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Divinity - My Mystical and Divine Journey!

Divinity - My Mystical and Divine Journey!

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This is a revision of my book, I created the book cover! I got the information of this book confused with my other one. I'd like to resend out the information about my book here. I wrote this book in 2007 and spent the whole year writing it. I was walking out of the dark moments in my life and into the light. I went through many experiences! Many walks with my spirit guides and my angelic guides! I took mystical paths! I meditated often with the universe which had gotten me VERY inspired and creative! I began to realize that "All is one and One is with All"! The creator works through us as we get creative! We are co-creators creating our reality upon the multi realities outside of ourselves! Upon this omnipresent reality that we all share! Be prepared for adventure! This book is mostly about how I took a walk through the light once I found it! This book is about love, romance, creative thinking, poetic perspectives of myself and the divine forces of "Divinity"...
This is a revision of my book, I created the book cover! I got the information of this book confused with my other one. I'd like to resend out the information about my book here. I wrote this book in 2007 and spent the whole year writing it. I was walking out of the dark moments in my life and into the light. I went through many experiences! Many walks with my spirit guides and my angelic guides! I took mystical paths! I meditated often with the universe which had gotten me VERY inspired and creative! I began to realize that "All is one and One is with All"! The creator works through us as we get creative! We are co-creators creating our reality upon the multi realities outside of ourselves! Upon this omnipresent reality that we all share! Be prepared for adventure! This book is mostly about how I took a walk through the light once I found it! This book is about love, romance, creative thinking, poetic perspectives of myself and the divine forces of "Divinity"...

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Published by: Divinity Fae Myst on Dec 03, 2009
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  • Welcome to my poetry book:
  • Introduction
  • Join Me
  • My Mystical Encounter
  • My Mystical Journey
  • Part One: My Mystical Reality
  • Part 2: My mystical reality
  • World of Nothingness
  • Mystical Truth
  • Life beyond This Reality
  • Magical World
  • Universal Birth
  • Ancient Bliss
  • Unity
  • Love and Unity
  • With God
  • Into the Magic
  • Serendipity
  • Mystically
  • Dimensional
  • Freeing Thyself
  • Watchful Eye
  • Guidance and Protection
  • Pathways amongst Many Worlds
  • Reaching to the Top
  • Earthly Soul Mates
  • Two Words
  • My World
  • Surviving on Love
  • Loving Determination
  • Longing
  • Soul mates
  • Destiny
  • Passionate Love
  • Deep within your heart
  • Love within you
  • Goddess of Divinity
  • Lovingly Beauty
  • All My Love
  • Mystic Journey
  • I Found You
  • Love’s Power
  • Mysterious Greetings
  • Are We Ready?
  • Romantic Embrace
  • Recipe for a Mate
  • Love So Mystical
  • Dearest Love
  • Symbolic Love
  • Seeking My Lover
  • Man of My Dreams
  • Secret Whispers
  • To My Soul Mate
  • Always
  • My Love
  • Mystical Love
  • Tale of Treasuring a Moment
  • Heavenly Moments
  • Heavenly Paradise
  • Prayer of Love
  • Sisterly Love
  • Meditation
  • Heaven in Paradise
  • Visitation
  • Visitation Part 2
  • Poetic Moments
  • Reunion
  • Moments in Time
  • Earthly Heaven
  • Messages
  • Nature’s Embrace
  • Passionate Magical Muse
  • Soaring Within
  • Four Times Three
  • The Outsiders Looking In
  • True Form
  • Destinations
  • Bright Strength
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Life’s Journey
  • Spiritual Freedom
  • Call to Humanity


Welcome to my poetry book:

“Divinity ~ My Mystical and Divine Journey”
I would like to share with you my poetic expressions of a life journey of the mind, body and spirit. This is my legacy and my identity from all forms of my style to a way I express my passions! I desire to share my journey in many different ways of my creativeness through my poetry. I share a tale of mystical fantasies as well as my guidance from our heavenly creator and my angels! These poems I have written are themes that are a touch of my imagination and the truth of my identity with looking deep within my mind, heart and soul to find the words to express anything and then I let it flow through me as I write each poem! I have a broad imagination and I love to express the many ways to view life through meditation. I have written what I have learned in my life such as my achievements and the ways I have opened my eyes more through each moment that passes. My poems I have written are my beliefs of a truth that I desire to share and are from my heart and soul! This is a book I have written with a poetic open-mind! The pages could really be endless and without judgment there’s a freedom I share. This book defines me and all that I am. … I hope that you enjoy it! Writing a book is quite fun due to the endless freedom of creativity! There are not any set of rules, neither are there any boundaries in writing a book. Let the words flow and create as many pages as one desires. A book should be the written version of all that you believe in. The knowledge is quite endless! Who’s to say what’s right or wrong in creating a book? Let’s discover the creativity and be free with ourselves! Be free with yourself mind, body and spirit as you read my poems. Know that the Creator has inspired me. My life lessons and all of my experiences has inspired me and taught me valuable lessons …


Introduction Relax and join me in my journey Of my fate of a mystical reality, Within my books of mystery And my paradise of my fantasy, I shall take you on my path as I have walked To places that have taken my mind beyond …. This world and this reality amongst us; So join me as I write my song. I shall, yet again tell the tale Of my eternal fable, As I amusingly drink my ale While I sit beside a table, My mind’s mystical illusion Shall create such a dream, Yes such a delusion To which isn’t all that it may seem, And feel like a meditation … To nurture and refresh the soul Along with my endless dedication, Also you’ll discover my poetic goal. Uncover the truth of my heart Of a creative and mystical mind That of which, I truly can’t part Of my; artistic and poetic design… Flip through the pages of my imagination As I have walked through many places, With a desire to explore my destination As I have seen many beautiful faces. My emotional expressions Along with dreams of success, Of the walks of life and its lessons That I shall happily express.


I shall proclaim my destiny In bits and pieces as they come… With all the different angles of me That I truly can’t all at once sum! 4 .Join Me If you find me to be interesting With admiration to my personality. So wander through my broad kingdom To make yourself graciously at home… As you curiously decide to roam. I shall take you into my world of illusion While twisting your mind sincerely. And unlock so many doors That shall lead you back to me. I have taken my creativity to the greatest With my glowing truthful inspirations. And taking all of your delusions … In determination to changing your views dearly. And my mystical illusion that I bring Then please. stay with me! I may elaborate with each word to the utmost Of my dedication with each word Per-Se. As I share my verse that I sing With my poetic reality. But be aware that you may hear my tune as I hum. like as if I was a mystery ghost Flying to you like a beautiful bird. As I have expressed the very latest Of my limitless adorations. I shall paint the skies with colors Of endless beauty mystically.

you remain here in my world of bliss! Shall we hold each other till we drift to sleep? While. Still. I will miss you until you return again For when you awaken you may not be here… You will return into the world of reality of sin Of which. What makes you stay in my world of fantasy? Are you addicted like a drug that escapes you? Please. my reality! I enjoy the pleasure of you! Day into night in play as the stars glisten… Lighting up the sky with the moon’s glow. sealing the night giving each other a kiss! For we created magic to each other and it shall seep. stay in my world that I call. amongst it all lingers the feeling o fear! I shall await for you my dear love While reminiscing of your presence …. And listen as I have created my poetic music Singing my unique rhyme of pure love … Shall we dance to a tune that sounds so mystic? Slowly. you and me. just you and me! AS the sun starts to rise with a warm love I shall also.My Mystical Encounter What makes you walk such path with me? Are you interested in my delusional reality? What makes you want to be close to me? Shall we sit by my painted sea? I began my magical and mysterious fantasy Of just the two of us. just going with the flow …. Never asking why but. hold you close as we watch the sunrise … That shines to us so brightly with such a deep love As we stare into each other’s eyes. 5 . Time doesn’t exist in my world of eternity As we can be together. we flow to this rhythmic song of love. As we chat about anything and I deeply listen.

all its magical and mystical illusions So beautiful with a unique fantasy. And I thought he was an image only in my mind! 6 . All the sudden I feel the need to desire A love that now seems forgotten and hidden. I see a lover I created beyond this reality That only I have truly defined. Waiting over there especially for me! This feeling I just can’t fight So. With such a sight of this world of illusions That has taken me beyond in secret… Escaping this reality’s delusions. this world of beauty Also. As I think about the true meaning of love. All these pretty designs … Amongst. Long time ago. Seeing and feeling all I desire in secret. While still feeling you sensual essence … My Mystical Journey In my mind I walk a heavenly journey While gracefully observing this road of love… That was created just for me. In my mind I see and feel a destiny Amongst. I let it all flow to me. I walk a little further and I see. I feel a love that could inspire. All that is to humanity of such a creation … Only to the open minds Shall one truly feel and see. I dreamt of my soul mate.In hopes to feel again your love. Part One: My Mystical Reality I see a world beyond this reality That is a world I created with my mind. An angel so beautiful and bright ….

Mystical illusions hidden amongst this reality From my mind and has become real! All mysteriously created just for me. As I walk with a glow that’s so bright and pure. While journeying in my reality all about love… I walk my path and I design my future Painting colors so unique in my own fashion…. Like as if this is my life’s complete deal. And beyond this world reaching beyond the sea Of my realm withholding illusions with not any boundaries … As the sea of love that I flow to are of the tides of love! I love to decode all of life’s mysteries. I am a mystical wandering soul Unleashing all that I see and feel And this is my poetic goal. I created in my mystical reality … Appearing so mysteriously and secretly so unheard … This is the illusion of my reality! I found the lover I created so many years ago In a clear vision and he creeps into my dreams! I never thought he was real until I went with the flow. I created in my mind so now I shall set the date! I shall soar like a pure and loving dove without a word. And opened my eyes beyond the walls and beams … While. Also I choose life with a clear decision. of endless gardens and flowers just for me! There’s an undying life that eternally takes me above.The universe created my mystical fate In this world’s illusion as I have found my mate! Created from my mind and he comes to my world Of which. listening to the hidden messages that to me flow… Part 2: My mystical reality My mystical realm hidden in this reality With painted illusions of true pure love … Also. 7 . To my creation from my mind if my soul mate. In my vision I have taken my mind to my world That of which.

Holding together all of this in its force As she feels humanity’s corruption That’s also. To believe and never forget all that all that I sense! All of this I had thought was delusions in my mind Still. he and I throughout the miles are seated. lays ahead in the blurry midst Amongst the starry nights that grips her soul. My world of pure bliss is my desire of such a love … That of which. before I knew of his existence Showing me nothing is at all what it seems. scarring and destroying all the exists Along with visioning the very blast of destruction! That of which.Choosing a path that’s never wrong… In my world of illusion hidden as a way I shun. Feeling the flawed and perfect balance Within. A man I once created has came to me in a dream So many years go. And a doubt shall send me soaring like a dove. this reality’s singing verse. From this world for awhile saying. Somehow. “saying so long”. As we observe the sands of time to uncover. all that’s consuming much of her trust Is guiding her strong and determined soul! 8 . Life beyond this world’s illusions Exists in my mind and I can only wonder! Does he go beyond this world’s illusion? And exist in my mind with a mystical splendor! World of Nothingness She’s damaged into a world of ignorance Underneath a perfect universe. would send chills all through my soul. Also appearing so perfectly to how I had to designed Showing his strength so mystically … In my world of illusion of my world I created Inside my mind for only one other Of which. I found in this reality so mysteriously. Along with a mystifying kiss that loves my soul.

I see a reality within your eyes Of a world you have created with colors. as a goddess of love and truth! Comes to her with truths untold For there’s nothing more precious than the truth! That of which. But feels an. Although it shall be all over again! Is this a gift unto her? Or a curse to live it all again. And this time she’ll do it all in bliss. has not been told! She feels the pain of existing and Yet. Of the truth that appears mysterious to us And shall take us to the very edge … Of this existence and another 9 . As I have felt your mystical cries! The truth is so crystal clear Like the doorway to another world. The light shines unto us ever near As we are meant to create this hidden world! The truth within us is hidden Amongst our soul’s knowledge. empty and lonely land. to exit even though she does understand … She seeps further into the hot sand. Sinking deeper into the absolute nothingness. Knowing the truths sent to her Leaves her feeling such a pain… Mystical Truth Your eyes match the sunset And you heart is filled with colors. So alone as she sadly sets With not anyone to unleash to confess Her deepest and darkest secrets! Without a clue she is to begin again Into a world of newness Maybe this time it won’t be insane.As it seems like an important duty and a must Appearing.

I may fall asleep to those dreams. Life beyond this illusion Painted for us to see. I shall be the goddess with the list Yet. I am lost in this mystery. all feels like a delusion …. Has given me such a delusion Making me want to flee! Life is such an illusion And I have looked outside the box! I am stuck in its delusion But. I am as sly as a fox. brought so much to me. Life beyond our known existence Told me of what will be. Life beyond This Reality Life beyond this world’s reality Had called me once I was created … The truth was brought to me As I kindly was seated.That blindly we both created … Along with wishing for the other Even though. Magical World Magical and mystical of mist Of where I hold the dreams. This reality between you and me That of which. Believe and so I shall! 10 . And in a solitary instance I had clearly begun to see. we are unsure of each other. I dream of the moment of this reality To be real in this life’s illusion. Life beyond this world Saw my curiosity and loyalty … Gave me the heads up and the word That also. When I discover of my true destiny I shall try to follow the light guiding me But.

to me it does call And I hear its deep and strong pulse! Pounding through my ever witted soul Beating through my veins and body … Trying to figure out my goal Hypnotizing the existence of me… My delusional world of dreams Calls me to the destination! Showing me it is not all that it seems But. I happen to stumble and fall Upon the deceiving beams. shadowy and peaceful night Upon. Swirls the breath of life and sight Of miraculous transformations. a mystical magic with graceful illusions. And sensitive souls of independence Flowing to glorious freedom…. Your hypnotic and mystical style Has gotten me lost in this mystery! Shall all of this be worthwhile? Of all this between you and me. Passionate hearts loving so intense Enduring this glorious kingdom… 11 . I dream of a world beyond it all As well as a world full of untold fables. And nonetheless. I am in total mystery of mine And nothing is all that it seems Amongst. Even though you hear my pleas! Just where do I go from here? Time and space has me spooked Without a clue in this mystery of fear That also. this world of dreams! Universal Birth Dark. has gotten me truly hooked.All of my weak insecurities And you are the strength of it all. And hit the obstacle of a wall! I am the goddess of dreams Yet.

Along with peacefulness and treasured love And there was never a single fuss. the very existence of you and me Along with gifts embedded within.Vocal songs singing eternal phrases As life begins with songs of loving embraces And beautiful angels are dressed in laces With silk and velvety dresses … Eternity began with not an end As time is meaningless in this void! All in the name of existence Praying all this would not be destroyed! Sincere and guiding hands so heavenly Protecting the very life given … Upon. And marking their destiny and space … Voices singing a harmonic verse Putting another into a trance… Such intelligent minds under the universe As they peacefully flow with their dance. Ancient Bliss Ancient mystical world of stoned palaces And perfected unique rock formations … Forgotten truth untold as well as missing those faces And perfected sensual inspirations … Gleaming eyes so full of wonder Seeking the paths to mystical places … Only now one could only ponder Of knowledge amongst those faces! Rich and priceless love so dear With movements of such grace Exploring a world without a fear. The start of something so remarkable That in hopes won’t be forgotten! Amongst. 12 . a life now that is so unstable Let us remember the times of then! When things were all in the name of love And innocence was all there was.

As through time the soul shall sway To the flow of such bliss shown … Ancient mystic love so sensual Lingers within to never disappear … Filling the hear and soul Bringing it all so near… Unity Unity between. you and I. That should be of love To express such a passion! In a circle without end Eternally with blessings That can heal and mend As the angels sings! Answers to your questions Is within such unity… In a circle with such a devotion Without end for an eternity! The time is now To unite with strength! That is truthfully how To go the great length! Love and Unity Within such a love and unity We can clean such a mess! Both you and I shall truly see All that is brought to us with bliss! 13 .Knowing such truth locked away Inside the hearts once known. Let us gather around together Hand in hand. you and I In a circle all together. Let us unite and evolve As we are in a nation.

is yours as we intertwine. As lifeless it feels in such a dwelling … I feel full of life as I feel In God’s heart truly remains mine… Along so many paths to follow. seeing the magic at hand All because you believed! Love with a true unity Can attract all to come together … For better destiny for all to see To feel something greater! Unity with love So just believe. And thus’ there of Just something to relieve. the lies to achieve … With also. And give some reassurance With love in such a healing. Together let’s share a dance In such a created paradise With desire to push aside ignorance. a true emotional feeling. The worldly pressures of The darkness that’ll deceive… With God In God’s loving heart I deeply feel His beating heart of a love so overwhelming… And on my knees I fall to kneel.Les us share such good intentions Also. Finding the truths and Vanishing. And tell absolutely no lies! Let us feel something so divine In such a unity with divinity! For all that is mind Also. 14 . All that seems out of hand That has been conceived Can help us to try to understand All humanity has believed.

Together we shall perfectly fit. is something that uplifts To happily bring a greater cause. As I feel that I am loved much. … 15 . Along with a life that greatly shifts… Fr shall it all be because. the lies for the way to be With such a worth and is insightful. in the likeness of such an entity. … This feeling from birth And it was known. Of good or bad intentions And what shall be the cause? That is of humanity’s destinations… Into the Magic I feel the magic and I believe That it can’t be taken away… For I believe! Nothing you can do or say Can take it away… I feel the magic night and day… For I believe. In God’s eyes with foresight I see The truths that is not shameful … And vanishing. In God’s loving ways that I can’t ever be But. Of its perfect worth To me it has always been shown … I feel the magic and I have grown. In God’s gifts that are unto us Which. … Such mystic static and I have known. All through my days and I shall truly see Believing of what is meant to be.That is for all of us in this life’s design And through life I shall flow… With God’s friendly spirit I am thankful of so much….

Such magical mist surrounds Of magical hymns all through me… Filling me bliss that is so profound In poetic rhythms all through me. For I have always believed So I have brought it here… I never could escape For such magic found me. It seems that I cannot ever escape As it has made me truly see… Molding me. Spiritual and sensual lights Surround my every being. do you believe? Can’t be taken away… Do you believe? Nothing you can do and say To take it away! It shall be there night and day. making me free… Into the blissful magic I have succumb with love. Falling on the go Into the arms of delight. The magic I have believed Has shown itself to be really there. And beyond with magic! Such magic. Not by the forceful hand that may bewitch … 16 . Serendipity In the process of transformation to such a destination. As it takes me above. this I see… Holding me.Into the magic I flow Dancing with the light. Such intense deep insights All in the midst of seeing.

In patience of the missing and making the hearts twitch … And skip a beat of fondness in gripping the hand of love’s attraction. With-holding the new and old That makes me feel so majestic… 17 . Like the endless horizons between. the sea and the sky … As well as the earth and the sun and everything that falls… Freedom in every creation upon the universe and never asking why. As it shall be that there’s no running from the sea as it looks forever up above… Shining with the sky with a knowing of all there is to see and together in love. With a single choice upon every call with perfection in such a feeling … That feels like the churning of one’s life and appearing with flaw of what’s meant. Along with the understanding of lovers in appreciation. pure magical and unexplainable events like none other … Unexpected between both. Of love’s factory of a mechanical and spiritual chemistry From birth as two worlds colliding are forming such a destiny… Creating an atmosphere appearing so duplicitous in serendipity. it’ll never be for humanity doth not measure up! For what’s designed and ever shall be in such a coded setup… As everything and ever shall be in such a coded setup… As everything is aligned for love’s free in the name of love. As the wind kisses many lips and God expresses in such a loving manner … Chilling the body with love’s sensation of mysterious signs in the gather … Along with. Such fake non pure actions from such a lower form of being to recognize the one over! That of which created all is formally known as our creator! In the name of God. Fake destiny doth not have the will nor. is strong enough to whether the weather! Shall not be written in the name of true love but in comparison with its demeanor … Not of the wrath that’s smitten but of true love that shall only uncover True destiny. thou identical souls that’s stronger then endeavoring. Destiny calls and God breaks the walls of such obstacles. But merely accepting destiny in all its true forms… Mystically The long and lost truth be told Of an ancient and mystical magic. Through series of events ever growing closer in mystery … Mastering the mastermind. all and having the righteous hand in discernment. destiny.But of love’s perfection and it’ll be eternal dedication. Love. unity. mystery and ever learning Of that inner voice within. a push and pull in true destiny discovering the find of him and her.

