend school this day.
Walk-a-thon: Wednesday August 13
Fundraising sheets have now been sent home for your collecting efforts. The class that raises the most
money gets a day at the movies and lunch. Please help to support the school in raising funds for enclosing the
learn-to-swim pool and in getting Prep Gold to the movies! Students will participate in the walk-a-thon with the
school and teachers and then meet any families that wish to attend for lunch and jumping castle fun at a Brennan
Park. See the newsletter for additional details.
Swimming: Commences later on in the term. Further information will be sent home as the date approaches.

Prep Gold Assembly: Week 10 (The final day of Term 3)
This is our turn to lead the school in prayer. Details on our prayer theme will be sent home at a later date.
We hope to see you there for this special occasion.
Curriculum Overview
Geography & History: Will allow students to explore concepts of timelines and their lives. They will learn to
sequence events and reflect on the changes in their live since birth. Students will also learn how to apply basic
mapping skills and draw different perspectives of familiar areas.
Maths: Students will investigate 3D shapes, measurement and will learn to count to 20. Students will also learn to
recognise the word for each number to 10 and continue to represent numbers in a range of ways.

Curriculum Overview
English & Science: This term students will be learning to label. Their writing skills will include using the knowledge
of sound and letters to spell and label animals, environments and other things that they see. Students will look at
living things and what they need to survive. In addition to labelling, students will continue with daily reading,
phonogram and handwriting lessons.
Religion: Students will investigate Old Testament Scripture and Biblical Stories, reflecting on their meaning for
people to live happy, peaceful and environmentally aware lives. Particular focus will be places on the story of
Creation and its call for environmental stewardship. Students will also be learning other ways to Pray.

General Housekeeping
Chatting Children: Has finished for the year. In its place is the home reading packet that is changed each Tuesday
and Thursday. The packet will not be changed unless it is taken out of the blue folder and placed in the green
basket. I have heard many excited children and parents talk about the joy of hearing their children approaching
reading these books with enthusiasm, confidence and love which is what we aim for! Thank you for your
cooperation with this.
Party Invitations: If students have party invitations that need distributing, please hand them to myself or Mrs
Lorri. This way we can ensure that they are placed in the blue folders for safe transit home. Also, if not all children
have been invited it ensures that there are no hurt feelings when peers are opening them in front of others.
Morning Classroom Expectations: It is a school policy that no child or parent is to be in a classroom without the
teacher present in the mornings before school. There are days that I am attending staff prayer or have other
duties to attend to and entering the classroom without me is not permitted. I have reminded the students that if
they cannot see me in the room then they are not to enter. I thank you for your cooperation in this also.
Uniform: Each Winter jackets are the main item that is not labelled. Please take the time to check that your
childs name is somewhere in which is can be read. In Prep Gold the rule is that if a jacket is taken off it is placed
immediately in the bag.
I look forward to a wonderful term of learning and development
Yours in learning
Miss McLady
P.S: Its Mrs Lorris (Big) birthday this weekend!- be sure to give her a hug or smile!