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If you were to shrink the

earths population to a
village of 100 people, it
would look something
like this:
52 would be female,
48 would be male

Education and pay for
people 18 and older (1998):
No high school diploma $16,124
High school diploma $22,895
Some college, no degree $24,804
Associate degree $29,872
Bachelors degree $40,478
Masters degree $51,183
Doctoral degree $77,445
Professional degree $95,148
Does it pay to go to school?
Regardless of where you
live, if you can read and
you have a pair of shoes, a
change of underwear and
can choose from two or
more foods to eat, you
belong to the top 10
percent of the worlds
most wealthy.
We are the World
United States has the
benefit of abundance and
the responsibility to share
Insert We are the World
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