With an insight of what’s visible and unseen … Granting me with an empathy of such a myth That is so true of what has been… So mysteriously. As sensually it does sneak Within my being seemingly with merit.Filling my mind since the beginning of birth. that I am capable… When I am physically weak There is strength upon my spirit. I am drawn mystically. as I am able to transform to find Spiritually. To feel and see such a kingdom… Bright lights have circled around My every being so mystically. Filling my veins with truths … Empowering my mind And telling me of a tale … With colors of a breath-taking art designed. As I quickly and anxiously ran blindly From what was and then it found me! Now I truly know with an insight to see… Entrapping me in such a paradise Teaching me a form of a non-existent freedom … As I have now opened myself along with my eyes. Appearing like a story novel of a fable … All reaching inside of my mind And bringing forth all to make me stable … Mystically. They extend their hand Embracing me with love … Helping me to understand 18 . And it has a beautiful sound That sings to my heart and all through me. Making me feel with empathy That sadness and happiness … Brought truthfully and sincerely to me As I fall then rise in bliss … Of many walks of life to see With a psychic and spiritual kiss.

And taking me above Unto their heavenly land. their beautiful essence… With a touch of magic dust To make dreams come true … Showing me the destined way Making me aware of much to do … As through time I begin to sway Going with this mysterious flow… The eye that is so ancient Comes to me in my dreams. Then you came nearer As I become frightened! Misunderstood in fear 19 . With a mere vision so crystal clear And capturing my spirit for awhile … Bringing me ever nearer And showing me their mystic style. In my presence shining So bright for me to see. Such a dimensional escapade And mystery unto me. Hovering and gliding Ever so closer to me. With a knowing of thus’ I shall not fear… Ever watching and always near Bringing a sight of seeing as it is so clear. Of the truth to me sent … As I am drawn to the beams So mystic and truly meant… Dimensional In the darkness I had laid As you came to me. I notice as they show me… Sensually. unto their presence… Magically. Along with empathy as I am drawn so dear… Spiritually. I drift away from my body… Mystically.

… You of an essence Of a mysterious element. you led. Brought to me and was sent Staining my brain of this illusion… Freeing Thyself There’s magic in what seems logic with the imagination as the tool! There’s loving results to a loving approach! Heed such warnings! For all the negative results came from such a negative approach from an ignorant fool! Nonetheless. But lost of a memory … I loved the sight to see and feel your essence. seeming logic and can be magical with such an imaginative tool! Take your crimes and shout it to the mountains for they are strong enough to care! 20 . And to be blessed in triumphant upon your glory! A mystery of a mysterious event Of a shape shifting dimension. Though it was destined Of what was sent. Enfolding and entrancing Your presence was.Of what you mentioned. With multitudes ever forming In a dimensional illusion. And it was me. And your diamond shape Left me in a trance … Desiring this escape So together we can dance… But I did not understand! What was your mission? “Please. take my hand In your shape shifting fashion”! I yelled with a scream! It wasn’t what it seemed … It was more and not a dream … Speak to me as it shall be deemed! I recall of your presence.

That had made you blind with all you have felt. Upon such loving results to my loving approach and so heed my warnings! In vanishing. yet in grasping to understand! There is such a relief in that so. Then a sudden knowing of life’s deal in what you dealt … With the cards of life in success from all your tries. There isn’t anything this eye hasn’t seen! Deep hidden wisdom lurks amongst us As we are given gifts untold. knowing every clue that sets … In this maze of life for all of us Upon. shall we breathe in and out the dare in that? Nonetheless. The eye sneaks within and all around 21 . I extend my hand! Here I shall give you my creative tool! Dare to toss it aside? Shall we feel the relief? Of the tie that binds and I shall run from the darkness that traps with its emptiness! But stand in front of yours to save your existence … Watchful Eye The watchful eye that is amongst us Sees even your darkest secrets … Never making a sigh or a fuss Yet. humanity misses the point in magic and logic although. This watchful eye sneaks all around us Creeping within us so bold … So when you have truly seen and felt With admitting to begin in opening your eyes. wandering knowledge that’s hidden In this reality we call life… Knowing everywhere we have been As we leap forward with a div. all negative results that are from a negative approach from an ignorant fool! Thus’ what seems logical in my magic is created from my imaginative tool! I’ll take your crimes and shout it to the mountains! Will you be strong enough to care? I’ll inhale deeply the darkness you exhale from within you so you can feel the relief.Inhale deeply and exhale the darkness within you and you shall feel the relief! My song rhymes as it pours out like fountains of showering newness in this dare! Exhale and inhale my light within you and you shall feel the relief! There is magic in my logic with my imaginative as a tool. Do you feel the fountain as I shower you with newness of my song in rhymes with my dare? As I exhale the darkness from within you and I feel the relief! Nothing feels more free then the freedom of independence! Never in judgment.

Giving knowledge with all we have found … Journeying on our journey that is our goal. guiding and protecting hands Shows you the absolute destined way… That shall truly help you to deeply understand Speaking to you in a mysterious way… Amongst. While we walk this path we are led to Of our destination to a fate drawn for us … Somehow.And deep within every soul. Giving you memorable and happy events Doing its mystical and fulfilling deed … Through the sands of time These footsteps walk beside you. Sharing this life’s rhyme Even through wicked strife… Precious. allowing the choices in all we do… As faith. the peaceful dark night These hands hold you close … Stealing all your fears of fright As these angelic hands hold you close… Miraculous and unexplainable moments Shall come your way in desire and need. we know what we can trust Ourselves. Sharing your journey in this lifetime Protecting the every being of you … The hands and feet help you to grow Accompanying you on your life journey… Grab a hold and never let go As you are guided to your destiny… Mystical Moments 22 . hope. love and belief is a must To pull us out of feeling blue! Guidance and Protection The hands of time Carry you in this life.

your handsome figure As you greatly mature. For it is not a race Even though it shall be awhile. With a twisted form of illusions That can bring great delusions … Throughout. can bring explosions. But sends my adrenalin On fire of ecstasy. Your alluring inspiration And sweet adoration Makes me shyly shun With all you have done… When the time is right I shall be in your light. And with all my might I shall fight the fight. so sweetly On your soft cheek And a smile I shall sneak. the evolutions Magically. Of appearing to your face. Along with an intense sin Drawing upon. Along with an embrace And it will be worthwhile. the existence of me … With divine and angelic forces … For me to drastically see And nothing less On how to be. And I shall appear in your sight … Kiss you ever so softly And never bitter but oh. Along with your ways Just like in the other lifetimes. 23 . I love you now and always In this lifetime.A sensual and mystical nature Of your heightened stature Upon.

… Inside a world lays a world known and unknown… In a world I feel unknown to the known… Per Se. I have missed you … Let us do what we shall do To soar upon skies of blue. in a world unknown to a place I feel known. Knowing and unknowingly I shall catch you if you fall. … Inside your world lays a world known and unknown… In a world where I feel known and escaping a world I feel unknown. … 24 . Remembering our goals Written in life’s scrolls… Pathways amongst Many Worlds The hot fires have such a cold chilling spitefulness… The darkness traps all in its empty non existence … Killing off what is just being born and with such sadness I shall shun away as I would rather not meet the killer. I shall peek my casual way … All through the day Then I shall come your way… I once bided you adieu Truly. … In this world with an infinite amount of roads lying before me and I ride them all! Upon my narrow pathway I shall skip and get lost… Into your heart.From back in those days As I express through my rhymes. soul and mind as I come to your beckon call. and physically becoming one … As we sing our chorus in our musical harmonic verse. … As both our worlds collide as we create our universe Mentally. Recognizing our souls Within ourselves. Shall bring closer to us With faith and trust. Destined truth in the say. As I approach many more roads in multitudes paying for the cost. spiritually. For the universe guides us With our belief and thus’.

As I am warmly welcomed by my lover as I felt rich and new. And unto my lap. Of the treasure in this treasure hunt and I grip my wrath… The sun filled sky smiles upon my every being attempting to warm me. I found a cave so I took myself and my belongings in transformation. Along came a four leaf clover as it fell from the heavens. Approaching many more roads in multitudes without cost … Knowing and unknowingly I shall catch you if you fall. Guiding me as I have found my compass and without a fuss or fret. your narrow pathway and I shall skip and get lost … Into your heart. As it became a palace of dreams and fantasies that came true… Upon. Yet outpouring with the changes in the weather along with minor abrasions. I took the mirror with me … As it was the only thing that made sense to me amongst. … Reaching to the Top Changes in the seasons and changes in the reasons Of pure solitude … Contemplating of a downpour of memories. I approached a mirror and so I had to inspect… I walked through many dimensions but. As I endure hope and love as I search for my compass in faith. many destinies finally I have met my destination. Into the future and away from the past… Caressed by the arms of love at last… Rainbow Lovers 25 . it hath done and slipped into my heart shaped pocket. soul and mind as I come to your beckon call. And exhaustion from trampling under the emotional skies … Amongst. the puddles that envelope the feet of innocence … The rainbow of dreams tempts my desires by the never ending path … Instigating my emotions and leading me to believe in curiosity.As infinite amount of roads lying before me and I ride them all! Upon. all the delusions That surrounds my every existence. this one was quite an illusion … To my reality and I decided it was real so.

a tale of his love to me… 26 . In warmth with a sensual chill underneath the ever beautiful universe! Dark glowing and glistening stars twinkle peacefully above and below… Within the eyes of such heavenly lovers knowing they fit perfectly together. ever the same with each other going with the flow! Ocean tides below beat in sync with the windy affect to the sky above … Singing a tune only they could hum in their own verse… Dancing with the ever flowing sandy beaches that embraces of love. Priceless but rich! The green goblins deceive with their pursuit to even find this beauty that can’t be stolen… The proud beau treasurer happily prances around the colors feeling at one with what thou have found! Earthly Soul Mates Bright hues of animating colors unite in sync with a mirror affect … Capturing both the sky and the ocean as the flare affects above and below. And down below as her gifts were treasures that no one found… For even the treasure hunt was endless but.Upon a stream the colors shined in reflecting the blue marble. with a mental connection within both eyes in sight. the golden moments shined so brightly To be ever noticed with ringing to the very ears of an endless tune so profound… Singing the verse of beauty as it flowed through her lips to another. With kisses and an embrace to intertwine in this capturing effect As they began changing but. along with giving away all hope to me… His heart beat tales that told a fable. Much like drinking sweet wine as it soothes inside your veins. And the eternal sky as particles glows re aligning … oh. both mates ride the weather in paradise. Both souls mating as one and formally understood as soul mates! Even though the storms bring obstacles. And a spiritual attraction between both earthly soul mates… Two Words He was the hope that gave it all away. Two hearts beating as one as both bodies unite… Also. pumping your heart alive … There is not any pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… There is just a golden heart of the endless beauty shining with colors. so finely! She wept a rainbow upon the sunny warm heavens from high above.

had I only realized it before it drifted to the sea… Upon his last breathe as he signed with the thought of me… He always said two words to me upon our special occasions with Bacardi… He didn’t care how was around me for he always showed his love to me… Felt so special. That is in full color of depth as we paint the graphics perfectly… Along with many adventures as every day grows of our love. With a feeling that shall be as strong as sin but. Upon the touch to me face and that deep stare into my soul and he feels blessed! As he says … “You’re Beautiful” … My World Chills that take over with such a loveable feeling. Along with emotional feelings in the gather as love becomes everything … Sang as our chorus’s but. without the rehearsal of our love! As everything beautiful shines between each other as we sing. innocent from within… As the un-noticeable shine shows with a bright light. with-holding me! Musical notes flow through both lips with a kiss in sight … Along with deep stares while falling deeper into each other! As our song creates our harmony of our lullaby of love. … 27 . a tale of his love to me… Shall be more special. as he always saw me as the greatest beauty that ever existed. And an outburst of happiness that’s a laughter from deep within… An explosion of sensual sensations that appears so appealing. He shows his love to me. for he always sees me as the greatest beauty ever existed. It’s special. Upon the touch to my face and that deep stare into my soul and he felt blessed! Even though he took his love for me with him upon his last breathe… He still shares with me his tales in my untold fable… As his goal was and shall always be to make me feel blessed.May have been more special. And beauty seen within the eyes of the beholder. … Our pages of our novel we write together of our tale of love … A romantic fable of romance and love as we have faith in our belief… There’s no rough draft for the words don’t need adjusting of our love. He is the hope giving away all hope to me… His heart beats tales that tells of a fable. since I realize it as we both drift to the sea… As we both sigh with thoughts of him and me… He says two words to me for he doesn’t care who is around me.

I desire only one! Love is all I need to survive And anything else destroys! Love makes me feel alive… Loving Determination Faithfulness to what shall be in store like a shop of goodies! Believing in all the more as it tastes like sweet candy… With the taste to devour of such desirable kisses. body and soul and in each other’s eyes… As we flow with each other gliding together in our own created world… Surviving on Love Humans are so full of flaws especially. I smile with my strength in kissing away my own insecurities… With a loving heart that beats like at tune of a song. That’s outside of our universal atmosphere that’s such a delight and heavenly paradise. when obsessed with perfection! As I at times grab with my claws in total dedication and escaping the truth … Pin pointing the negative and letting loose with eradication before it destroys! For I run to the truth but lies try to blind with such darkening ploys! Saddened really by my own weaknesses and I shine appearing strong Also. light as a feather without words … Deep within the each other’s mind. has filled the empty spots inside my void with much to discover! So determined to create a future so bright and colorful … That’ll be as beautiful as a moment created between each other. And looking forward to the rush of pleasure all through me … Along with a love so perfect and only emotions can speak words of such bliss… Such a love intensifies every moment more so then lust. And appearing before many destinies but. We paint a love of our future the same and it feels so meaningful. And a love that is expressed so strongly has won me over! This is a love so meaningful and fulfilling along with a deep trust… Also.Lost within each other in our own world. As it appears to make a picture perfect masterpiece together … 28 . shunning away the other worlds. A feeling so strong it’s overwhelming but.

Along with a deep stare Glaring into the eyes much… Every morning’s compliment Of words to bring a smile. Such an awakening … That feels like a treasure That I shall deeply cherish.Longing Breath upon my lips And chills of passion. And return a kiss To give all of my love. Love in the making Of physical paradise. Fingers through my hair Of a loving touch. Entranced in time and space Of love so spiritual to feel whole. Down to my hips Of a loving sensation. From a lover to me sent. My breath deeply lingers To his lips in desire with a stare. Along with an embrace Of unity of our souls. By night’s peaceful bliss To lay beside my love. As I run my fingers All through his hair. To me makes my day so worthwhile. 29 . Never to be mistaking Of seeing in the eyes.

I am the goddess innocently Offering my destined love … In my wishful but true destiny To soar beyond and above For all to see. In this destined longing As two come together. That only exists within love … Of such a Divinity Amongst all in this unity.And an intense pleasure That won’t perish. A resemblance of myself With such a passionate goal. 30 . Always and forever! Soul mates In your eyes I see A passionate soul. And the vision of me In this life’s role. In trust of such dedication And commitment like no other … Destiny To create such a destiny. Sounds foolish to those Whose minds and hearts Have sadly shunned down and closed Themselves from feeling apart … So my love I give in a huge dose As I offer endlessly and never to depart. To feel such a belonging And unity together. Of familiarity of the self Hidden within your soul … Like a mirror’s reflection Through the gates of each other.

Mysterious works in the making A truthful intention that never is faking. In a dream so beautiful I create my reality … To offer what’s bountiful In this reality. Along with the multitudes of the truth without any lies. For we have got togetherness In many untold tomorrows. I have taken an oath To love’s devotion … That is promised for us both In a strong and sincere dedication! Passionate Love Love that is so open yet. hands. Love can be so inspirational and seemingly full of just that is outstanding. and minds as now one in any place… I shall not hide but. souls. And endless heavenly streams Could bring many admirations … In a land of happiness There are not any sorrows. Within the eyes seeing and what’s felt and in the name of love to abide. And won’t ever be mistaking… When destination has its awakening To show you what it’s bringing. And both held within. In a land of dreams With all of love’s creations. personal with trust and understanding … Showered with a feeling and shared stronger portraying to be destined and deep. grow ever closer each day nearer to my love’s side. To love in a full and open communication is felt to be full of grace. Maturing and growing in every way hurdling with a leap. Blessed assurance of this distance temporarily. That sends me above and feeling this dedication upon such a face. And soaring above through the miles with a feeling to uplift and seeming entrancing… Along with affection to kiss away the lonely tears that did weep. Showing happiness in the gather and appearing to be magical and enticing. 31 .

In the many wonders You show me of your love … Love is not hate Nor.Traveling the distance momentarily… Love that doesn’t hold too tight but. That shall not part From mind all along. not too loose Caressing each other just right with nothing to lose … Deep within your heart I feel the beating song. just open the ears and eyes. is it of the loveless. It is not something to debate! Love is light that can bright up the emptiness. Musical harmony is this fashion Of you and me expressing our compassion… Love within you I see in your heart As you express love. There may be a chaotic cost to love As it remains as the truth in disguise … Of all forms of styles and fashions of love So. The truth I deeply possess Is of my nature of love … To clean such a mess 32 . A loving nature Shall prove to express love. Together in harmony with art Of passion in our song. To express its destiny to mature Of the mind. body and spirit In being totally sure And readily of the truth in love.

Goddess of Divinity I am a warrior of love Love with freedom. As well as feeling dedicated in staying active When the eyes truly have seen Upon. That shall not be a sin To feel such a blessedness. Love is shown to be more attractive In its form of appearing and being. With love there is passion and I shall not run from the set dates … From the fates in this walk of my destination.Of hates darkened cove. 33 . Knowing as it has become official through the sands of time … Walking on cooled ground and standing firmly in this action… Walking this journey and always knowing in making it official Until. In love I feel heaven And an eternal happiness. There are many lessons amongst the long sessions and if I shall fall. To approach without fret or fuss Of what love has portrayed and meant. Love conquers all in a mystery to decode of each other … With a beckon call in this mystery of code that soon uncovers. As love is felt to be contagious In its contagious and bold attempt. And this connection there is many walks in life of two soul mates … Along with satisfaction of a feeling and an inspiration. the moment comes with an understanding to get through it all. independence and shelter Of protection in this loving election between two lovers. being supportive of such an elective … In darkness love shines With a reason to steal hate. Giving all the defines And it is not too late To paint love’s designs. It shall be to the one I love so I give my all.

