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Material Cost and Analysis System is the science and art of gathering and managing the
business, technical, and functional requirements with the raw materials. The cost is estimated for
the company to maintain the control cost of raw materials.

The project lists the tasks and goals of the company to maintain the cost. The supplier is
intended to make the raw material cost to come down, and to retrieve the profit ration of the
company to the up level

Most wearable companies today derive their interfaces to the concepts of desktop
computing from devices such as paper and manual calculations. The examination of the cost
through the interface with different standards is made in this project. In this project,
consideration of the easy analysis of the cost estimation is done graphically to make the
administrators an easy report and decision to control the cost of the company.

The project helps to manage the administrators a timely and effective decision for the
company. The project Details of all items are recorded into Item master. These include number,
name, purchase unit, stocking unit, conversion factor, rate, balance quantity, minimum stock,
reorder quantity, specification number, overstocking tolerance and the purchase need to analyze
the project.

Costs are measured in units of nominal currency level and are graphitized in the Rupees
and the inflow quantity value. This project deals with the need to control the types and quantities
of materials they purchase, plan which products are to be produced and in what quantities and
ensure that they are able to meet current and future customer demand, all at the lowest possible