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Bookreport Engels H5#4

Bookreport Engels H5#4

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Published by wilhuis
Bookreport Engels H5#4
Bookreport Engels H5#4

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Published by: wilhuis on Jul 26, 2014
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The reading file consists of a number of general questions and a number of specific

questions. Define the kind of text you are going to read and before you start reading,
browse through the questions you are expected to deal with.
Je mag alles ook in het Nederlands noteren.
Date due version
Date made !"#$%#& !$'&(
. Title of the book
!. )uthor of the book
*. +ow did you go about
choosing this book,
-lease be as specific as
you can.
.as it your first choice or
did you try other books
before you decided on this
&. .here and when did
you read this book, +ow
long did it take you to
(. Choose three sentences
that /grabbed0 your
attention. .rite the
sentences including the
page and explain with
details why you chose
each one.
1ouwens van der 1oi2ecollege, -anningen
3nglish Department
4eading 5ile 6& +avo (
26/07/14 20:45
". 7ake a list of facts you
learned from the story.
%. .hat problems does
one of the characters
have, and how does he or
she solve it,
8. Did anyone in the book
do something you did or
did not like, 3xplain.
9. .hat confused you in
this book, 3xplain.
$. .rite three events from
the book as they
. .hat questions would
you like to ask the author
of the book, .hy,
!. .rite one other
question about the book
and answer it.
The book consists of ::.
)lso hand in the completed 4eading ;ist now.
7ake sure you have copies of all your bookreports of
this year and the 4eading ;ist, which you can find on the
school computer
1ouwens van der 1oi2ecollege, -anningen
3nglish Department
4eading 5ile 6& +avo (
26/07/14 20:45

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