Lovingly Beauty I eternally endure the beauty upon mankind that’s underneath the universe so much. embedded like it was meant with a loving touch. accepting its beauty with a destined worth. That in admiration sends me flowing into the beauty of the nightfall’s sight … The hummingbirds sing their tune to the waterfalls exalting to never depart. With Various appearances in many forms accepting beauty with its destined dance … Amongst. And into the light of the morning dew with skies of heavenly blue! With the perfect beauty of love God gives with awe! I shall glorify in all I do … As with love that escapes my lips from every form of breathe taking bliss that I bestow. Empathically like the process of being drawn to as I am taken by the night … As masculine beau of introduces me seductively of darkness turning it into light… The beauty of God’s perfection in sheer but. All My Love Dedication in all its forms to the one I love As time and all it transforms of my love … Ever growing and blossoming of my love. And closer to the one I love. The elements of love has succumb my every being with beauty. hates misfits and transform it to a love for an eternity… As an unexplainable independence shall grasp such freedom intended. and reborn into mankind. To my love I shall shower all lovingly emotions And grasping all the possibilities in loving devotions … 34 . Along whilst traveling in time going forth without resistance … Vanishing. Into the night peacefully wandering underneath the universe that’s above me and you. In every explanation and never to miss pure elation to acknowledge all that I know. merely portraying art. And all its forms dedicating with a seal of approval as I am elected To vanish. such blitz that corrodes love’s creations that grasps with a crutch … In appearance in many forms. such blitz that corrodes love’s creations of grasping the crutch. Along the miles of traveling in time without resistance in going forth To vanishing. Art that God has created underneath the universe and eternally with endurance.

like the trees flow with the wind in their play of fun. nor rules. As I have found you my love. fragile but never sour of my love that you have of won. Through these distancing measures of sessions. And embrace the empty coldness with my fulfilling warmth… Worldly unexplainable talks and walks as I am guided and protected… Truth is told with love expressed and lessons learned. Enter at free will! To my love. kindred spirits and passing acquaintances Hello and goodbye! See you later and always in remembrances… 35 . As of my love I give like dreams of love upon our destinations … Together in love. Where you’ll become one with the song of my heart that sings all that’ll be Of my love for you that shall linger within your every being. There’s no drill. I’ve wed to the commitment of faith of my love for you to see. Of our love of happiness after the rain has fallen with the chance … In connection that shall put us into a deep trance of life’s lessons. together we shall dance … As our hearts flow together with the rhythm of our love in an instance. all of my love to you I’ve sent. nor boundaries! Just all my love for an eternity! Mystic Journey Time passes and I pass through time as breath of life breeds life… Standing back I observe and moving forward to make a change… Stepping aside but. As we sink deeper into the heated sand evaporating our essence. You’re the key to my heart to where you can roam free.To my love I am your flower with colors under the sun. Venturing a path full of adventure as you’ve given me endless love to see … With golden treasures as I cherish our gift of love of what’s meant. And my spirit shines an eternal beauty amongst God’s universe… I’ll touch the lips of all that exist with my kiss of the truth. Believing each other as we have sent what is truly meant. To you I flow with a loving prance Of our musical love and singing to our very ears through the distance. With strength as high as a tower expressing what hasn’t been mentioned … Although. drastically moving onwards through strife… Skipping passed the easy short paths and climbing through the challenges… I realize the many lessons and the serenity of sitting alone listening… To the musical peacefulness as I flow with my notes of rhyme in my verse… The beating of my heart: drumming the beats as my starlit eyes is glistening. I shall be elected… You and I aren’t forgotten as we’re soul mates.

And fulfill my empty coldness with a loving and warm caress that’ll never depart… Particles in time and I recall with familiarity of your painted art… Deep inside your eyes are my world and the rush of heaven from such a perfect kiss… Time passes and we pass through time. you are worth it! I want to show you love you have always desired… Don’t turn away. we complete each other… Deep inside we’ll plant the seed for a new rebirth… We are all we need for to survive within each other to nurture… Love’s Power Look into my eyes.Relieved I feel as the search ended and I have found my home inside you world… Inside you I sneak and I flow with each spoken word… I Found You Time passes and you pass through time and once again I’ve found you… Unity between you and me. I shall be your universe for you’re my world… I shall give you much to see along with love I yearn with you… My twinkling spirit connects with your living essence upon each spoken word. And singing a phrase and we become free like a bird … You realize such eternity of my silent musical flow… As you listen to my divine love as we create harmony… For the beating of our hearts shall never let each other go… As we embrace together your universe and your moon’s glow… You touch my lips with that of which is the truth and comfort. Just walk this path with me in this distance and length… I am not afraid to look into your eyes and into your reality… I shall help you understand! 36 . just relax and don’t make a fit! Your world isn’t empty and you’re worth it… Just look into my eyes and feel what you have ever wanted… Angels are upon you and you are not forgotten… Your world is full of possibilities filled with everything you have wanted… Don’t turn away. just trust and believe and don’t forget… Love is your strength! Look into the depths of my reality! I am like no one else you have ever met…. hand in hand together… I shall be your universe for you are my world of worth… Unity between us.

As I flow my love to your every being and I hold lovingly your hand… I shall open your eyes and help you see… Wipe away all that remains and a little bit of you rebuilds all that way taken… Fulfilling your being as your soul comforts and your body heals and your mind learns! It was never for naught but all in a lesson learned and not to be mistaken… I look into your eyes and see a world worth knowing: you are not completely dead! Wake up! You’re capable and able as long as you can hear. feel.. see. 37 .Let me guide you and help you to understand on this path of many misunderstandings… I delight to be what shall make sense unto you when you are lost and confused… Let me take your hand and guide you! Look into my heart and soul and feet my comfort and peace… I shall be your heaven and your paradise… Just look into my eyes… Have you forgotten? Let me help you remember! Your will and determination to learn shall grant you the power to understand! I’ll kiss the knowledge to your mind and soul giving your body the comfort to allow me. Mysterious Greetings She sat there in the night Sending messages to a star… Wondering about this life’s fight Gathering knowledge from afar… Then here he appears With style and grace. Feeling all of her fears Noticing her pale face … He approaches her with rose And glances deep into her eyes.. Now you’ve entered into love’s twilight and trance so deepening. and taste me… Become aware by opening your eyes and allow yourself to remember all I’ve said… Your comprehension helps your to learn and understand to see what’s inside of me! Feel it. grasp it and let me embed all that you desire for you are not dead! God’s eyes watch over you and as the wing flows kissing you dearly… Life is being rushed into you urging for your awakening With gifts granted for you to see.

And yet again he says peacefully The universe heard his plea. But was curious of what he meant.As he stood there with his pose Speaking absolutely not any lies… He takes her hand and says softly Of how much he dreamt of this moment. This is the first time they both met And at that very moment She couldn’t have a fear or a fret. So I walk my journey trusting my goal 38 . you and me Yet. In this a tale of will get to tell? Or is this a mere dream of one’s tale? The universe can only tell Of this dreamy tale! Are We Ready? Unimaginable walks through this mystery Of a life that’s full of illusion in this reality … Guiding and protecting the existence of me As we’re so close together. so far away and so close Following our every intuition … You await standing with a pose As I have made my life decision … I feel your warmth and your soul From the sun and the sky. As he held her with a tight embrace And was entranced by his hypnotic Words that was music to her ears … Her destiny she knew she had to pick And away went all of her fears. All those times of feeling sad Her doubts she threw away … He touched her cold face And spoke such words she dreamt of. The very belief she had She couldn’t throw it away.

Are we yet ready for this love> We both grip our hands tight Thanking all from above … As we’re both admiring this starry night. While gripping each other’s hand As hearts beat to fast paces … Deep long stares into a soul Once known and now found … Giving one’s own soul To a love so unique in this bond. are surrounded by the peaceful skies. We dance to the romance Of nature’s musical trance.And I never ask when or why. I feel your love from the night sky As I am winked by your twinkling eye. I am yet guided by the moon’s glow To your beautiful heart and soul. As she’s drawn to a warmth closer To this man’s sensual body. She’s entrances by his words As they are music to her ears. Feeling our love as we prance Amongst the warm sands. Soft fingers wander to her face Sneaking to her forehead … After the sweet touch to her face Then to her fair instead … Sliding down to her shoulder Sending her chills throughout her body. Romantic Embrace Passionate long kisses and Deep and intense embraces. She’s hypnotized by the verse 39 . And the stars shine bright above us… Glistening to the twinkling in your eyes Of a mystical tale of a novel of us As we.

Along with the beauty of a flower Heating up a creation so unique And cooling off the burning wait … To bring strength to weak In this special recipe of a perfect mate! Love So Mystical I have smiled unto many smiling faces And felt various emotions … I have kissed many faces And given many emotions … I have looked into the eyes of wickedness And deeply stared into the eyes of heaven … I have felt the bloody heatedness 40 . While creating a taste to devour That’ll make one to hunger for In this harmonious hour. Given by a heavenly dove To sing away the sadness. Recipe for a Mate A touch of sweet love And a pinch of mystical happiness.That he sings brining her tears. With passionate long kisses and Deep intense embraces … While gripping each other’s hand As hearts beat at fast paces. Sending him chills as she does trace … Her fingers to his forehead From his handsome face. Tears of joy and he smiles … As she touches softly his face Feelings relieved from life’s trials. Then to his hair instead Sliding down to his shoulder Sending chills all through his body … As he’s drawn to a warmth closer To this woman’s sensual body.

While the trance of my verse for us Intensely connects yours and my soul. In my mind I hold you near the sea And in your presence I feel at home.Of burning rage and fell away from heaven … I have walked through the darkness And I have followed the path that’ll lead me to heaven. I have sensed your soul that is so pure and bright And delighted in kissing your lips as the wind flowed. let’s paint a love to design Let’s go with the flow of our mind And draw the fields so fine … You color our world with mystical magic seeming like illusions 41 . As I help onto what truly mattered. as my smile to you brightly glowed. A kiss to seal the night amongst any other. I have reached for your hand and held on Hoping you wouldn’t let go of my existence. I have played in your world of fun Knowing and sincerely felt in an instant That you are the one … I never met a man so identical to me But in this observation I feel not alone. Passed your lips as I was there in sight Spiritually. Dearest Love Dearest love of mine. Together. Much knowledge I have gathered Amongst my life’s journey. With an emotion to fill the gap of emptiness To send me into a world like no other … That sensually fills my every being with true happiness. I love your style and your mind … Dearest love of mine. Knowing a set of footprints walk with me … Singing my poetic mystic chorus Painting art from my heart and soul.

Taken by every love’s goals With a deep meaningful intention. My dearest love that shall be yours I uniquely give and shower unto you. Flowing through as I gaze within. forever Yet again. in many lifetimes… Dearest love so desired Upon our searching and escaping.As I fulfill your heart and soul with mystical and magical poetry … That appears to magically heal and design a world of aspirations As we create the art of our world. With design and personality that powers Expressing eternally. Time never has expired In our reality escalading To each other as we have explored. Symbolic Love Mysterious light traces Upon my hair and face Of tender angelic embraces. Symbolic gestures to raise spirits Blessing and loving the soul. all of me … Unworthy to this moment but. Pure while spiritual heavenly glows Of innocent love so pure. Beckons my every desire and shows Giving me something so sincere … Spiritual trances seek my heart Looking deep into my eyes intensely Picking up my pieces and never to part As I’m put back together. worthy 42 . just for you… This reality we have created together To a place we shall go to upon many lifetimes Throughout each rebirth. Filling my heart in this place Of love in this love’s trance. just you and me.

To feel the light grips Of my daring love And the kiss of his lips To express his love. deeply look into my eyes. I shall find the truth to my lover. That only I could be able to uncover Amongst this world of lies. I treasure this moment of bliss. Colliding paths shall guide us To our destiny to each other.Of your love and beauty to me as I desire more. As we lock together our lips Noticing our soul’s bright glow … We express all of our love Together as we are truly one Inside of our mind. Your voice is harmony like the sea shore. That feels like an inspiration to me. 43 . Once found for this is how it shall be Once we are ready for each other … I shall hold him close to me And think of him and no other… Along with our tight grips Letting our love truly flow. As the wind flows passed my lips … I can feel your heavenly kiss While you embrace tenderly my hips. body and soul. Mystical magic amongst us Shall bring us happily together … Within the eyes of my lover I shall feel my home and paradise … I would be a mystery he can only uncover As he shall. Seeking My Lover Within the eyes of my lover I would love to find the mystery.

And your sweet and smiling face. Going beyond the logic Into the depths within. A fairytale of a love we share With a never ending story. I know it’s not all that it seems Though I wait this long while. To feel your tight embrace Along with your deep kiss. Secret Whispers In an untold fairytale He whispers a tale so mystically. 44 . I feel it is your I miss Although I have never crossed paths With your appearance of. bliss. That I happen to of taken the dare Living a life where it’s just you and me. Man of My Dreams You! The one of my dreams! The charming one with style.And putting aside our journey’s fun … As finding each other shall be our goal. As I surprisingly felt your inspection! Now I lay me down to sleep To walk into that second life. I have confidence of such a path To glance at your perfection. That leaves me in waking to weep… In my dreams I am your wife. As the hidden mysterious fable Of his heart that is brought forth to me Such a mystifying magic Hidden so deep within.

Both will find each other … Like in the past lifetime That’s brought them together… In an untold fairytale She whispers mystically Of the mysterious hidden fable. That is erotic and an intense sensuality In this dedicated mystery… Secretly. As I know that you understand. I caress you! Embracing the enlightened entity With such a mystical duty. Without a single flaw The perfections of both hearts … Colliding and embracing together. I shall take your hand Without misunderstanding And I shall extend my hand. Along with messages told of this Through the scrolls of what is… 45 . That is told secretly… Secretly. While entrancing one another Bringing together him and her… Within a box of secrets I flow through the rhythms … Opening my heart without bets Along with.The language of love Is deeply and always heard … The feeling of love Is felt even without a word … With expressions of awe Dancing within such hearts. Ancient Bliss An ancient bliss Of giving and sending a kiss. the tale of my hymns … Two souls in this lifetime.

And through it run After I have beaten the odds Hopefully. To my soul mate. But mine ever so designed. And hopefully very soon Kiss away the sadness… I want you to free my soul From the chains that bound … Is it your goal? To one day be found? Spiritually. To my soul mate. To My Soul Mate If I ever find him It will be something so kind. I want to free your soul From the chains that bound … I want to make it my goal To one day be found! So we can dance under the moon To endure endless happiness.Locked away in secret But shall never be lost. I have discovered… Physically. Once I have walked the beaten Path to the gate. Meant for you and me That’s meant for us to take venture. Of a romantic novel of a hymn I slowly played in my mind … Not from the dark sin. Of what is truly meant At no terrible cost! An ancient destiny That is past and future. it won’t be too late. I am empowered… 46 .

With a huge dose And of my love I shall happily… As I express my divine love Even to the dark and wicked … I shall take you above And heal the sickened… My destined ways All through the days. And I love you always… I shall stand in front Of my enemy.Mentally. With portraying love and nothing less More-so. Following with no shame Of my destined ways. I shall be the happiness To the fallen tears of sadness. 47 . And hold you close to me To stop such human wars! I shall not have any foes And anything shall go. And inevitably in front Of such a destiny. by love’s devotion … All through my days To feel such an emotion. I shall kiss away your scars. I have uncovered… That one day I shall wed To my soul mate! Always My destined ways To abide. That can cause such madness! I shall be like the healing doctresses And heal your wounds sweetly. in times of stress.

Love embraces me Deeply as it entrances My every being unto me. Brings such happiness Throughout. 48 . this course… Love sings to my heart As I feel such empathy … All comes from the start And brought unto me … Love captures my soul And this is my golden role To my heavenly goals. As I wander near your soul. Love can go the length To give blessings and no less. But with such devotions Can lovingly be an allure.Nothing to cast with blame All through my days. always! My Love Love is my strength When in weakness. Love is the answer Unto too many asked questions … Heard without a blur. And all through me dances The feeling of love unto me… Love embraces me so near Of the angelic song to hear. To break the obstacle Showering what love is meant… Lightening the darkness As this mystical force. Love is the miracle Awaiting for the moment.

And tickle you in a way That you shall feel my love … Come adrift with me along the way! Mystical Love From the crowd I spotted you And deeply I shied away… Shying away from the sight of you Though deeply I wanted to stay… Deep within your fun As many hearts you won. And to me what has this done? My heart you won! Even though. I seal this with a kiss I hope you won’t miss. under the sun You warm me with you love… Under the night sky of fun You flew to me like a dove… All your love so pure Of this I so endure … I was truly allured With the singing of a bird That has given me the pleasant word. my kindred… Here’s my message as we are one … I give you my scrolls of what’s said… I poetically define my verse To the chorus of my nature. That truthfully was not a rehearse To my mystical stature. 49 . dear kind one … As we blindingly age. Of your message.As the rhythm vanishes of my fear As I sing such love that’s so dear… The tale of a beautiful love Moving in such a way… I shall take you above.

have it eternally within me reviewing the messages. So I reread again. photo albums are priceless! I stared endlessly at such memorable moments that money can’t buy at all… I began to feel that wonderful feeling again and it felt endless. Repeating in expressing what I love to express over and over again. So I take myself back and feel it all over again… When I appreciate. I began to feel that special moment again as I held on for as long as I could once again! I do things more than once only because I want to feel the joy in that again… Rewinding again for certain things that I miss only because. I return from such bliss into the present which. Memories that feel real as I flip through the pages enduring what’s meant for me set. an allowing to truly remember it all. I love recalling over again only of that special feeling I never want to forget. … Flipping through the novel of life I realize every day’s written pages. That in particular shall never be forgotten but. even the things I find special are more than just memories. And each year that passes of remembering of the times of when. From the crowd you spotted me And deeply with courage. those things I truly treasure. feels like a gift that I treasure once again! 50 . I bring myself back to remember moments of happiness! In much that’s a discovery. we have won… This we have done… Tale of Treasuring a Moment Flipping through the pages rewinding back and reminiscing. Here’s our scrolled message Written with love in a please Deep within our fun. Everything may be a memory. I shall never close the book but. recalling of the moments of lessons that shouldn’t be forgotten.This tender bliss Though it’s you I miss. To begin writing our page Of the book of us. As our eyes have to see Deep inside of our hearts. I take in the feeling of such wonderful moments more and more. Memorable moments that left me feeling: happy and loved as I yearned to feel it again. nothing should be forgotten even tears of longing fantasies… Every devotional moment without obsession can appear to be mistaken for happiness. With every emotion.

