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Can Zimmerman's Lawyer file...?

Can Zimmerman's Lawyer file...?

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Trayvon Martin is dead because he didn't just go home in his last 4 minutes or call the police to de
Trayvon Martin is dead because he didn't just go home in his last 4 minutes or call the police to de

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Published by: abandonedperdit86 on Jul 26, 2014
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Can Zimmerman's Lawyer file...?

Trayvon Martin is dead because he didn't just go home in his last 4 minutes or call the police to deal
with his perception that a "creepy assed cracker" was stalking him, but instead started throwing
It may well be that he and many black children are taught to hate people of Gated Homes Petworth
DC other races, not just whites, and interpret all actions by others as hostile and "disrespectful" so
that they believe they are in the right to initiate violence; and that many non-blacks are fearful and
distrustful of blacks they don't know personally (though that isn't just a black/white issue - I
remember how shocked and offended I was the first time an older lady in an empty parking garage
hugged her purse and shrank against a wall as I walked Gated Homes Petworth DC by her -- but I
didn't think this meant I should follow her, argue with her, or punch her). (I know in Washington,
D.C. some black teens scream offers of sex, make threats about enslaving non-blacks in the future,
or throw rocks at the cars of men and women of various races who come into contact with them on
the streets -- I have had all three of these things happen to me, both when I was alone and with
groups, including groups of men and women and groups that included people of more than one race.
Indeed, walking about town on Martin Luther King Day in DC for several hours seems to ensure that
one will come across this, as groups of teens on holiday wander about Petworth, Adams Morgan,
Meridian Hill Park, with nothing else to do.) This situation is not made any better by a federal and
local governments whose policy outcomes include double digit black teen unemployment and 40%
urban high school drop out rates. As well as a probably well-informed belief that if you are black and
call the police to solve a dispute, you will end up arrested yourself. Most white "progressives" aren't
competent to think about these issues -- they are in denial, in part because they profit off some of the
central engines of racism in America, like our de facto segregated urban schools and the educrat
unions that own them and are the major funders of Democratic party campaigns. A case in point,
Wired creator David Simon, who thinks the case is only about race, and only in the way traditionally
conceived by "liberal" received opinion.
Whether George Zimmerman should have done something different in the few minutes between his
calling the police and the beginning of his physical fight with Trayvon Martin is a question everyone
will disagree about. I think many of us, at the point where he was on the ground being pummeled
would have done what he did, and probably without a lot of regard to the race or sex of our
assailant. We would have grabbed our gun before the assailant did and shot. Though it would be
great to have the skills and opportunity to have fired a warning shot, or to have shot the assailant in
the shoulder or leg, I think many if not most people would have been willing to shoot even if it meant
killing an assailant. Better him (or her) than me. What should have been the case though is that
Trayvon Martin had had another option, namely, feeling that he could have called the police. But
police are not thought to be responsive to black families in black urban neighborhoods, just as public
schools are not. And decentralized, market-based, customer-oriented options don't exist. Trayvon
Martin's death may be an example, in part, of government failure. (Though as we now know Martin's
criminal record may have also made him shy of the police.)
Leftovers and the establishment media and the Obama administration have lied about this situation
and fanned the flames all along, beginning with claiming that George Zimmerman was white and
with NBC's criminal editing of his 911 tape to make it sound like he was a racist and stalked Trayvon
Martin for being black rather than for being a stranger trespassing in a gated community plagued
with burglaries. (Leftover hacktivists have gone so far as to circulate a photo of MLK as Trayvon in a
hoodie.) Constantly thematizing and fanning stories about crime and race has another important
function for the ruling class, as historian Robert Higgs notes: "I have no hard evidence on the
matter, but I strongly suspect that the Zimmerman trial has performed a valuable service for the
ruling class during recent weeks: it has diverted many people's attention away from the state's
massive, worse-than-Big-Brother invasions of our electronic communications onto a relatively
insignificant matter. By such diversions the state diminishes the extent of adverse feedback to its
egregious, pervasive, ongoing criminality." Leftovers are now petitioning the federal government to
bring a civil rights case against Zimmerman, chanting the sacred catechism of their failed civil rights
regime, whose raison d'etre is to smear average Americans with original sin.

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