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Ambreen Siddiqui Anum Batool Syed Atif Ali Saad Rizwan Sadaf Riaz Qasim Shah Waseem Hunzai

What is stage fright?


 Phobia

 Anxiety


 

“Stage fright is an anxiety, fear or phobia which may be aroused in an individual by the requirement to perform in front of an audience.”

 Feeling   Fear   Fear   Comparing 

being judged

of becoming a failure of underperforming self with audience

 Only   Failing  I   Focus

God will judge me won’t kill me

am the best, Leave out all the rest totally on self than audience

Dry mouth.                     Tight throat.
                

Sweaty hands.                 Cold hands.                

      

Shaky hands.                

Fast pulse.                 Shaky knees.                
      

Trembling lips.                

Universal Strategies
 Consider   Be   Act   Think 

on self’s performance

confident in what you say normal, like with friends of audience as they need you

Strategies in Advance
 Prepare   Practice   Listen

well as hard as you can
(Anything that relaxes

music, read poem

  Anticipate 

hard and easy question

Strategies Just Before
 Do   Check   Have 

things which makes you smile on you’re A/V equipments

a cold drink/ coffee to relax your throat

 Think   Check   Close 

of recent happenings to use as examples yourself in front of mirror

eye’s to relax them for later eye contact with audience

Strategies after beginning
 For   Look   Use   Don’t

trembling legs start walking and shifting legs at the friendliest face in the audience eye contact hold notes


don't know my lines can't hear the music can't find the time he dancers are shoeless he mime turns to speak tage left and stage right ehind the curtain they creep

bandoned , alone n the glare of the lights ll eyes are on you t's your opening night lindly , you see eyond the back row f darkness he echo of laughter single shadow of fright


Conclus ion

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