My heavenly creator! Heavenly Paradise Into the light I follow and running from the darkness for I’ll be your goddess of light! Angelic realms are so heavenly. Taking over my physical nature of God’s love and devotion that soars through my veins. Eternal peaceful sceneries capture my existence and I’m taken away to another world. and stains My mental state of being as. I create my future and paint love with bright pastel colors that highlight a mystic magic. so I sneak to the heavenly heart beats of musical tunes… Love saves me from the ever scare of creepy crawlers that try to linger in my sight! This independent freedom allows me to be freely. As I have been holding hands with the tides and flow to the sea of love … Out from the darkness and the light for that’s the truth and the way instead… To the sweet aroma of love’s scented bliss embracing us in unity with our creator’s love. as I drift to the peaceful seas… I fall upon a heart shaped cloud and an angel sings me a tune of love… I’m guided through many doors and the map points to my destination of love! My heavenly creator guides and protects me as I am ever closer to my immortal beloved. I feel like a love machine. Love conquers all and is the truth and the way. To be with love in a heavenly paradise where truth and love is all that exists. protection and is the heavenly light of God’s love. spiritual unity and emotionally with love… Sending all my love to the universe and to my immortal beloved. physical creativeness. Lost in a galaxy and I hear a voice call out my name it is the one I love! My immortal beloved who eternally lives within my every being singing every word. The tune of love is our comfort. myself! 51 . The sweet taste of the truth flows through my lips and lingers within.Heavenly Moments My heavenly creator that eternally lives upon the angelic heavenly glows … The sweet smell of passion lingers in the pathways of both hearts of long lasting love. Exterminating the bitter taste of hatred casting away all that’s negatively unseen… As I feel uplifted by the warm and pleasurable truth that keeps me away from pain! Soaring through the box that insists on enclosing me as I run from the darkening lies … Laughing in a courageous and sly manner as the scare didn’t leave me a scar at all… I hear the comforting whispers of the truth to me from the heavenly skies. Protection and healing are the tools to use given by an eternal divine spirit of love! Such love can create rainbow of creations as hearts are priceless pots of gold! Looking up to the heavens and looking down upon it all in thankfulness … My future destination that is sealed with a kiss upon my scroll from my heart and soul. Mental occupation.

shall never succeed to be as powerful as our creator! Let’s help each other to shine a light of heavenly love unto another… There is protection towards humanity and love that’s within each heart! Heavenly Paradise Electrifying and shocking colors upon the twinkling gaze of a sparkling glow. Looking deep into each other’s eyes as we’re surrounded by the peaceful ocean. I miss my paradise. you follow while running from the darkness… You are my prince from the light in this guidance of our love! Heavenly realms allure you so we dance to the musical notes flowing through us… Love saves us from the ever scare of creepy crawlers that try to remain in our sight! For our love gives us independence and freedom allowing us to freely be ourselves… It is bright and heavenly under the dark and peaceful skies as we hold each other. I look through a window. Heavenly Paradise … Pits of despair only wish their destiny was nearly as heavenly as our paradise of love… As I extend my hand. May we welcome the visitors that happen to trail along with a meet and greet with love! For the doors may have locks but. And the starlit skies that are lost in our own universe deep within each other… Prayer of Love This house on this land amongst this planet we call our home is deeply protected. we have the key to unlock them upon such inspected And invited loved ones with a warm welcome from their journey from up above! The windows for to peak through with opened curtains. I spiritually take flight where I’m protected and loved as I let out deep and intense sighs. In painting the future brightly can fulfill the empty holes with love! May love forever win over hatred! No one is as powerful as our divine creator! Humanity may try but.My outer appearance is a shell protecting my inner true self yet. shine in the sunny sky of love. I soar within your outer appearance to see God’s love of the truth and bright blue skies… I walk through the door of your heart and my love lingers all through you without lies. 52 . seeing a mirror reflecting what I desire from deep in your eyes. For humans are merely visitors that have been welcomed in such a manner! May we have the strength to shut the doors and lock to which isn’t of love… Allowing hatred to dissolve upon this planet and the eyes open from being blinded… For humanity shall be of love not hate to help us to design love not hate. With the tools to prepare for a loving future given to us from the source of divine love! Humanity whom expresses the truth of love to dissolve hate.

Filling me with His assurance of a divine loving power … Into the universe I send myself as I gaze upon the twinkling pupils of a peaceful sky. The Sheppard calls upon the lost sheep and long lost loves call out to their longing lovers. soul and my body with love … Notes flow through my singing verse as I hum a tune to nature with delight. omits all sadness and madness … Humanity’s eyes open as the heart of truth is seen and heaven shall finally be discovered! Heaven Awaits – ‘Letter to Humanity’ Nature surrounds my every being as my paradise is my garden of love … My heavenly creator expresses love to me for an eternity each day and night … Singing musical harmony to my heart. Refreshing and purifying as a healing of love surrounds and caresses my whole being… A divine love surrounds all that’s between and mingles with the waters that cleanse… As the non-seeing lingers mysteriously. He isn’t a liar! His words are ever sharp and powerful with the truth of such that humans can’t express. The Creator’s peace has embraced me as I fall deeper into His Ocean to appease. Feeling as if I’m his greatest star to twinkle from His eye in expressing of His love! The greatest love ever written and sang are the rhythms of His verse of love’s devotion! Angelic magic dust upon a dark gloomy cave filling such places with mystical happiness.Appearing as a starlit universe deep within the creator’s love of his heavenly paradise… Bright loveable embraces of the moon as it beams the flowing light of God’s soul Shining upon the darkness amongst this earth as I look into the Creator’s eyes! Sensually and passionately the creator fills me with devotional promises. wedding to my being with all of His love! I am reminded of a heaven! Before my birth! Surrounded by a universe with our creator. with an intense happiness that’s heavenly and of eternal love. My heart flows in sync with my creator and the beat fills my every being with love … My soul dances to trees in movements passionately as mystically the sun shines bright… Filling my physical being. Upon a unity in a haven of paradise of earthly delight. The Creator shares with me deep inside His eyes a deep and intense goal… With an overwhelming rush of love to feed me a seed that shall grow. Stealing my fears and troubles as I’ve caste them to the seas… And I swim to such loving adventures with a heavenly flow. with all of that exists and the human beings… Knowledge of unity with divine love can release negatively and positively make amends. 53 . Sightseeing through many parallels and realizing only one truly matters of a strong love! Passing many places as I’m guided by true perfection that of which is our creator! Mingling and intertwining with me in a unity. As this is a true gift given from a perfect being that is full of righteous and divine love.

Family unity. in hopes that humanity shall learn the error of unpleasant ignorance! For it is in the stumble and the rise that brings the learning of the falling non-sense! I’m surrounded by the light in divinity as my heavenly destiny brings love! In my garden of paradise where life exists. For it is the lonely trees that have seen and felt! Listen to their souls and you shall see… Take your key to walk through the pathways! Turn against love. yet never in death for heaven exists! The birds flock nearer to capture my being as I’m taken by a song from a heavenly dove! With messages to spark my soul. And that is to watch the many ways you’ve matured Even through the many ups and downs between you and me. And that’s the pure angelic heart you have that I have endured. Heaven is within love and happiness and the creator is divine love … Our sisterly love is the key to keeping us tightly together. even if I am at stake… In my garden of heavenly bliss with the angels of love and my creator is pleased! Walking many paths. I have stumbled to fall. I know that there is one thing that has never changed. the key will disappear! Your heart is of love and beats harmony if you’re willing to listen and follow the map! If you get lost then understand divine love is your compass so walk without fear… When the moment is right upon the door of love that shall be before you… Divine love waits for such devotions for it matters most when humanity’s willing… Sisterly Love All the wonders of the many ways in growth There has always been a gift you’ve given me. understand the heaven upon the skies and the strength in the mountains that are free. then my Creator’s hand extends to me… Even in darkness it all made sense to me and even then love put me at such an ease! My garden’s gate is locked and those with the key may open it to enter to be with me… Darkened souls have a choice to transform to a heavenly light and listen to peaceful seas! So. trust and belief in each other and our love … May the angels watch over and protect with guiding hands forever… As we have left the past in hopes we given the gift of the present. for I fear not. To soar into the future with the many ways of love with a positive mind 54 . Feel the love with innocence to be complete in the knowing of knowledge from the trees.I ponder about how in awe I would be if humanity flowed like angels of innocence… Never in question. flowing to my heart singing me a tune upon all of this… Happiness in a garden of love and nature full of beauty is pure harmony and full of life… I flow with the creator’s loving ways as I’m sad to the disappointments of human-strife! I flow within the dark and light expressing love.

Love comes in many styles and fashions Along with purity given from the heavenly lights… Our creator is pure divine love with a promise of the truth… Angels are amongst humanity even in the darkest moments… Every second of every minute is a moment worth treasuring… Like a heart of gold that’s priceless as our creator shines the colors. Searching what to find… In a peaceful relaxation And taking such a journey … In this meditation Surrounded by a pure beauty In a deep and intense dedication To find my divinity. To help each other in many ways in growth and mature without a fret! Despite the downfalls let’s give each other a deep uplift. All the wonders of the future not known of yet.And look spiritually to our heavenly creator… For divine love and happiness from our hearts is purely from us designed. Like graphical art and poetic verses of such musical harmony to each other. Of one thing that can never be changed and that’s of our sisterly love. Of your rainbow glow that is a treasure worth cherishing … Follow the heavenly light of love and the truth shall give much to discover! Meditation Closing the eyes And opening the mind As I let out deep sighs. And soaring to the sky Soaring above the seas… Listening to nature In this mystical flight 55 . And yet … Give each other a precious gift. And with satisfaction I found my unity With such a connection And I am entranced in eternity… I feel so serene and heavenly While flowing with the trees.

proving to be of an energetic flow of satisfaction. As I let out deep sighs And begin to feel blessed. mankind and nature’s connection with this world And I see what is to be sought with an insight in plain sight. So spiritually platonic. yet so real in this might Of capturing an enlightening bliss above the world. Heaven in Paradise In the midnight of universal colors so heavenly With a paradise of flickering and glistening stars Dancing within and amongst me so glittery All through me. And enriching with great might To help me grow and mature. proving to be so appealing And seeming like a dream. Believing with closure And releasing the sadness… Opening the closed eyes Of what the mind suppressed.Receiving messages so pure. I’m entranced in flowing near and afar … Admiring and in awe by such a scenery As I feel so majestic like a bold star. In releasing the darkening negatively And feeling refreshed mentally and spiritually … To feel more a cleansing positively Upon this transformation so graciously… One step a bit closer Into grasping happiness. As it feels so right With much to endure. fantasy and a parallel attraction … That is so paranormal. Thus’ of a spoken and unspoken emotions in spiritual flight Between. Of a push and a pull. As we know it so deep and intense in this sight … Of dancing and the unexplainable beauty without a word. Visions of love untold but seen and with a feeling Traveling through dimensions and worlds to a destination … To the upheaval of the ends and beginnings. 56 . yet my normality that is a reeling.

Singing to my soul. love and unity in this gathering from start Has captured my soul in this longing for love … Sensing my every desire to not be separated from such a heart That beats through my veins the rhythm of a musical love. Mechanical chemistry in tune with a vocal sound Of a paradise in this unity with perfection! Visitation Your short stature took me by surprise Of your strange nature as I looked into your eyes … Why dost thy-one appear with an approach with no words? Yet spoken to my mental imperfections and struck me. Only peace. Like lightening in the strike. Repeating such events as you appeared before me 57 . thunder with a scream and frozen to the causes to flee … I couldn’t break the ice as I endured the language of such intelligence before me. With the sudden feeling of being inspired: into this flight’s learning … I have felt heaven from deep inside and all around From high above. To be known as this destined intention was to mature myself in this transforming … “Come back” as I call unto you as your presence was a gift! Thus’ my meandering thoughts have put me into befuddlement … As I was allowing my innocence to be tampered with only to sharpen what’s dull. down below and inside and out. Looking within the magnifying glass with enjoyment … Noticing the view that is clear as crystal. Hypnotized by the light within as my security was drifting Through nonetheless. Such an appearance was quite different than what I had seen in this world. assurance to my every being was a storm in the forming … Yet calming the rage of fear along with a sensual touch that is so uplifting. Heaven upon my every being Has proven to be something worth seeing … Aligned by my desire of a deep feeling Of this desire in my passionate yearning. Along with graphical pictures as you spoke each word … I then awoken with a neigh’ but I was breath-taken of thy-one upon me.Angelic love over powers my every flowing heart That beats in sync with the one I love … As words are spoken to my mind that I shall never depart From the one I have connected with of my love. a tale of a musical harmony.

now open. 58 . Of mechanical overdrive as we excel above and beyond. The vocal sounds so soothing and opening intelligently. With empathy of such a flight. But at a loss of the truth hidden but have found … In the eyes of this creature through each passing time. thus’ your descendent I appeared as strange natured to the truth unlocked … As you looked into my eyes I became independent. As I’m confused but nevertheless. understanding it does not confute … While we commute in our unity as I compute with such an act. Of humankind with our importance of time we outpour.Noticing my thin stature and you weren’t shocked … It made sense. thus’ you’ve shown The world has mocked and turned away from what’s been concocted. in the foresight of travels in time. I was left to ponder the moments so enriching. I won’t dispute But flow with the wind as I feel intact… Among the fantasy of the night as it seems so unreal. thus’ so real… Alas’ we bid adieu! It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance. Couldn’t be any richer then the sweet taste to devour! Mingling with the bitter taste of the truth mentioning With clairvoyance of unnoticed meaning to each hour. Dost thine-one connected mysteriously of ancient wisdom? Spiritual unity that is uncontrollably in this unique kingdom … I question while searching for answers as I have visited your adytum. The eye that’s been closed. I have encountered from time. More than a centum through infinite centuries … The existence every lasting accepted and unaccepted to not be a crime. Mysteriously capturing my inner void as I shall not shun From such a being as thus’. Visitation Part 2 Salutations. dear visitor! Shall we attend such adventures? That you greet me with during each of your visits … Upon the scene of my surroundings as we venture In my dreams and in our reality appearing so secretly as in bits … You share with me a world unlike this one as you allure My every being as it feels like a blur in the vision of this… I am taken to the highest limits piloting such an aircraft. Realizing the hidden stealth as it was locked … And hidden away in existence to be known.

From our mere exhausting flight which was bountiful amongst my life destiny… 59 . I’ll keep the remembrance as you lay me down to sleep with your respectful assurance. In some moments I find that I have expressed with emotions as the mind Is taken by a creative flow and expressed all in sync beautifully … These moments I discovered in dedication of my devotions so designed. Answers to questions maybe such a mystery without with out measuring out the length … Just may give and send something more then what’s been mentioned all along. Cards are dealt on the table with what life gives and sends. for what I believe in without failing to keep strong. That helps me walk and float ever stronger upon such a heavenly landing Into the abyss of paradise that shall help me to understand. mend And sing my poetic chorus knowing even more than ever before.As our journey was splendid. I stare into what captures my attention with a sigh that is my attraction Wanting to let loose like sin along with angel eyes so innocent upon me … My feet sink deeper into the cool sand and I’m taken by the understanding That the hot sting won’t last forever and I grip the soothing hands. and I look forward to your next arrival. I fight for a course on my life journey to get through strife to heal. Tomorrow is a mystery and today was an adventure and yesterday was but a memory. I’d rather choose to not know and see clearly to pass through life’s tests! For the knowledge and boldness to face destiny as myself I defend. Especially. In moments by the sea I feel calm and the sky comforts all below. Poetic Moments In some moments words escape even me as I quietly flow with a poetic song As trials in life come and go there’s no second guessing my own strength. I find many words of inspiration upon the eyes of dear knowledge and wisdom That lingers within my heart and soul then I realize I have nothing to lose. To never be mistaken but in growth and maturity … So in these moments I’ll never forget the passing moments that brought such beauty. With the moon stars I’ll find my peace in sincere deep muse. My creator’s perfection upon all that is beauty and I can’t help but find my dedication … While looking into the eyes of such an artistic creator painting art and I flow endlessly.

For once again uniting with someone I left behind … After so long it was a grand reunion… Moments in Time A moment in time to share eternity for just a moment Of passion in a kiss unity in an embrace. my creator and nature. And after so long I finally grip that long lost hand… Noticing and realizing who I am body. And a time spent in just a moment of love meant… Between us both along with delightful touches to each other’s face Of a never ending love’s portrayal given and sent. Of myself and I realized this is who I am and nothing else compares! I would love to be the illustrations that of such a beauty of our universe And free my soul to a place of recreation and delight to the singing of my verse. I have gained my own sanity with a strong knowing of my path I am creating. soul and mind. I look forward to such a moment in time. … A moment shared of an understanding and connection Between him and I. I can feel eternity and impatience. For already has because even the unspoken is heard and the blind can see… I send a kiss to the stars and embrace the glow of the moon. Poetically and sensually building up myself confidence and vanish the worst. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and I realize the love of our universe.Reunion After so long I once again united with the universe and I was in bliss And always is with the intelligent forms of art and I was in heaven. Nothing else compares! As I sat in meditation I could feel a peace I have missed that I had ignored. Somehow I fell away from my connection as the distance I did miss … The beauty and completeness I felt and I knew again what in life I have won. Makes me feel complete between myself. I thanked the stars above for their inspirations that are so inspiring to me. 60 . So patiently waiting with our dedication… Thought these miles and distance. I lay me down to sleep and into my dreams I may not understand… But I know I was held by a deep love only I can find. And I realize that of what I may not of understood will come into view soon.

… Oh. … A moment in time I have learned more than I ever imagined. how I’d love to gaze into my paradise of such happy eyes And feel the sweet tender kisses of such lips of perfection … While feeling heavenly with chills of the of the truth and no lies. … A moment of feeling blessed spiritually. With the sensational touches between. To be truly between him and me. flesh to flesh in such an attraction… As he speaks peacefully that put me in ease of his love for me… I look forward to such a moment in time. … A moment in time to lose track of all time in such a moment… As we inhale and exhale our deepest desires that we yearn for. In such a unity never letting go of tight embraces in such a moment… That feels like eternity and so much more. Time spent wisely and never wasted as I treasure each moment… As respectfully but lovingly as this is all destined. … Earthly Heaven Life is such a blessing and I feel richer then a chest full of gold And happier than tickled to laughing in tears. 61 .I look forward to more as time brings me more moments to cherish. For I believe in our creator so beautiful this perfect being is… I’ve seen such divine love look deep into my every being with a kiss. for this is meant! Faith and belief along with commitment and dedication creates success. For I have stared and wandered into such heavenly eyes so bold … That’s kissed away my tears and stolen away my fears… Life gives me pure bliss and that’s what I shall truly not miss. Speaking the truth to my every existence that of which truly is… There’s perfection unto my imperfections maybe that’s completion And unity to be one with such an attraction. mentally. and emotionally… But momentarily desiring a physical contact… Still holding on without giving up and compromising with our hearts passionately… As our love grows and matures always with a guidance and protection so in tact… Love conquers all in every moment in time. I’ve thanked my Heavenly Creator for such moments in time and more to come.

truth and unity… I’ve seen heaven upon perfect eyes and felt heaven to moments that’ll hypnotize … That our creator sends to often upon sunny sky with warmth that’s overflowing. The best moments are given freely in a loving manner without the cost of money… There is much of a blessing in my creator’s love unto each and every human being. Life is rich and doesn’t cost a thing as it’s priceless in every moment in time. peace. Even in the long sessions in life.. The answer maybe the completion unto humanity and help all to feel free… That is found applying love. And admire earth’s nature and stare into my creator’s eyes … For that is my heavenly paradise… 62 . Lessons in life learned and taught out of pure loving intentions hall bring love in return! I enjoy being showered with my creator’s love as well as my poetic rhymes I sing. Life is a blessing and I desire to see. I’m filled with heaven as the answers to my questions communicate with perfect eyes. pure faith and belief beings a lesson to learn… As our heavenly creator parents humanity with gifts unto mankind he shall bring.Life has given me much to treasure and much to adore and it didn’t cost a thing. The sky is my creator’s painted art from His heart showing all an art so beautiful… I see and feel my creator’s strength in the mountains that stand so bold and strong… I hear my creator’s words spoken to my heart as I listen with my heart and soul… I feel my creator’s spirit connecting with mine and know He’s with me all along… My poetic phrases I journal and sing the notes of my verses in my life’s role. Transforming unto a night of beauty upon the twinkling skies … I find myself drifting into the divine love of our heavenly father’s eyes. I shall forever share divine love and be your divinity… I’m thankful to my surroundings of life on such paths I’ve journeyed upon… I desire to take your hand and help guide you with deep loving intentions… Life can be sad momentarily until happiness stumbles your way with fun… Life is a blessing for each moment entirely despite how it seems upon your destinations. I feel honored to such a spiritual connections that’ll fill my every being with a knowing. I listen with open ears and I shall speak with truthful and loving words… That’s been granted to me. Especially when I wander with the angels in such a heavenly light… Mysterious unknown places. is where I’m found and so I express divine enlightenment… Life is much more than what it seems and so it is a blessing and a delight… I may be found sitting under a bridge wearing clothes full of holes With my eyes closed to drift into a heavenly paradise! Wandering undressed upon gardens and sit on the ground of dirt..

