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FloTron™ ®, Novanszicn ECONOMY MULTI-CHANNEL PROCESS CONTROL AND PLASMA MONITORING SYSTEM ‘5 KEY FloTron™ ADVANTAGES Applications: Reactive Magnetron Sputtering Vacuum A 8 evaporation, IBS, PECVD &PERLD processes High accuracy and excellent ong term proces stability and pracesst-proces(batchto batch) reproducibility Acostetfecve and easy to integrate solution Dramaticprocesimprovements- higher deposton rate g. 2-3 times), thin flm properties (a.m k), reduced arcing and number of mio &maco defects > Advanced software features, eg enhanced Dual Sensor made, process set-up automation, ec. TOKEY FloTron™ FEATURES 3, 5and9 (mult signal} Actuator ports on standard loton” systems Single wavelength PMT fier type Optical inputs (0) Mpls for multi-zne proces control on cathodesupto4.0mlong FloTron™ Inteligent sensor technology fr HIPIMS plasma monitoring and reactive gas contol veeterenns > 0-5V,0-10Vanalogyeltage and (optional) 4-20 mA caren inputs > 3 cant algorithms: PID & POF for cosed-lop control and EP for endpoint detection Sy Buln automated sensor and proces libration procedures sy -5V,0-10V analog vltage outputs for high speed data acquisition (DAQ) ofsensosgnals or analysis by high frequency instrumentation (9. 05¢- Ioscope) PROFIBUS & PROFNE optional industal communication interfaces FREEJAVA based Foon” Graphical User Interface anda smart on™ Archive appliation fr ofne review and organisation of logged process data IMPORTANT SPECIFICATIONS Fotion 3 5 ’ 3 5 . upton (exh roves pow, =/-15¥ 12 nal cig and communication ers) Aral npatsBNC 0-5 or OVC, lepton} 420 DC ‘ “ al Opting (MA 05) PT fer opto pied aptes til ints secarangeandresitin 200-860 / 109m emote cant an stats: : 5 : gal inpusiewous (0) (otal agrthns 3 ronan PD 0 ‘ater omerequrement Pome spy Iput og: 80 26 Input quency 47063 @icompatbity Windows or equles a uate nvonent UREA) nn CPUC, 3, RAM, 05320 bi endo orate, VGA adapter any. camper egaenens Tepimal @U Qua. Cr7, 3 SG, RAM 68, 054 bit Wands orate ok adapter: eu 8 an 10 seis righ, ae (rin) 12801080 Mente reat egrenes recommended] 19205180 [standard thee ‘Corman teas [oponl PROFIBUS, PROFNET or ancherindsti owing Capac, raged Aedes wit enhancedpretecton fom sho rate Dimensions with andbeght) 19°xS7 (80x 145) {6 t012 (53 mt 305 rm} depending on conga. 2S, depending on cnfiguatn, OA CLC nard ao De el Me ee eS ee oe ee cd