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02 Guatemala - Prctica
A. Answer the following questions. These answers can be found in the video.
1. Describe the life of Cesar and his family. Be sure to include:
how many there are in his family
what each of them do for a living
what languages they speak
Cesar speaks his ative American language at times! but he mostly speaks "panish
which is the official language of #uatemala. Cesar has four people in his family. $is
younger sister is in college while the other one teaches language in schools. Cesar is in
high school and his mom is a widow.
2. %hy is the market so important in their city&
The market is so important to their city because it brings people who buy and sell
goods. 'any people make a living off of the market. The economy of Chichicastenango
is based on the market and it has become even more important now that tourism has
3. %hat is the ma(or craft of #uatemala&
The ma(or craft of #uatemala embroidery! Cesar)s uncle makes purses with pretty
designs sewed into them.
4. %hat type of school does Cesar attend& %hat are the courses offered there&
Cesar attends a vocational school where they learn (ob skills like woodworking! sewing!
farming! and electrical work.
5. $ow does Cesar generally spend his time outside of school&
Cesar generally spends his time out of school to work on purses at his uncle)s house.
6. %hat foods do he and his family eat a lot of&
Cesar)s family eats a lot of tortillas and black beans.
7. Describe what they do to prepare for Carnival in their city&
*n order to prepare for Carnival in their city! Cesar and his family make a lot of festival
eggs to sell in their store. They decorate them and seal confetti in them with colored
tissue paper. They also dress up! dance! and set of lots of fireworks.
B. %rite a short composition in +nglish comparing and contrasting the lifestyle of
people where you live and that of the people of Chichicastenango. "upport your
answers with facts from the video. Be sure to include:
the climate
celebrations ,+aster-
goals ,both personal and as a city-
lifestyle in general
After completing both sections! submit your work as an attachment to 4.02/Asignacin.
The climate in .lorida and Chichicastenango is similar because it is hot and humid. *n
contrast! a house in .lorida has many lights and outlets and it)s something we take for
granted. +lectricity in Chichicastenango is limited because they are in a rural area and if
they want an outlet they have to pay more for it. +aster in our community and
Chichicastenango is similar because we decorate eggs or buy plastic eggs. The
difference is that there is always an +aster +gg $unt when it comes to celebration time
in my community. Cesar)s goals are very different than mine because * want to be a
"cientist when * grow up and he wants to become an electrician. /ur goals differ
because our communities are in different development places. Chichicastenango isn)t
as developed as my community and therefore the goals each of us makes will be
different. 'y lifestyle is very different from Cesar)s because in school we don)t learn
how to cook! sew! or woodworking. %e learn math! +nglish! and science. * also have no
idea how to make a purse and the food we eat it different also. * rarely ever eat a tortilla
whereas he eats it almost every single day. /ur lives aren)t the same because our
cultures and our communities are very different.