Feelings rush through me With chills of desire. Of passion all through me And the hands that extend… I transcend… Of this and then… Knowing not of when… I shall wait patiently… All this meant for me… Suddenly as we know We brightly glow. Along with this flow All your love you show… Magical mist surrounds Our every being of such… Twirling and twisting around Our every being of such… Glorious beautiful sounds That we love so much… Of vocal entrancing hymns That brings such harmony. Quiet mystic visitations In the midst of the night.Messages In silence I hear clearly The untold spoken messages. And miraculous rhythms 63 . Greeted by many salutations Coming from the angel light. Listening to what’s said to me. As I vision sweetly Sending me on fire. Brought to my heart dearly As I’m taken by life’s stages.

But watched as the universe pleads in harmony Their wisdom and force passionately by the sky … That sweetly kisses the peaceful sea Speaking only truth and never a lie … Upon the mystical and colorful beams of light That surrounds the protected ones.Enticing every part of me … Silently I am surrounded By your every presence. We’ve spiritually found Each other in heightened sense… Exchanging messages in a whisper Allowing the universe to mystify. And those whom are not in fright Bringing love by the tons… 64 . eye to eye As I extend my hand… I do understand! I shall take your hand… I know that you understand…. As I’m strongly grounded By your close essence. below that belongs… With the winged beauty in the trees Singing their verses of their songs … Living creatures on this perfected planet Enduring life as it’s given from a creator … Smiling upon the small ones as they wear their bonnet Desiring knowledge curiously and ever more … Shifting to a future that mysteriously is set. And the colorful flowers. That’s felt profound … But close in my presence. Bringing together him and her To face each other. Nature’s Embrace Warm sunny skies and poetic songs Brightening such an eternal nature … Of the green upon the tall rough trees.

for I’ll bring it about… The sky with happiness of the warm sun and the ocean peacefully blue. mustn’t grow and feed… Starve what isn’t meant to be. Passionate Magical Muse I’m shy but open as well as messy in my lady like approach! Careful. In hopes it won’t multiply and breed… Trap the darkness. … Not for to give and receive abuse. But the magic I give allowing those I choose to see passed my ever witty trick… Look into my eyes. only one has proven this to me… 65 . all that I am… I flow with the trees in this life going in sync with all of creation… As I shine with all the colors in existence gathering intelligence in my muse. Creatures so fierce with darkness Forcing a deadly deed … Traveling with time in blindness As they are planting their seed. never to be free… The key of the divine light Shall lock away the dark mist. you’ve figured it out… Allowing me with curiosity. you’ll see as I sigh while I’m looking in and out Of this world as we it … The universe is the mirror affect of who I am… So I’ll express my world and define the universe with a scream and a shout… The sky and the ocean remain deep inside this flesh and shall be all that I am… For I’ve cried an ocean and my anger brought on the tides. but to give more then I lose… So if you catch me never holding back that’s because. That’s spoken to all of creations. That of which.Hearts so radiant and perfected Even though creations with flaws Are secretly inspected … But never torn by the wicked claws And all is much protected. Wearing my armor that protects with a hard shell like a tiny roach. Of the faithful words that mentions From natures voice that’s so pure. Never to be in sight While bringing light to the darkness … Grasp the hands of loving intentions … And the portraying heavenly gesture. you’ve figured it out… Allowing me with courage to let me flow only one has proven this to me… So if you find that I am quite open it’s because. yet careless in my daring and curious emotions as I feel claustrophobic.

What’s this space between the sea otter and the sky creatures that have flown? Does each side balance ever. It all seems very clear to me… It’s kind of hazy like the reflection you see in the water. I find all that truly matters… And I ran away from sin… A proper walk and control to run to a pace finding security in what was my insecurities. for the sight is endless and I’m not afraid to Look into the binoculars that bring everything into focus…. The eye that is open does not close. who took shelter into the arms of my own… Is this truly what one is? Amongst all that may exist I have found my own… 66 . But the magic I give shall allow those I choose to be ever near… I look to my creator to guide me in my life that is my reality! Soaring Within Why not go further in where everything becomes one? Why split up for everything to become two or more? The claustrophobic freedom steals my breath away and gives me life. From a reality that only feels like an illusion… For what seems crazy is merely what one doesn’t yet understand! There is not a crazy mind. there is the mind that paints the crazy in to the mind.And he is just like me as he has helped me to see… I’ll stand on the tallest mountain though I am afraid of heights… And sit in the smallest area though I got such a phobia strongly. Unclothed appearing obviously frail and fragile with the invitation to strike. but which end of it is up and which is down? While one side holds the burden as the other is feeling uplifted with none. to balance each other? So I find a place to take shelter and into the arms that I find is my own… Only to find that someone. Life balances like a teeter totter. In mystery of what can’t be measured through the measurement of time… In my bold and courageous approach I’ll be polite and lady like… Carefully in my daring and curious emotions without fear. but I take a dive in! I drown into a world that I can breathe in life and feel alive like a dream of a fantasy That’s so unreal though it’s real without saying a word. I’ll walk through fire and swim the farthest ocean with a drowning fright… And face all of my fears and ride with all my desires and feel free.

So I go further in where everything becomes one… Where nothing splits into two or more… This freedom gives me life as I breathe exhaling the claustrophobia… From a reality that felt like an illusion… Four Times Three Four years and three times of what seemed wasted out of twelve years. wasn’t! I wondered about the number as it plagued me while obsessing on it. “from the beginning of time to infinity” … Feline Lovers 67 . did anyone take interest? I reminisce of such memories and of the lost ones! Understanding the many destinies but without regrets… All my life I was dead into the life of a dream… Dreaming of a life that I was so dead … I have just now awakened to my dream and into my life! Life isn’t all that it may seem neither is death! I have found my life and escaped my death! As I have entered into the light and the peaceful night! I find a love in sight and I become alive… The innocence taken from me is given back with such a might! Upon my visions I see the numbers. really! I dislike the number four so I forget about how it ever existed to me! Beginning of my youthful year and was the end of my innocence… All trails began ending at my death only for my rebirth! Into the land of darkness and I fell into the dark pit that didn’t make sense! Over and over I have died to discover many times over of my birth… Did my existence paint my worth? Over and over again. “Death isn’t unto her only but life” … Nothing needed to be said to those close to her for they were her life! A light glowed and the shine appeared after what felt like an eternity. Beautiful Divinity appeared following her dreams created by destiny… As kissing away the darkness for death brought life And the breath to exist for all to see for an Eternity! Carrying and flowing with the wings like an angel. As the halo read. four years and three times of twelve years… The tombstone read. Of my fifteenth year.

Elected for your precious gatherings as I become your entertainment amongst this world! Through the window of my dimension you look upon from a distance Through you are not welcomed as I left open the curtains! It was quite sudden and a strong and intense instance As you knock on my door that you can’t open again. keeping together the pieces of all of me! Our wild like nature keeps us strong and bold but deep down we’re innocent kittens… Unnoticeable to ones who dare to misuse our trust and we purr to the emotions of love… It’s quite noticeable when two lovers are in love. physically he carries me! Our language of love upon our feline nature verbally helps with mental understanding. So peaking through the lock only seemed fitting since my alarm is set. Secretly I inspect you while you insist with curiosity as you visit. He protects upon his roar to enemies and his bite’s powerful when it comes to providing! He’s my strength when I fall short of a paw and am limping.. protecting me with his shield of his arms of comfort … Rolling together upon the pile of feathers that tickled our skin till we laughed… We are such lions and lionesses cuddling together keeping each other warm. upon my cold nature warming me with his love. in my dreams you come ever nearer to help me feel sane! My thoughts become a maze that seems to give you a scare! Travelers soaring passed my way on such a road to my destination 68 . Emotionally his love to me nurtures my being. yet he cleansed my every being for he’s just like me! I cried to the rain as it fell upon my soul I drank that tears of love… That nourished my soul with such a healing and I created a rainbow of love… He happened to of been the sun shining. I hear your meandering nags as I’ve become your selection.. this attraction is like magnets with such a connection… Mysteriously you sneak into my domain of living and messages come of your every word Like the rustle from the trees. despite the stature of such a nature! The Outsiders Looking In Secretly wandering through many dimensions and I have become your world. Destiny is all shapes and forms. time and time again! Only if you can break the barrier that protects of my mind set! But nonetheless.He stumbled across my path as I was falling unto the mudded grounds… I slid from the betrayals that pierced my being and I lost touch of reality! He helped me up upon my sour appearance and enjoyed what he had found… I felt dirty to my sense of nature. We both flow together as we pounce upon the grassy fields as I stumbled upon him… He caught my fall. I was sure he was my angel brought o me from a being that’s of perfect love… I looked into his eyes and discovered a mirror and I finally noticed my reflection.

While entering in your world that I become free! Destinies attracting me like a magnet with such a strong connection … With mysterious greetings as I seek myself into a domain of living. forever as I wander through your world into your every being… We inspect one another while taking a strong interest with persistence. On the outside looking in while I’m on the inside looking out! I have a feeling of being flustered from such a clutter… From the mountain tops I can proudly exclaim my achievements with a shout! Only one has made me feel complete as the puzzle of my existence is finally whole. And I become sly with my adventurous travels brought to me… As I secretly wander through many dimensions and amongst all that exists. And a waterfall is flowing with bright colors in the night as I become aware! My thoughts burn of the truth. filling up my love’s empty dark holes… 69 . As I inhale the hurt. And left the one I was in. so I look up with wishful thinking ad desire! … The darkness is filled with emptiness and endless holes like funnel in the universe! I feel welcomed by the sudden sensations that warm me like a burning fire. I disappeared into your existence. exhale the notes that flow like I drank the healing light of the truth And love. is this reason of your belligerent known on my door? Is it me that brings your concern? Lifeless and unseen travelers that are so full of life have come and go! Welcome and not welcomed and I have had my taste of sweetness and bitterness… Something so lifeless having more life than anything with perfection in such a flow… Mysterious greetings upon such a meet upon a reality of blindness… Unwelcome and welcomed. That’s without the shell but the spirit with heartfelt intentions to such social gatherings… The light reminds me of the truth and love and so I sing my verse… Must be heaven up there. And is an overwhelming rush of never belonging in such a reality making it even worse. hiding as I feel the dedication… I entertain feeling elected in boastful gatherings amongst and deep within your world! To your door I knock and unlocked it for I’m the key. to claiming life in a lifeless life in which we call our reality Known when feelings to escape from such craziness of foul human ignorance. Once I felt like I was torn inside and out now I begin to melt like warm butter… Lingering within all that exists with my travels. vanishing a curse! It’s a gift I gave from a light that’s filled with divine brightness. Then I recall how welcoming it was that slide down as I was surrounded by darkness. And message flow with non verbal words with such a communication … As I slither on through like a snake and as quiet as a flea.In the many different fashions and I begin to learn with a dare… Upon my unique different flows like a stream in such a nation.

Of such a creativeness With its true identity. Like sweet wine That’s so enchanting… 70 . But to discern All in such a glory. A light that may sneak To inspire and shine. truthfully… Such a true identity In such a poetic verse. In total awe.True Form To journey with a seek And to secretly and truly find. That doesn’t despise Not known as smart … But opened to shine So boldly enriching. It’s true destined form With perfect beauty in art. Unfolding on a journey With such scrolls of words. Of words to transform Another from start… To design patterns Without a mystery. Leaving another curiously And so enticingly. Never to be in disguise But in truth of a heart.

Of what was in the distance Ever could be. Out spills the fun Of many destinies. no matter Don’t dwell for it’s not an importance… Just climb that ladder 71 . In confusion To this erosion. Which path to follow? In this hesitation.Destinations Many doors open Showing unlocked possibilities. But utterly appear shocked Of all those mysteries. One foot in the door As I’ve made a decision … Feet grip the floor To face my fun. Doors slam shut and locked Along with missed possibilities. Of what was then Of moments I did stray… Flowing through time Not pushing but allowing. Which door to allow? For my destination! Windows open Glaring my way. Exploding fusion In decision. Yet it feels like a crime With leading and following.

Never looking behind For there’s more doors. Destined Love 72 . In this blessedness To help you understand. Because from the beginning The light makes you see.That’ll lead to somewhere. I’ll face the darkness And extend my hand. To steal you from the darkness That haunts you deeply. Bringing you all to see And never any lies. That’s no way to be The light opens the eyes. Within your sight That takes you above And away with my might. Appearing upon the floors Of the destined feet! Bright Strength I shall face the darkness In all its pain and glory. To shine a light of brightness And tell my heart’s story… I am the light I’ll pour my love. Confusion takes its toll Over and over again. The darkness blinds all With the lies and pain. Backing you into a wall Bringing you pain.

As it was destined for me to express it from outside this place … Born into a world with both light and darkness. One night she sang to me her tale in a song as it was heaven! She was my happiness. I ran with the walk and the talk as I felt so silly … I as amused with the flowing of the trees and the waterfalls. Breathing in the opened air I run with freedom and many moons. Singing their phrases of only heavenly love for me to see … That’s all I’ll know and nothing else shall be in that place. Inspired really by life’s inspirations so magically … In reality I share my dream as I sing into the sand dunes. Both in such a balance so fragile and yet strong … I blissfully harkened to verses bringing tides of blessedness. For the song of love lingers and thus’ always shall be. Through the tunnel and into the light while entering a new world … I discovered the darkness that had made me cry! And in riddles I spoke misunderstood without a word.They sang to me while I was inside a warm sheltered place. forever… Upon my last breath they shall sing to me. as I lay there at age seven! She breathed words that brought me a smile and love even! In a dream I was sung to awaken and so I sing my tunes. As the truth mattered only as I muttered on with a sigh … I was befuddled to the world I entered into as I found a bird. That sang a tune through I couldn’t grip the reason why. Of love. And escape into a world so mystically. and all its forms … That’s all that I knew and nothing else wasn’t in that place Of love. and wisdom brought to me all along. they molded my every being intelligently and passionately. Through walks of life I was crawling and falling really … Into a pit humanity calls. The beauty of a song. A tale in a song as I’m inside a warm sheltered place. they molded my every being intelligently and passionately… As it was destined for me to express it from outside this place … 73 . life! Destined in such downfalls. Escaping the box that tries to enclose me so terribly … Song of truth. Inside all that’s created and alive. Into your heart I sing of love and blessings from me. Singing their phrases of only heavenly love. unity and love with an eternal destiny! All along it has been you and me with sincerity.

Home Sweet Home Through many travels upon visiting the destined gates. doeth upon the flow of overwhelming empathy … Sensational fragile fulfillment of such a stature non weak Carrying knowledge to be desired and written in the many scrolls upon my entry … Amidst such journeys. Life’s Journey Once I got comfortably numb without a clue With only walking within the boundaries. that was awaiting for me. I had set for myself in everything I would do … Blinding myself from new foundries Of my life I couldn’t sum. Discovering a palace designed perfectly and on the spot … I entered into a place of which I love to call home. Life on only one path is just a tad to understand… Comfortably numb in feeling emptiness. journaling never to forget with art that shall not go bleak! Painted in memory with remembrance formally written like a decree … Upon such travels I fell head over heels so sweetly. Gathering the beauty of innocent fun in this aspiration … Dimensional spirituality that’s triumphant in a secure physique Of eternal embraces. Within the eyes going in sync with the love I have sought … Swimming with marvel that of which appeals to me. Walking through many universes within the mind and soul … I have touched and felt all that lies within upon various fates … I have enriched and basked in the glory of each destined goal. The purity of such a lasting paradise within the eyes … The security in discoveries of the wise upon these visitations … Wandering with the dance of freedom without paying a price. For us to walk upon to lead us 74 . Like falling and sinking in the sand Leaving on in total sadness … Life’s wonderful journeys before us Is seeking out the many roads ahead.

To stumble across new discoveries and thus’ Knowing we’ve learned what we didn’t understand. With my last breathe as I drifted with disillusionment. It was undeserving for my exile to my empty punishment … I was flabbergasted that I drifted away from such an aloof. Of a past situation from my life And then I begin to see to no end. Making it all clear in the mysteries of life … Even with the smallest and pettiest Roles in life somehow come back With either a vengeance at its hottest. And was mingling with none acceptance as I fell with the broom … That swept me away unto the street as my life was at stake. Opening the eyes of a curious mind I have come to deeply realize.Even it if takes falling instead. Because life has a way of showing us The newness of what we don’t understand. Styles and many of an opinion one cannot sum Such a deserving adventure as I breathed sighs … 75 . Feeling an accomplishment and the success Just by learning what we don’t understand. I have walked down such paths in life That had put me on the other end. I was free. Both sides of a situation designed And seeing past the lies … Looking outside the box And beyond the boundaries Feeling as sly as a fox Of my new found discoveries. But alone in this tale of my spiritual soar which seemed beveled As I was held captive of my physical failure. I fell into the cracks of such an earth quake. Spiritual Freedom Roaring with the dark skies and booming of such a doom. Thus' was reborn unto my death. with temporary travels … I sought the knowledge I so acknowledge as I was free. Life is a mystery and reality is an illusion Made up of the recipe of various ideas.

This is the time of enjoying the learning lesson from the cage I locked myself into. Upon many events that led to my present with thankfulness that I'm alive … I tell the tale of my death and life as I boast of what happened to me. put me into awe and peace comforting me. Mentally understanding the various many views as I have captured the scenery … And spiritually enjoying the presence of angels showing me the outside world … As I have unlocked the cage door and with seeing the light surrounding such beauty Feeling my spirit stray free into the heavenly flow of God's touching words … And the reality of endless moments that. Of God's blessed gift of wet aqua and so I have cleansed myself.. to achieving such blessings ever more.. showing me such attractions. Distressing as the drums pounding my hearing of my detriment in the sense. 76 . I gained the knowledge of what's behind closed doors and hidden amongst the shelf. Success of the light shines so brightly. God teaches in many ways in life and I see different aspects Deeper than ever before and I realize the many dimensions. Surpassing the illusion. I saw many colors of red that vanished upon the trickling clearness. Mentioning in many ways in guidance and adventure. we formally greet as we know it as life! Angelic Touch and Escaping the Devil As great as innocence is and awful as being innocently naive Both with great intentions in such a lovingly manner. As life pushes and pulls me into different directions Amongst this world riding the train on the tracks of life's non-mentions. But with angelic hands that guide through the darkness of evil.Messages from underground struck my mechanical drive To once again live amongst this reality. But it can be easily tampered with by the ways of the devil … Pin pointing the very weaknesses in such a wrongful demeanor.

Physically I feel alive and have risen from what could have killed me forever. When the mind realizes logically what the heart misunderstood unknowingly … The peacefulness within me is of courage that has blasted away the ugly disease of lies … That fear implanted due to the mishap of such a misleading approach blindly. enduring the mystery. mending myself back together lifting myself up. Lessons in life appear to me like words loud and clear in such a vision. Entranced by the flow of the guiding appearance of what I was blinded to And listening to the song of life that. uplifts as I trail through many paths. Love is the greatest gift in all the many ways it has to offer Giving much in the grandeur of its unique stature. As deafened ears are now hearing. That has such an agreeable freedom that is soothing in times of need … The battlefield within me is of strength and weakness that has come to a compromise.. the truths of fulfilling knowledge definitely. Becoming inspired for a moment of standing still to enjoy the awe designed And skipping to the music of earth's delight. Gift of Learning Moving forward and remembering what I left behind Achieving in the walk and run while playing in the fields of glory.May have been great to play in the dirt for a while but it's time to clean up … I may have fallen and broke some bones but I stood up unbroken and stronger. And with a journey to walk. Sometimes it takes longer then supposedly and very quickly … 77 .. The roller coaster of life makes me nauseous but slowing down the speed Can calm the nervous jitters and with boldness gripping the taste of reality.

