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astora| Lthnography 8apt|st Sem|nary of kentucky (Iune 2014)

L||een k. Campbe||-keed Georgetown, kentucky

lor our learnlng Lo be mosL effecLlve ln Lhls class, everyone's parLlclpaLlon ls needed - ln and ouL
of class. Cur Llme LogeLher wlll be boLh a shared [ourney and a season of lnLenslve learnlng.
Lveryone ls lnvlLed Lo aLLend Lo all LhaL happens, even mlssLeps and uncomforLable momenLs, and
Lo recall, dlscuss, and crlLlcally reflecL on Lhe conLenL and process of Lhe class. 1hls covenanL wlll
help us sLay on Lrack wlLh our accounLablllLy Lo each oLher as Leachers and learners.

Learn|ng goa|s (from the sy||abus):
learn baslc meLhods of eLhnographlc sLudy by experlmenLlng wlLh quallLaLlve deslgn,
lnLervlewlng ln and ouL of class, and wrlLlng (unpubllshed) flndlngs, alongslde readlng
lnsLrucLlons for and examples of eLhnography,
engage ln a susLalned dlscusslon of eLhnography as soclal sclence, culLural crlLlque and
ChrlsLlan Lheology,
glve and recelve faculLy and peer feedback abouL quallLaLlve research pro[ecLs,
dlalogue wlLh crlLlcal Lheorles of gender, race and class as Lhey lnLersecL wlLh llved human
experlence and are compllcaLed by flrsL-hand lmmerslon ln daLa gaLherlng and
LesL skllls of quallLaLlve research and lnLervlewlng ln several fleld Lrlp experlences

My persona| |earn|ng goa|(s) for the c|ass:

#$% &'(( )%*'+', -./) 0.1(+ 1, ,2% %34 .5 ,2% 6(1++78

Group Covenant
ln maklng a covenanL wlLh each oLher for our dlscusslon group, whaL mlghL we lnclude?

Class members conLrlbuLed Lhese guldellnes:

Cpen Mlndedness LlsLen/Sllence ls ok
Afflrm LhaL we hear Make space for honesLy
ulsagreemenL/dlfference of oplnlons Care abouL oplnlons of oLhers
Speak up 1ake a rlsk
ConfldenLlallLy 8especL
Mlnlmlze dlsLracLlons uon'L LreaL people as lssues

lL wlll be everyone's responslblllLy Lo keep us wlLhln Lhe guldellnes of our covenanL and Lo conLrlbuLe Lo an
aLmosphere of shared learnlng. As Lhe lnsLrucLor, lL wlll be my speclal responslblllLy Lo keep us wlLhln our guldellnes,
and call us back Lo our purposes when necessary.

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