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Automated Fault Reporting System


Systems that need to deliver high availability require fully automated, intelligent, and
comprehensive fault management to handle inevitable resource failures. Fault management is the
process of detecting and identifying system faults and automatically taking steps to diagnose,
isolate, and recover from those faults.

Fault reporting is the detection of any system fault, whether an occurring component
failure or a latent fault and rapid recovery. Getting from the initial detection of a possible fault to
a recovered and, when necessary, a reconfigured system involves a multi-step process known as
the fault management cycle. The fault reporting system is used to manage the services, spares
and the payment details of the company. The system maintains the details of the services to the
customers from which the company receives the service call. The service is assigned to the
service engineers and a track report is maintained for the service.

After checking the service, a report is provided to the management for the change of
spares, and the service check list to be done on the product. The management verifies and agrees
for the service and the service will be completed.

The payment is obtained from the management by providing proforma invoice and a
debit note for the spares maintained in the company. Finally a main invoice is provided for the
management from the company and payment is settled here.