Life's guide book can only be written by journeying life as the chapters are written.But through the long or short sessions I believe in making the best decision. Renew and Rebuild Pressing rewind and begin with renewing thy self with dedication And hit record and show the many views in perspective … While fast forwarding with no doubts along with determination 78 . The future is only but a mystery but believing and trusting in one’s self … In keeping it opened and with writing the pages of a life novel that's the guiding book … To never give up! Without locking that book of life in neither a box or hidden on a shelf. As the illustrations are painted and drawn of such an image of a growth to discover. if the choice to flip back through what was in remembrance … May teach as recalling what was meant to help in success and belief in not dwelling. for that isn't me. In this book of life that is full of treasured moments with no regrets and presently a gift. But to write more pages. Daily and nightly. Poetically expressing myself as a whole as I'm on my life's mission … To greater places of an adventurous knowing of what is before me. That shall set me on a path to my destination through life's destiny. Restart. walking the many miles and enjoying the distance That encouraging feet shall walk with exhaustion as there's energetic success all written. My style in the many ways that it shall be of ever changing with such a fashion … To becoming more then I ever was and not falling into what was. Journaling a journey unlocking all that’s brought before the eyes that have a broader outlook … The present is a gift of freedom in decision choosing as the past was put together … Knowing suddenly a way to flow with each passing moment to bring the future a gift.

I see the vision that came a bit too late for me and so I shout. catching clues and discovering more as you take action. The robotic upgrade isn't as bad as I have gripped an intelligent hand.As things come into clear focus and success approaches as you're the detective … Standing tall with. I have found that road with my name as I walk through a door. The sessions have more than one side to them and more than our understanding For the mystery that is in design happens right from the start. my life. The lessons take as long as it takes to gather the understanding And the finishing line will be as long or short as the amount of effort. Sometimes the circle of events will come again and without a doubt. Dreams aren't always what they seem and without questioning I have come to a deeper insight and a clear mind of a meaningful lesson. Which. As I have searched within myself and accepted the mystery that I've discovered … In time and possibly right away and enjoying the differences that I am. is why I shall have faith in today and not fall into dreaming But believing in happiness as I begin to transform and create magically. Your future is not only in God's hands but in your own … Work together with the one source that can help you create miracles. To teach what was meant to be taught long ago and so I open my eyes. 79 . Join in on this force and design what is all inside of you and make it shown … The future is a success and with effort anyone can get through the obstacles. In mere accomplishments of what I see now that I was blinded to before. Leading me on my path and if anyone shall join me then I shall happily invite. I tend to be a late bloomer but quite advanced that can lead me to misunderstand … That should be uncovered so I can catch up with myself and all that I am. And the one dimensional thinking has changed to another perspective … When it comes to life.

My hands are bloody from gripping the rope and the climb as my feet hurt … But nevertheless. I adore the sky as the art is painted with creations. with my effort I gained an insight from the worst. I take my strife and shout it to the sea.... So I fast forward and I care not to see but only what is meant right in front of me.. As we create our dreams and create the miracles unexpectedly. Time ticks on as days and nights passes. yet I shall never forget The way it felt when it led up to the greatest fall … As I had looked into the mirror and saw it all written and set Of the words behind the emotions that had done it all.. I shall let it flow through me. I admire how the mountains stand tall and bold... I fell in love with such serenity. for I feel the strength. That I fell into and it was quite a fall. 80 .For I enjoy this road alone for a while with nature and nothing more … I hope to find my happiness in the distance but in vision of sight. than I am doing well.. Not even the sky is my limits for I have floated up the deep well. I hear a voice sweetly within say "That is life!". And the peaceful ocean as the tides roar. When it is all said and done where will I end up? My destination is where I desire to be and that's where I shall go! "That is life!" The voice screamed to me. Dreams only tell a particle of what's meant to be as the lesson comes. Life Lessons Growth from series of events From birth till the end of time... then I have fell … And if life is all about standing tall.. And I shall follow the universe while I express such a love as God is with me. That is Life If life is all about falling..

Trying to belong … Expressing its mysteries Hidden from within all along Creeping out its deep pleads. Of such. In any event with expressing my rhyme As the days are mysteriously passing. Even if tears fall from the cries Realizing that of the deepest sin.Understood with common sense As I express in this tale of rhyme. This is the truth of life to abide. That of which wasn't understood in times of then. And letting out deep sighs Expressing it all from within … Knowing and admitting such things Takes strength from deep inside. Expressing of the situations in the say. Yet now I know from daily lessons As I reminisce and I come to realize. From my mind and out my lip Of what I hadn't understood. In secret and not in gossip Things I never understood. As the hours pass by each day … Many places I've walked of then. Trying to belong … Lessons in life soar to the eyes Of the open minds just letting it in. I have been through such long sessions That has truly opened my eyes. Of the lyrics and musical notes to a song As a single poem envy's. I do know in a mysterious way From many events of then. Of what life truly brings. Of what was spoken of where I've been. Twisting and turning in this lifetime Through the days a passing. To express all that life truly brings … 81 .

Making one closer and never to depart Taking you away from life's strife … Many flaws one may have And strengthening weaknesses … To walk a better and healthier path On this trail of life feeling the blessedness… The Self I feel the need To express the me. I feel the seed Growing inside of me.. And with a loving surge Of my destined verse. Search within the self The truest beauty deeply. I feel an intense and deep urge To share my eternal universe. With another that truly uplifts From one to another. Let us see in all we do In the truest of beauty define. We all have gifts To share in enlightenment. Together in Unity we shine. Letting loose from the grip that ties From the lies that aren't any longer … Journaling such truths from the heart Bringing one closer to the truth of life.A journey of life in opening the eyes Admitting failures to become stronger.. I broaden my mind And share unto you. All that’s designed In what I do and say. I am me and you are you. given and sent. That may have hid on a shelf 82 .

Now grasped and now can see... our true self … Never Ending Supply A never ending supply Of what's deep inside. not ever bought. The truest self Deep within. Yet priceless that shall be.. Forever gleaming from the eye Allowing another to find. I feel inside of another Their creative self hidden. To learn in this sense With giving and showering. Not hidden on a shelf And never a sin To express. We can truly feel the essence Of ourselves truly allowing.. But to find our destined goals And our creative minds … All with such creative designs. The new and curious to be sought From each other so let’s not flee … Of our true selves. Together lets express our heart Sharing our blessed souls … Let’s not from each other grow apart.. Our true selves and sends One another to feeling many blessings … Life created with a thought From a perfect entity. Inside of him and her And all along there it has been. you and me.. Though in this sense With leading and following. An eternal supply 83 . To create what shall be ought Now here we are.

Of inspiration. 84 .. Never portrayed as sin. With spoken words to learn As in seeing. To deeply discover All that is sought. With a design to uncover Of a mystery caught. eye to eye. Spoken to not destroy … Such a true identity In such a poetic verse.. Of such a being Is so relieving … There's much achievement In the truth everlasting. Unfolding on a journey With such scrolls of words. To linger with in With truth and joy. True love from the heart From truthfully deep inside. Appearing as beauty never to part For such love that shall reside. From deep inside with care With truth and nothing less. Maturing Love Love to truly share And happily to express. The truth of seeing And much believing. That truly doesn't lie With its apparition. And with commitment Of each moment passing … Such gratitude in return Of a never ending supply.

Mysteries meant Destinies sent. From high in the sky Downwards going with the flow. Occasional rain Sensational sunshine. Releasing the strain 85 .. Cooling the burns For such a sake To grasp much to learn. Take a step back And step forward … It shall stack Like a free bird … Soaring up high Gliding down low. Soaring to the Winds Patience in the mind Emotional healing.Love in random forms With truth from within. Words so kind That is appealing … So good it's so true Believe with trust. All that's new Love without lust … Casual answers To deeply intake. For what to find In life's dealing. Discoveries that transforms Another with a true intention … A single mere gesture To share their discoveries anew From a level to mature Another in all they do..

Upon the trials to cold Of lessons in reaction. Looking up high Innocently approaching. With an innocent glow As I mature and grow. I shall glow With my destiny. I shall not push Such dedication … Just go with the flow And look down below. Going with the Flow With the flow Of times mystery. With a deep sigh To help me sing.To make it all fine. Destiny Past events to mold With life's dedication. Gripping the root Of delicate words … I shall not rush Sweet perfection. As I shall not ask why And speaking no lie … Going with the flow As life gradually brings. My way to go. Learning them ever so bold … 86 . My verse I shall sing … Slowly with one foot Passing through worlds.

As days passing burns With desperate beseeching To discover and learn. 87 . As I go with the flow... hope and love As I believe in such. Something from up above Shall bring me so much. To be with the one I am meant As to my love I shall drift. Even through the miles Of such a major distance. Love in Strength It's a wonderful feeling of how love truly is … For love isn't truly recognizable until it forms.The twists and turns Of fate's teachings. With mysterious lessons And answers I did find. Writing my life's scroll Of happiness for me to attain. In such an allowing While I mature and grow In leading and following. As destiny plays a role So mysterious and unexplained. The universe arranges Much happiness for me … Faith. Many walks of changes Even through serendipity. Bringing me to the present Offering me such gifts. Even in the darkest moments and through the storms. Moments of long sessions To wise up the mind. Every day I'm put in smiles Of such love's trance.

Love has eternal commitments to its dedications... I forget who I am when I'm lost with a life of woes. To diminish to the seas. Sometimes. Spiritually dedicated to this life … Mentally reasoning to this fragile body In many of life's strife.. loyalty and belief and so my journey brings me ever closer. And brings you warmth with a heartfelt hand. honor.. But never to forget my true self and along the way to not make any foes. This is me.. Emotions can take over like a devil in disguise with its sin. If I can't do it for myself than I must do it for God And so I pick myself up and face many paths upon this world. Realization So I take off the mask and everything seems a little bit clearer I realize that I can face myself within the mirror.. Even just one person for that is enough for you For that one person to you could be your every one.... And the strength comes when truly felt not just with words. Trust. I grasp it as often as I can even when I don't understand. Love is perfection to humanity's imperfections. And I have to remember to hold near my friends and keep them close. The self is very complex and very easily can be forgotten When sucked into a void of emotional difficulties... Struggles aren't a garden with a sunshine that's full of roses! It's the beginning of the transformation that plants the seeds as it grows Weighing through the dark storms with its meaningful ways. I recall the words "No one is alone" for it is true. Calm collective reasoning to these feelings to pass through the breeze. 88 . allowing God to take the burden to help you win... In a world we are in someone is there for everyone..Head strong and spiritually wandering but physically fragile That's my stature but nonetheless I hear the words … To never give up and walk one step at a time through each mile...

. New Born Day I woke up to a new day today … The sun shined upon my slumber And God said.. Flowing like the sands through the hour glass and a. Live today as the present and open the day happily like a gift.. physical without hindering and not any interruptions … The mind grasps as immaturely developing intelligence of life… Presently such a gift and perfectly can be uplift.. Birth Humanity is filled with beauty yet some hide it with their hatred. Universal fun with a sweet sensation and all intertwined as one … Blessed spiritual encounters with mystery forming such life Upon the. Amongst an overpowering destiny at still but at a. Pushing and pulling at will with the utmost to fulfill.. Today is full of surprises so don't get blinded by lies … So live today as if it is an eternity and worry not of when And how but just believe in the truth. That's when all transforms into something beautiful … As disastrous as the destruction can be. So miraculous in this shift with nothing at a standstill.Strength Weakness brings strength and even though it appears ugly. Mystery developing through the mass as much is to embed 89 .. “Wake up for it's a new day For time is only a number” … Yesterday was a learning lesson and tomorrow shall not a burden. Fast forward of time not measured but in measurement..... Once built again its beauty carries a deep meaning so true. I try to let mine shine with my happy love and smiles… In circular motion with Earth's rotation and it’s sweet devotions...

. Darkness and Light that of whilst hath said.. Healing the wounds of the scars that have bled. grow from the planted seed. Keep the connection that is nurturing with devotion in need.. That shall be without any intention to feed the greed. In an inbreed breeding the balance between. Of such dizziness with such a pace going farther. That can be journeyed to decode.. Amongst an overpowering destiny at still but a.. from birth in the beginning and planting the seed. Into the future as humanity wises to life's devotions Creating the future as we know it.To grow... Life's Novel Life is an eternal gift When it's opened … It can greatly shift. Open the book you've daily written Throughout your life's pages.. Turn and bend Though life as it is such a mystery … It is a puzzle pieced code Filled with a mysterious destiny.. Mystery developing through the mass as much is to embed. Whether you shun or become smitten … Look for the guidance in the stages Of your life of now and then. The mind is the creativity 90 . Pushing and pulling at will with much to fulfill... With intentions in determination to. Fast forward of time not measured but in measurement.... Dark and light in complete balance like a teeter totter. With the ups and downs but in the circular motion. Flowing through time with hope through constant mantra … In many forms and through many that transforms of what's meant.. never as it was. Gifts from us given to many generations to follow as time greatly shifts … So miraculous carrying many gifts with nothing at a standstill. Breeding in this need as roots keep the connection to wed In this commitment of devotion to never shed and bleed......

Everything designed And my words I shall press … 91 . stable And unstable minds.Of thinking up new ideas.. With all you do and say. Becoming alive in a sense Of sincere dedication. The greatest inevitable … Feel the desire to mold Such flexible. Mingling with your personality And creating your unique cause. With such a masterpiece so endlessly! Opened Minded I am not blinded And I shall express... You'll feel the eternal gift When life is opened. Hidden talents in all From within this life's tale. Filling the journeyed destiny In creation that's glowed. Eternal life's mystery With pieces to a puzzled code. Unlock the untold That’s locked away the guilt And release the shamed so bold … Share all that is built And unleash and unfold. But creative designs... The Spirit within your form Is the guiding intelligence That awakens when born. The body is a tool in progress That shares in every way … Gradually maturing nonetheless. As you journey with a call From your destined trail.. As many moments do shift With a turn and a bend. Nothing less on the table.

.. This is my nature And my glow is bright.. Thus' you'll find I shall not tear apart With my approach so kind.. anytime. Of my loving stature With all my might.To your Mind And your heart. The truth in everything For it won’t ever end … My tune and verse that I shall sing All my love I shall send. My empathy to feel What others have to deal. With a mission to of won Without cost nor a crime. Of what love has done. There won't be a merit Of what's destined and ought From love as it shall fit … Anywhere. I get inspired And I unleash. Empathy I feel like crying When I see the darkness. 92 . My love shall linger In your very sight. Love it or hate it That matters not. I feel like dying When I see such madness.. The truth desired For I shall beseech.. by anyone Going everywhere in time.

For I have been everywhere as I was on the other end.I want to steal the pain And vanish it to nothingness. No more tears to such fears. yet I had taken myself there..... how foolish! So I do what I see fit. I have felt cut and was left with a scar. As love's destiny To be a true fate... So it'll never exist again To bring such sadness. I feel like smiling With love's upbringing. Love and Unity With truth to inspire. That exists to be And never too late! Such a Fool Foolishly I've found myself being fooled. 93 . I feel like laughing When I hear laughter. In such a divinity To cast away the fire. From what I see inside The box and outside The box and I've sighed.. Of rage that'll be … Love has a stronger aspire.. And through the journey of fun I realize how much of myself I defend. As I laugh at my own lessons of what I've learned as the teacher is the self! I realize as I am my own student that there's no fooling about it. No more lies to bring cries. I see inside anything I feel everything. by my own self! Being fooled by the greatest fool.

... I shall fool around with many views of life and that's no fooling a fool.. I brought the day style and class that not anyone understood my differences. “Hi”. Different Is Good When it came to lessons learned in class.. Being fooled by the greatest fool... For all that mattered was in the hello and then the goodbye.. But when it comes to life's tests I'm bold and strong for that's why I'm different … As my pace is never in sync with anyone else's.. My style and class that not many understand of my differences.. So foolishly I fool around and find the fool within myself and without fooling. I realize the lesson that was no fooling.. Foolishly I have found myself catching a fool. If only agreeing with me brings such a view then a fool I'd feel such as.. It was just a short visit anyways that they cared for and so they pass me by. And my pace can be in sync with all. Life's lessons go both ways to see the point in more than one view.. So I take a detour with a short cut and I stop by the side of the road just to say.. I understood differently. I blend in like a chameleon and I can hide within you Mixing and mingling as I feel like I'm a part of you. In a perspective that has full meaning when you disagree and agree with even yourself. As coming to a full understanding of the other side of things that are new. 94 .. I see another view and less of a fool I feel such as. As my pace never was in sync with anyone else's When it comes to lessons learned in life so I understand differently.. how foolish! As I laugh by what I have learned by such a fool. And realizing that even in the wrongful moments you see in the lesson... But as I disagree with myself. But when it came to the tests I was nervous with a hesitation and it took a toll.The road goes both ways yet I'm looking ahead as I'm blinded to who's passing me by...

.Expressing what may not have expressed from inside of you! I feel it and I release your call and this is why I'm different. There is no such thing as tried. Despair to Deceit I shall not be blinded By two faced liars! My mind as it's opened With all it desires.... With deceit's brawl That never plays fair! Darkness shall not grow 95 . All that’s true and happily meant … I shall not fall Into the pits of despair.. The words I speak are my identity. Here I say what's destined For it takes love to acquire... The knowledge I seek and my tune I hum.. Who I am on the inside? Words cannot sum.. I'll make it seem like you're in a delusion. but I can't fully sum. So is my appearance that appears as such an illusion. but there is just that I shall. but many times over and life I have won.... As this reality of such an illusion and it'll be the greatest sensation. Let’s not rush but find our pace in life so step back and think first.. . I come from my own reality! What about you? I do what I do all because of you. Of course I am me and you are you.. Life isn't a game but some see it as such and there's no win nor lose! There's just getting ahead but not in a race against someone else..... Inside I've died.. It can get better if you don't think the absolute worst. Earn your keep and keep what you earn and the results come from what you choose! The only person to be in competition with is yourself and no one else. But in instances you won't put up a fight or whine. Can I enter your reality? I'll find it in you! My differences are quite difficult to define..

Extend the mind with a courageous spirit becoming emotionally drawn To all sides of life expressing dreams as I have flown. Purging the disease that infests as inside I've laid … Urging with dedication of the darkening bringer. Merging with satisfaction as I have displayed 96 . To humanity's feet That should be walking Heavenly with life's meet. The warmth and perfection of the moon and the sun. With the light of love and truth. closing the mind humanly and inhumanly to misunderstand. Into the minds of dark and light.With the wicked and naked eye. breaking the barrier that ties At fault in. yet outreaching my hand To the deeper sides of life that darkness speaks with lies. And a glow of such a bright happiness and this I feel I own. I shall linger. Into The Void Profound by humanity. As I'm destined to push away the darkness and eradication … And all that portrays hate in love's rotation. Never could I measure up to the perfection Of nature in such a growth and dedication. I'm not afraid! Surging through the souls and hearts. To mankind surpassing each moment as I help to understand. There's no relief To such a way! Despair to deceit For it's not becoming. Through the void I seek knowledge and I shall soar and fly. Never standing still but on the move at will this I have done. In observation with a hypothesis of what's being shown. Such emptiness shall truly never know And never to understand why! Dare to share Such darkened way? For it shows not a care With such a hateful way! Dare to share deceit? It's not the way.

Bringing a yearning of the truth ruled by the darkness and/or light controlling our ways. Mysterious answers unfold to questions in mystery of such wedded commitment To human emotions that can erupt with an erosion. Slow down to feel the sunshine. A heartfelt mission takes over. Emotional styles are various fashions becoming more noticeable upon strength of a deed... Although questionable answers. come with a price of an emotion. We look to the one true God that's above all as humanity is the ruler of emotions. Without questioning the answers of golden understandings to uncover. a duty to gradually grow to mature.... darkness and the light that follow thoughtless ways. Creating darkness or light.. humans are the blame. Accomplish such desires and yearn with a knowing and overcome the fears that'll blind! Live believing without an achieving doubt and succeed with devotion of overcoming obstacles. Eternal emotions lingering between.. But thus' out ruling the darkness that's played! Emotional Intentions Deep and intense expressions of unspoken and endless spoken words of emotions. yet are to be rewarded with devotions.. Life's tests are mystically and mysteriously 97 .. With a bit of creativity coded with emotions expressing the feeling of such a nature.. patiently glare to scenery painted with beauty in dismay.Into each one's universe never becoming the ruler.. driving on a narrow road to a destination at high speed. The truth to humanity controls the function of being like a programmed robot. Splendid physical sensations of: silent understandings between two lovers... Upon hateful or loveable intentions becoming the author of what's caused and effected... Future created physically from expressing emotions.. Meaningful enough to seal the deal of involuntary and voluntary devotions.

.. a vicious cycle of death and rebirth! Going in the void and decoding an endless code of a matrix of empathy and intelligence. yet all signs made me dwell As I strolled. Dying to live.. Here at last with gifts to feel more and see the truth with love upon human reality. 98 . Fears don't exist. Or the heart and soul fails to understand the mind's logic. Emotional truths and lies upon such a reality of illusion.. Of a roller coaster that rode me into the gates of hell. let’s recognize the truth and let it be free. choking breathlessly upon my claustrophobia in this mess. humanity creates it! Temporary tension of cowardice to walk down the aisle … Of dreams as the mind fails to understand connections of a heart and soul for moments not defined. dark clouds I breathed As I was.. The sheer madness upon his brow and the red tint that left me feeling peeved.brought forth to humanity with a purpose designed. Of understanding true happiness in bliss. present and future written by humanity so let’s close the ending with credits. The mind. I pray nonetheless. To the burning strike at hand that left me feeling lifeless. That never allowed me to choose the door of my own entrance! The light was red and green against my will. both a human flaw to a perfection! Perfecting flaws but out pours more flaws endlessly! Perfection to the imperfect nature upon an endless human cycle! The past... Of his essence of rage. Emotional devotions and physical actions can change such darkness into light with merit. The devil deceived me as I felt numb knowing I was naive. never stopping on through passing into the entrance.. Thus' forth his given sake in this shame of suspense. yet it feels like a hallucination. body and soul compromise as logic and emotions mate to form the truth of worth! Bygones remaining bygones Upon the dizzy spells I had fell into the trance. justice for to repent and he shall pay. yet living to die.

nor proper or lovingly like I was chopped beef. the pain won't stop me from attending life God has created for me so I dwell within God's love. I feared the knife as I let go. Without any freedom lost in a cave of darkness alone as I was bounded in sheaf. Entering into the tunnel of darkness. I wander amongst many paths Falling and stumbling. Deep within you I wander and flow with your love that's such an adventure. I see rainbow colors and I feel my paradise. Thus' now I am stronger and death didn't win as the devil burns In such a flames with.. The light puts me back together as my life has taken a turn. And he was the beast thriving for blood I didn't have. an eternal rain of sorrow drowning forever. all through my life. as God shall always be my shield and my staff. the greatest wrath To strike my enemy down as I soar high above life's strife At my will. The light entered upon the dark cave upon such an action. As the light was my compass as I was led in such a direction. Whilst shining upon your soul. After the mere exhaustion of this beast's satisfaction As the chill flowed through his none existent heart. And his blacked soul of this horrifying animation Of scattering me into shreds tearing me apart.He violated my every scream of hope and stole my sanity like a thief Blindly running away with my soul thinking his vanity would feed his ego. Taking the shattered pieces making me whole like a puzzle endeavoring. Amongst your universe. In his presence as he carried such flames burning my every desire to see tomorrow. Expressing my imperfections so flawlessly. On this roller coaster I was not in control of. Protecting me. I see colors of white and I feel pure. I grasped the savior’s hand and I followed it with my graphical chart. Colorful Inside your eyes I see colors of blue as I feel heavenly. 99 . Upon the road straight ahead of me. Succeeding with effort as I've become such art I was not aware of … That of which. God's picture of perfection through my poetic singing.. for hours of hatred that followed.

As the blackness within me. And with your love I see colors of red glowing and becoming my cure. In this colorful scene as we roll down the hills along with each other. As I glance within you noticing endless multitudes of colors. feeling your warmth like no other. The Self and I I can be my worst enemy and I can be my best friend. Acceptance doesn't always come easy but living by my choice.. Makes me want to investigate what is seen from others … The detective's line of work isn't always easy. And realizing that of what I have to live with which is my own face.Through the bright gates as I'm touched within your beautiful eyes. And nurtured by shades of purple as we become. I have opened myself to the truth and blocked the static noise. There is a time and reason for all that approaches And I shall be the best for myself so it can be contagious. Tickling me. with colors of orange as I am in your sight. one with each other. Then I see green as you tease me with the fields accumulated. But without the naked eyes that can see what I don't. Such a new embrace to what's not just black and white. The image I paint for myself I paint for others. As then I see yellow. Sincerely I feel the highlights of your creativeness that I so endure. And moving forward is the mindset and everything else falls into place. Whilst the venture of this bond as we intertwine with each other. Facing life and seeing it to the very destined end As all of this in life was. Upon your glowing face escaping to your world without a fight. The Voice Within 100 .. But the clues are there and so I have fallen away from others As I capture and endure what I had not seen. is and always shall be a must All my love I give and send. So I may as well enjoy what I can't run away from and accept my own voice. has vanished with only truth and no lies. Then I see crystals making it all clear as we're deeply fed. But most of all I can be the only one I can trust.

My creator says fear not for it's all in his hands. Only my creator knows what to do for He works at all angles. And despite how you got here at this point. in heavenly paradise as your angel. For the inner voice is loud and clear and it proves horrible when ignored! So I close my eyes and search for all that makes sense to me.Whether you like it or not there is an inner voice that speaks. Whether you understand it or not that voice is your inner voice... Whether you like it or not what is happening right now is what is meant. Take it in a positive manner and the results will be quite positive. For what you do now affects your future! Live Without Fear Fear not! Nothing is greater than the power of love. I realize that sometimes fate speaks in many mysterious ways And I found myself blinded and deaf to the messages brought to me. Worldly troubles become my burden and then I release it. Even though I scream and throw my fit.. Where I can find what I left behind and I see what is in front of me. don't ignore that inner voice! Whether you understand it or not that voice is your inner voice.... In respects to your well being this voice is heard no matter what's meant.. Yet I feel it from humanity... I love to share all that's blissful and sweet … 101 . I pray for serenity and peace as I converse with my angels. And take myself once again to the beautiful sky and the sea shore.. Humanity's ignorance is not worth my pain.. And despite how you feel about it that voice may know something meant. again and again.... I intend to exist for an eternity and perfectly like a puzzle that’ll fit Whether. Your future is created by your choice... Worry not! I'm as strong as the mountains. In respects to your well being this voice is heard no matter what's meant. temporary in the flesh or...

.. My creator teaches me often and shows me the way.. He has all the answers and I look for help from our perfect creator... but blinded from hers. Loneliness The loneliness of a lost soul Searching blindly in this lifetime. Even though the world makes me terribly bleed... I'm addicted to Him and I yearn for a dose of Him in times of need. Feeling horrid like a troll Hidden deep within life's rhyme … Sorrow filled eyes drown her soul Swimming through the darkened seas. As she goes with the flow of evolution's Ever loving. Truth. Like a wandering lost mole … Deep in the ground and under the trees. So I shall extend my hand upon each pleasant meet. wisdom and love come from our creator. These pathways I know are quite adventurous.. I know that the one true doctor is my heavenly father any night and day.... but full of flaws only one can miss … The loneliness of a single heart Is trapped in her empty but crowded world. And the hollering tides of wanting to be free and glorious.I want to help all to understand. Sitting alone amongst earth's creations In her little world of haunting bliss. I love this life my creator has given me.. I am sincerely happy with who I am and where I'm heading.. I love myself and everyone! I love to express love in every way! This is truly my design and my way every night and day.. Wanting to desperately depart And enter into a mystical world … One's single cry for deep understanding And observing fate. I love to express about the loving sea... True knowledge comes from our creator.... When it comes with matters I can't bear from some other.. 102 .

Damaged to the outcome Of the knife into my heart. As we yet again talked Of a life I only felt. Blinded Paths Many paths I have walked And many emotions I've felt. It was a horror movie with your ways. You were the painted image I colored for you. Saying goodbye to my dream … Night and day I sobbed As the pain surged through me. As she invites her own misery And stumbles upon her strife. Her loneliness of her soul Is in control of her every journey Trying to understand the intense role. A one sided dream That never was yours. Her walks of life are truly hers … Path finding mystical destiny Follows her through life. And it got to the extreme As I watched through the course. Of who and where she needs to be. 103 . How blinded I was to your deceit My naïve and forgiving ways … From the beginning of our meet. It was all an act on this life's stage To have a beautiful life with you. Of my nightmares laying in bed I just wanted to be completely free.Her rhythms are so poetic and astounding. My sad tune I did hum As I was torn apart.

Never again shall I feel pain In my heart. You hurt me from the beginning You were my devoted first.. Soaring down the well Burning through the hot coal … 104 . You always believed in your fears Now you're living and seeing them.. You abused your rights. I am stronger now from my fall. As they're screaming in your ears As you drink your bloody tears … The monster you feared to be Has come out and been freed. Time had only told Of your cold bitter heart. Forget about us and the dreams I had That happened to of drifted by your hand. And I was ever so bold To disappear and from you part.. And with all of your sinning You had shown me your worst. light and gentle Beats my heart and flows my soul. No need to cry for me! I was what you had. mind and soul.Nothing will ever be the same. do you understand? Breakable Fragile. And despite your pitiful aim I will not come to your beckon call.. Never again shall I feel the rain Of sorrows in your life's role. Now you clearly see The life you clearly have to lead.

That had helped me to understand.. Of your deadly but destructive dares That left me in a world of emptiness. Far away in a universe forever Never close to you. Now you have your dream life That I gave to you nonetheless. my every willful thing you did dent … 105 . Crackling mystic noises Of a broken heart. So live your horror and your strife Without me and no less. I held on to the hand That stole me away from you. just what had it meant? Though. Thunder struck noises Of a soul torn apart. As I shed tears of the days That had passed because of you. ever again! My mysterious move was clever And now my sanity I did gain. white Of the wandering feathers To disappear from sight.. I escaped from the horror of you. No more shall I be your wife! Never Land Damned if I did and damned if I didn't! When wrong I was when I truly wasn't! Blindingly. Bright heavenly passage ways Came to my painful rescue. red.Ever changing colors From black. Damned into a well of nightmares … Pulling and gripping into the loneliness. Desperately.

Bending my every belief So I fell fast asleep. Every night to feel relief From my waking weep. In this life's fight. Drifted to a never land To meet the one I desired. 106 . So I did just as needed and my dare So I followed the roads of fate … Eventually to a man I shall meet That existed in my mystical dreams.. Deceitful Ignorance When once to deceive And linger such ignorance. When sadly trying to achieve To steal one's innocence. He took my saddened hand And I was truly inspired. Escaping to a place where I can be me! He met with me by the peaceful sea Where he gave a sensual kiss to me … Letting me know when I wake I'll be led away from my nightmare Where he will for me. Where I'd be away from fear And nowhere in sight was a knife … Yes! I was living my second life secretly. to happily wait. isn't all that it seems. That now waits for us to meet As life now. With all he made me understand … I woke to a nightmare Only to fall asleep to a life.. Time is ticking and I'm going with the flow As with life I sway to the winds of time. I follow the mystic glow And now I express my poetic rhyme.

Endless Moments of Empathy When one drops their sorrows Unto my lap and shoulder. Such empathy makes me smile … Yet also makes me frown. Going such an emotional mile Wearing such a knowing crown. As I secretly sneak Fulfilling my goal … Such a level of empathy 107 . That's deep inside a mind … I try to sneak in so slick Uncovering all that I'll find With my secret ability and trick. Deep inside the eyes I peek Into the heart and soul. Makes me weep with sorrows But then feeling boulder From such sorrows. And reach for the sky of sunny blue. All shall be torn and ripped apart From yourself leaving impressions Of sadness and pain all from start. The truth shall be shown Even in the darkest days … Inside a box of darkness We call this reality. Trapping many in their web … Don't be the victim in this fate Fight your way through Before it's too late. If you're lucky amongst this darkness In this world full of lies and hate.When hatred bleeds such a heart With demented foolish intentions. There strangely is brightness Shining within for to see. Liars shall be known Amongst their blinded ways.

. I lay within The hearts and minds of you. Emotionally. What you do now affects your future Don't overlook the little things...... Closing the truths in their cage. What's with the green useless control? That's got humanity in such a chaos! Seems like it's the only thing that'll flow As we buy our time that'll cause loss.. Wanting to let out a helpful cry..Of feeling and knowing That is given to me. Playing their role finely. Causing more of a dark strife With holding from up high all that isn’t mentioned.. This fighting amongst such life Has not any meaning or good intentions. Feeling what's deeply hidden Inside of you in all you do.. Or the setup will be a torture For what the darkness brings. Old ancient history will form with a glow. Never casting their troubles to the sea … Much built up deep inside grows their rage. As day by day I'm growing. Such an empathic way to be But I have come to terms of this.. That's priceless without a deathly cost... The truth twirls mysteriously Spinning at full force... The wisdom and messages sent to me Puts me often into such bliss! This day in Age What's with this day in age? Talking the talk blindly Never walking the walk on this stage. 108 .. Watching with its knowing eye At all that’s occurring through this course.

Humanity's flaws as the gates shall open … With applauding hands wondering where you been. To be open for the up bringing In dedications to make it alright! Unhappy heavenly bliss Dead but desperately so alive… Unhappy but heavenly bliss... Never looking backwards. body and soul truly are one. So far advanced but immature To the views. of those wards.. Endless knowledge from higher beings Encouraging a gradual foresight. Up shall be turned downwards … Down shall be turned upwards … Forwards into motion.. The wisdom from within shall never be ignored … The mind.... To open the eyes and the mind To understand in life's design.. Shall be the only way. Hesitant but takes a dive. even through the burst.. Kiss the many a day a-good bye But never forgetting … Never asking why 109 . Listening to the language of nature For it's never a strenuous chore. fear not! Grip your powerful wrath For you won't be shot.. The truth I truly do miss. Keep full attention all the more All you could've deeply won … The score to win in life's encore May take you off the destined path But nevertheless.Intelligently knowing even through the worst Through painful series of events with a sigh. All of this aches in twisting towards Bringing all... given once more.

As through time we deeply sway … Never stopping the shedding At this very moment. in growth with fashion. Alive but dead.. Never looking backwards Through the twisting ache towards Embracing the hands that wards … At this very moment This second is a treasure That's gratefully sent … Stop and listen On the go but staying still In this life's dilemma. Listening to the language of nature For it's never a strenuous chore. Slow down and think things through In the process the eyes will see. Downwards going upwards Forwards into motion. Doing the chore of the drill Maturing... Let’s treasure this second … That's gratefully sent Allowing life to cure and mend. Force of nature in the works 110 . Trying to understand the will Of such a goal in this mission. The lessons in doing the do In how to act and be. Heavenly in bliss but unhappy To the truth that brings balance.But seeking the setting … Relaxing the night away Making the tomorrow's betting. So far advanced blossoming the immature To the views given once more. To the blinding disturbance..

. My lips finally touch yours As you're unaware of my intention. But.. Our souls meeting once again... don't run away! Nothing can truly compare .. Never fear. Of seeing past the lies to what's true In hopes to. please stay. Patience in seeing this through Anxiousness to the destination... Swaying through time's illusion With the knowledge of intelligence. has brought you to me. Written by the hands of destiny That of which.. if you dare .. 111 . mature in this estimation.. Now I connect intensely As of your fast paced heart That beats in sync with me.. Face me in this engage And delight in my curiosity. But created your birth again. You bled in disgrace. I notice your scar. To ignore the twisted delusion Of this mystical suspense.. So come closer! Do your will. So here we are… Face to face.. Come closer! Soon you'll be aware .. we'll never part.Through every living being....... Allowing the mending cure … Closer If you so dare . I've secretly turned your page Of your life's journal of you and me.. I drank your innocence. Of a light that at least sparks All that's becoming. And have loved you ever since... The déjà vu of time and space Giving the ability of matured wisdom … That's hidden within a fast pace On the go blinding the truthful kingdom..

Though the screams of nature Outburst through strikes up high Shouts of loud thunder Suddenly stopping with a sigh. Where ever you dwell To whether the weather. hidden in the codes Of life that has a secret mission … In the day of passing modes With all it's mystical fashion. That has to be from the very start. Befriend all your foes To bring you ever closer. Closer and ever so near Thus' is my every goal. Hold your friends close But your enemies closer. With style and grace Invisible to the naked eye. When you’re ready! 112 . Invisible Truth Be true and be well Unto you and another. Truth be told.We've both opened many doors Desiring this moment with hesitation. There needs to be an evolution Again and again in this intervention. There's a feeling of knowing Of the hidden truths being told. Suddenly displaying events showing Of what’s hidden as it shouts so bold. I'll hold you dear To my heart and my soul. Awaiting for recognition Of it's true intention. Poetic justice amongst the living Inspirational guidance from the heart Of receiving and giving. Never fear. Upon this time and space Not knowing to give it a try.

. Into my sanctuary. The secret of what's within Eyes wide open Mind full of fantasy of when. When you feel the need to be with me. When with my destined one... I've opened my mind And my heart to the light. I'm a box full of mystery 113 .. While you're in awe letting such love flow.Mystical amusements as you sit in splendor To a place that takes you beyond and above. now come and creep....... I've extended my hand.... I remain with true devotion! Secret I've locked within A dear secret. Here's the key.. And arises with such mysterious emotions..... ours! When you’re ready . do you follow? Magically intertwined by the loving embraces. While you're taken into the peaceful night. Genuine intentions mark such true notions That lingers within your soul with delight.. I'll be waiting! Until then .. The future unfold As time passes by. As I shivered in the cold And shed tears with a sigh..... I've learned what to find And seen with foresight.. I'm filled with anticipation! When you come to me .. hidden secretly. Walking such paths that lead you to a door As you soar through it beautifully like a dove.. Until then .. You'll find the treasure that you seek Golden charms and magical powers So open the door and take a slight peek At what is truly between us . As you're taken to beautiful places. I won't be dating. I've walked thru sin And seen angels and met All from deep within. Come to my palace hidden deep.

You're the key To unlock what's inside And with your foresight of me Come enter my mind. And searched for the hand to catch. With life's role We let out a deep sigh... Your Soul's Essence The essence of your soul Is guiding me along this path. Wishing for you to be with me... You express them as it comes easy. To find . The essence of your soul Draws me closer and closer... Walking with me along this path Shall we meet in the meadows? In my dreams you call to me.. Just what is your goal? While you grip your wrath As you hide in the shadows.... As it's your destiny To walk through... But have only gripped what's near Only to escape the fear. We both have come close to death And almost fallen from the edge.. We tell each other of our knowledge. I fall into the empty delusions. Me! As the future unfolds As time passes by. Will you hold on to me? 114 ... We talk by the calming sea. Under the skies of dark blue. Reaching your every goal Becoming your follower. In your dreams I come to you..Locked within you. Then your lover … You extend your hand As I am readily but desperately And patiently attempt to grip your hand. We both understand such illusions.

Our book won't close. Not from the dark sin But mine ever so designed. Ever so far away.. Nothing is all that it seems. 115 . it won't be too late. And through it runs.. To my Soul mate... do you seat? Lay you down to sleep Do you feel my love? Holding you...... Once I've walked the beaten Path to the gate. It's waiting for the day.. Romantic novel of a hymn I slowly played in my mind. while you weep Can I feel your love? Shall I linger within your soul? Shall I grip your tender heart? Shall I fulfill my goal? Will that be a start? May I travel inside your mind? Paint your questionable dreams. Ever so close. With my loving design. And beaten the odds Hopefully.Or let go … of what was … Will be … ever could be …? Ever so close Holding you ever so close Do you feel my heart beat? As I hand you a rose Next to me. To finally begin When I'm ever so close My heart. you'll win And you'll be ever so close... To My Soul Mate If I ever find him It will be like a.

. I want to free your soul From the chains that bound. Mentally. I want you to free my soul From the chains that bound. All my belief and wishing That’s ever burning.... Is it your goal? To one day.. Will I have to let go? Should I. I want to make it my goal To one day. I've discovered.. be found? Spiritually. I've uncovered. Trying to keep close ties To a family so dear Why so many lies? Thus' I fear. So we can dance under the moon To endure endless happiness And hopefully very soon Kiss away the sadness.. go with the flow? Do I matter in existence? Or am I forever damned? 116 . That one day... be found.. I'll wed. Of life's ever twisting And turning.... Physically. I'm empowered..To my soul mate. From what I know How do I deal? Have I been mistaken? And blinded? My heart is broken For is it one sided? This love I give Is it worth while? All this that I live Of this long trial... To my soul mate! Dedication Holding on to what I know And how I feel..

. That was for naught? With all my tries The truth I caught From those who lied.... With my rhymes. Oh sweet affection And hugs of affection to kiss away. for answers Believing . Not much to ask for I don't really ask... Exploding with empathy With emotions in the say. I've cried.I call for the existence Of such a demand.. all along Relieving . A pointless poem.... Keeping strong Searching . For safety to keep her 117 . Breaking ... What was taught? So many times.. Of those deceiving... It's not a chore Nor is it a task. I've died. the pressures... With pure dedication To calm my day.. Or a creative portray? Of a heart so weary Night and day..... Love then chimes.... Have I sought? With blinding eyes.. All about me! Falling and Rising Darkness to Light She falls deeper Into the dark well. I've sighed. Lingering within me Night and day.

Away with fears Fragile but strong Breakable but mended Those who did her wrong Much had descended. That's stole her fright And gave her love.... Reaching for the light Who's out there? There's no one in sight To even show they care. Dreary cold darkness Suffocated by her fear Along.... Giving her all to see... 118 .. One door closes Another opens again With all she chooses She'll begin again. She's surrounded by light Surrounded amongst heaven. And she conquered All Along! Believing and feeling honored! Distrust Curiosity to such a mind Of the wrong doers What has been defined? It couldn't be truer. Loving hands reach for her Is she ready? Steals her fear. Laughing again. in such blackness Remember what's so dear........ Shedding tears...As she sadly does dwell. Such a mystical mind … Maybe with reason All this designed In each season...

... They'll do it again. Seeing in-between the lines so defined With phrases with a truthful verse... Creative Thinking What is this force designed? Of these poetic words. Wanting to get out of town Never to look back. I speak in curiosity I feel such pain That's brought to me Over and over again. Who to trust? Locking all within Is this a must? Lifetimes over again Dying and rebirth Of now and then Was it the worth? To knock another down To stab them in the back. Such cowardice To the foes. How does this all stack? Such drama to the hate And disrespect with betrayal? Such a bad combining state To another that's fell. What a shame.. Such a pity.Paranoia sets in.. Such awkwardness To these woes... Don't cry for me.. 119 . Pick them up? Or let them lay? Such a setup In this dismay.

Of words in synch To bring smiles. body and spirit Bringing out the truth with ease Taming the hidden misfit. To truthfully be seeing 120 . The poetic natures of dreams spoken And locked away shameful guilt.Expressions of friends and foes With descriptions in the making. A feeling decoded In a worded definition. From a mystery unfolded In this devotion. From a mind's universe unheard Wishing another wouldn't from it flee. A never ending tale Of telling such a fable Never to miserably fail Of a poets poetic novel. Abstract art of emotions in this release Of a part of the mind. For to grasp and see In every line. A tale of a personal movie Described with words of a script Rehearsing the words of how to be Hoping it will prove to uplift. And the cry to scream the unspoken Of what's deep inside that's been built. Poetic Truth Truth in poetry Words to define. Mark an inch Take it for miles. Graphical courses in each word Painting the picture endlessly. An expression of feeling In life's complications. Of time as it comes and goes Never a word that's a faking.

Of creativeness. in recognition of such knowledge. and accepted the oath and pledge. As I pull the lever. without false entry. massaging what's so intense. of such a flow without a fuss. So organized mechanically With a heart and soul.And portraying such actions. electronically Coded to decode in this goal … Poetic Enlightenment Never in complete eradication. for the both of us. of words to express. imprints. Fused together. And like in command. that'll etch. along with destiny. with time. with an itch. All natural in a single poetic identity. In a way of dealing. Of my every existence. as I walk with the footprints. 121 . Poetic statures Of human chemistry. The flames burst. of words to express. to you from me Like storms with empathy as I grow and mature … Justice is served. And landed upon. I've fallen from the edge. Mankind's built in ability Like an advanced robot. Aligning words of rhyme In this mystery. I've taken and swerved. Words as they form. to every poetic sense. to transform in unity with intentions of being in synch. Allowing such natures To unlock such a mystery. the silk and soft. As through days a passing. body and spirit. Of ones self. Sent from my poetic stature. As the rain calms. Scratching off the surface. with curiosity. With such a freedom. Into your mind. to my ever poetic nature. In dedication. Sincere pleasure. peacefully and sensually. To create art with design Becoming such a mastery.

If anything exists but nothing doesn't exist. Then is there really no end neither a beginning? Does this define an infinite eternity? 122 . and into reality and nothing less … Argument-al Abstract Thinking If something is unknown then how can it be known? If something is known then how can it be unknown? If something is shown of the unknown. when knowingly shown. surely nothing can be something.. and the unknown shall be known. Appearing to be anything. Because something is known.. So nothing is something.. for nothing. and the end isn't the beginning. how can anything exist? Unleash the unknown. everything being shown. Is this something we own? If nothing is unknown and something is known. If nothing can be anything. isn't something and something can be anything.With the truths of my tale of my myths. And anything. legends. can be something. unknowingly shown. nothing known. can't be nothing. Argument-al Abstract Thinking (Part 2) If a beginning isn't an end. and nothing is unknown. surely nothing is something. can it be known? If something unknown is known. Is this something we disown? Should it be shown? If anything is unknown. shall it all exist? If nothing. Contrary to what's unknown. unknowingly shown. though something isn't known. knowingly shown. Something is known.. Surely nothing is known yet something exists. Because anything. Surely nothing is something. is known.

we're rewinding and thus' Going forward doesn't exist.... going in infinite circles? Does this explain two different universes? Going in an infinite cycle for an eternity. If we're scattered and the pieces are shattered Everywhere . to no where? Yet going no where. Should we exclude a beginning and an ending? Or is the beginning the ending. and an ending a beginning? If we walk in one door are we walking out of one door? Or are we walking out one door when we walk in one door? What was all this for? In a circle without end. Does this define a parallel universe? And both end. Nor an ending... Then down never existed. If we're going forward... Then up never existed. How many written infinite verses are to such an eternity? And how will it be for you and me? If up isn't down and down be up if we're upside down. But if down isn't up and up isn't down. isn't fast forwarding. 123 . somewhere. Look forward to walk tall and don't crawl. and up is where we're headed. How do we go in one direction? Unless in many dimensions everything has mattered Just which way to go and in what direction Are we going anywhere? Or setting in one spot to nowhere? Call to Humanity Wise up and don't fall. are we going no where? But anywhere.. but not backwards Then it never mattered behind us.... Then in slow motion. not heading any where? Are we heading in the same direction.So there shouldn't be a-such thing as a beginning. but some where.. Where is there? Are we really here? Is this something we should fear? If the figure eight is two infinite circles. while we're standing up. but only an infinite whilst an eternity. Listen closely and hear my call. Unless going backwards. and down is where we're headed.

. Furthermore. in this transformation of allowing the soul to blossom a bunch.. What's the cost to love? I find that there is not. Find the courage to share love and unity. that of which may seem like the eternal boundaries Of what humanity blindly creates upon That seemingly appears misguided but in hopes to new foundries. to save humanity's act of bringing upon such desolation. Gives me the feeling of a need to share a deep call. Believing in the dedications of portraying such actions 124 .. Soar above such ignorance With strength in this intelligence. Because it shall prove the many ways to be! To define such human nature Would explain to be endless as it matures.. Yet not to bring an endless desire to destroy Could fulfill that of which happiness can give in better way... I feel the need to express the call to humanity with dedication! My all yet...Arise in knowledge to learn from the fall.. There are not human limitations To any chosen destinations. So close but at a distance Hidden from humanity of a mysterious bliss That has much to see and understand in an instant. The eyes could gain the sight to see with a hunch As the heart could desire to feel so much....... Also. As in its rewards of a heavenly stature Could cast away the wicked dangers. Do it right in the natures of love And the lesson you may of caught..... If such a way shall bring all in pure glory With such a portraying act of a loving way.. For that of which is in a mere instance Never to be cornered into a wall But to freely express truthfully beyond. All that is precious amongst all That is within human existence.

125 ... .. Oh humanity! That would ride with the strength to overcome such ignorant cheap fear. Oh humanity! That could say it then do it! Throwing their troubles to the sea..... where there is a will there is a way even if it may be a cruel setup.. Understand and see that there is a journey in the distance and length. Because. But if you get lost do not fret but be aware to grip your wrath... The ocean is lonely and desires the flow along with the tides. Oh Humanity Oh humanity! Appearing to ride with the weakness of a fearful ignorance! Oh humanity! Say it then do it! Don't bottle your troubles but make them free... It is not difficult to ride the tides so just go with the flow! Seems difficult to tame such pride just be proud to learn to know! Oh humanity! That has weaknesses flowing with weakening flaws.. go forth to journey that path and see where you end up.Shall prove better results with loving reactions. Take it from me that even the difficult path is worth it even if you get lost... Even if it's not in sight for everything will turn out alright! But if you happen to stumble across a short cut down that long path I say.. .. Oh humanity! Of which could learn from such flaws. Oh humanity! I would like to see strength in growing and maturing. For there's much to see and much to learn even during the difficult route.. Taming such a pride but feeling so proud to learn to know.. For there's much to see and much to learn even through the difficult route. For that guiding star is more then a mere picture upon the universe That shall allow you to see the possibilities in what seems impossible...... And take it to the sea! Wish upon a star and believe in what seems impossible... Oh humanity! There is much to learn in growing with a mature strength.

.. I laugh in the face of danger and am amused by fear itself and I fear not! Fear is a lie and I from miles can gather it with my eye as I spot... I hear a voice that says to me to wake up. I seek what is not mentioned devouring the un-mentions that ask me any question! Intelligently spoken or not I say.Take it from me and I'll guide you on this long path for it shall be worth it. Also.. I shall help you find that short cut onwards down that long path I say. Proven to be as though it was their mission impossible to make it possible! They are perfect gifts to humanity to guide and protect along the way. Even if you get lost do understand and see that journeying paths are with it. Oh humanity! Allow us to take a ride together? Join me in unity and shall we guide each other? There is so much divinity in unity proven to be like no other! Oh humanity! There is much love between each other! An Eye Opener I wonder about the possibilities that seem impossible! I guess the manipulators made me feel this way... I have found the answers to my questions.. I shall be crying inside because of the lost destination You failed to see! I feel that failure that makes me feel as though I fall from the edge. I wonder about the fearful that should be feared but I fear not! Surpassing such negative emotions and I did fear a lot. go forth to journey that path and see where you end up! But if you get lost I shall help you and grip my wrath To protect you! We can find the strength of a determination even against all odds As I shall pay for such a costly duty because there is always a way. because it is possible! I thrive from the travelers who have seen it all the way all through the night and day. yet I ask more questions. 126 . Laugh if you will although. my answer will be the best of my knowledge. if the distance and length seems out of sight know that everything shall be alright.

I have found the answers to my questions and I shall ask more. I don't have all the answers. As I laugh in the face of danger and am amused by your fear.. And you wonder why I bleed as I see what will be and think of then! Humans don't have the all answers and shall forever seek! Humanity knows an inch amongst the miles on that eternal road...Humanity becomes my nightmare and love makes me hang from the string.. Gripping me enough to make me hold on and then you wonder about my burden! Human ignorance to my heart and soul gives a hot sting.. Intelligently spoken or not my answer will be the best of my knowledge. To my destination that shall be only what is in my hallucination 127 . I am determined to surpass your negative emotions and I shall not fear.... I am certain you'll cry because of the lost destination You failed to see! I feel the failure that makes me feel as though I fall from the edge.. Your fear is your lie! I ride the miles ignoring it with my eye as I spot... I listen to that mysterious voice that often is telling me to wake up! I thrive and so shall it be that of traveling with the travelers Night and day! Proven to be like it is my perfect mission impossible to make it possible! This is my perfect gift to humanity to show the way. although.... I shall not fear your fears even though millions of others do. Laugh if you will... Answering what has not been answered and I shall dive in more.. Holding on and gripping enough to ask for a help up again.. Humanity has become my nightmare and love makes me hang from that string. yet I am all alone! You wonder about my burden of human ignorance to my heart and soul Along with that hot sting and so I mysteriously bleed. although I shall forever seek! I climb up an inch and going forth further amongst the miles. The destination shall be only what is in hallucination That becomes our reality and so humanity journeys that road! I wonder about the impossible possibilities Of a non existent reality where the manipulators don't exist...

let's take notice! Blindness doesn't suite anyone... I have noticed that it is of anything! I give you clues of the key from fate and destiny. Things can be arranged but would others take notice? The universe I notice inside of you as I see it colliding with mine! Like something could be born from this unity...... The world as I know of it I say. Millions don't run from me and few flee from me. The world as we know it can be a world of anything! Fate and destiny gave you the key to unlock. As only few don't run from me and millions flee from me... As I sneak a smile no matter the emotion as I share my love.. such as unity. Everything can be arranged but would others take notice? I know I would! The universe inside of me collides with yours! Like something I desire to bring forth in birth.. The eye has opened do you dare to look inside? Un-noticeable Notice If the world was to change would you notice? Blindness doesn't suite you so I have noticed...... Yet humanity fails to find the lock...... I have found the belief but believing only because of the love. Strangers in the gather in this mystical design! For I shall share my eternal divinity! If my world was to change would you notice? Blindness doesn't suite me so you have noticed. Strangers in the gather in this mystical design As I shall share my eternal divinity! In this world there shall be a change I say.That eventually turns out to become my reality.. yet no one notices! Anything can be arranged so I have noticed before it takes notice! Notice the un-noticeable truth and change shall occur. Yet humanity fails and are blinded to the truth! 128 . Un-noticeably the noticeable truth I see shall occur.

. 129 . Yet the mind makes poor choices and unintelligent gestures creating such ignorance! Illogically thinking and misunderstanding truly of one another doesn't get you any further! Destruction to another brings obstruction to oneself and there's no logical balance. Humans are nothing more then little particles still ever growing and maturing.. World View In a world today I enjoy the fact of different cultures for knowledge is power! I'd rather not expect everything to be the same for wisdom survives within all. I see humanity's downfalls going in circles.. maturity and sight too! The wind soars amongst all of that's flowing with the tides. what's all this for? Fortunately this unfortunate and unintelligent way of being doesn't bring forth greater intelligence! Unfortunately it's un-noticeable to find such fortunate intelligent ways from humans to bring forth a greater intelligence.. Mankind is just washed up grains of sand from an ever flowing ocean. Landing on a-seashore not sure really where to go or what to do. .. Still unintelligent..... Looking down upon the sanded beach and wondering about the rough and tiny grains From a world of such lost particles of sand.... flowing past the edge Of humanity's despair gathering from the highest mountain such knowledge. In a world today I am disappointed by the way humanity desires all the power! Let’s bring out our differences in unity and become wise amongst us all. To bring growth. yet gaining more knowledge feeling unsure how to be nurturing....Mankind Technologically advanced and the structure of scientific intelligence is advancing further. like a chaotic roller coaster.... Negative approaches brings empty and hollow meanings with all that hatred brings..

. like vampires drinking the thick.. This is the balance to remember to never forget and seeking all that is yet to be.. Never fear the sun above it all shines it all away expressing the warm truth. is wealthy! I would love to travel to the ancient realities and never forget the life. Such small minds for such a large approach. The ever dark clouds hover underneath a perfect being proving to be instigating! Enlightenment Evil Darkness trails adventuring paths and stealing innocence. yet can humanity handle the truth? For the truth could. The dark clouds hover above instigating in competition...A waterfall of dreams washes away the lies and expresses the truth. Also. warm red juice. as of now could bring chaos because of the built up lies! May as well get it all done with as I say.. And travel to the highly advanced with technology proving a futuristic reality. Both of such colliding worlds fight with each other destroying such a dream! For destruction brings chaos and many are blinded to the truth. One who doesn't carry greed but gives with enriching intentions I say... Just when you think you are in control some greater force belittles you! You think you have won it all but thou have not! I believe the poor are wealthier then any rich billionaire.. 130 ... humanity has the power to destroy the truth.. Or restart it all and mend everything together and then I ask if this is humanly possible? The question is shall we make it all right now or keep up this charade of mystery? Either way humanity is either doomed or in hopes to piece everything back together! The answer I say is divine unity with honest truth and love with patience upon humanity. And vanishes the cold and dark nightmares in due time... along the changes happening on both ends with much for humanity to see.

the ending is full of awe and happiness that kissed away the sadness.. I’m happiest to those bright moments of seeking the truth that’s made me. My love soars from the highest to down below upon the oceans and seas as the wind flows through the trees. giving me back my innocence! In the end with this fairy tale of my existence. Encoding love into my every being as I continue to mature! Heavenly bright and shining love trails adventuring all through me.. As I slipped away through many portals of life to pray that the truth doesn't become a lie. After I ran from the lessons that were taught to me from the darkness … I’ve bumped into many teachers nameless and not labeled but meaningful to remember. 131 .... mapping out my quest as I light up the darkness. upon me to bring me the blues... I have faith in heavenly paradise with my beloved creator of perfect love .... unsuccessful shall it be and will prove to never achieve such wicked ways. of my existence! Heavenly Message It takes walking through the darkness to see the light. yet you have not a clue of the other destinations! Your misunderstandings misguide you for I live in the light...... You say you understand. Its unknown as to why I care as deeply for a failing nation and ignorance in humanity. Blindingly I’m blinded to a teacher I may be and I lead without means to be somber. And the shake of our home will crack as my tears will flood making it even worse! Want to destroy everything shall you? I can do it better so don't test me.. For the wind will forcefully make it impossible to stand still because of me... giggle or cry. For the noise you shall hear may give a pierce to your ears of insanity! That will be my screams to the mountains of each day and night getting worse. Love keeps me holding on so better thank such a greater force. Evil flees from me! Closing credits of my face expressing the movie of my admiration for the guiding angels.Opening Credits to the movie creators as the faces come and go naming the demons that have tried to steal my innocent nature! Heavenly love is in my DNA.

. For the love of everything worthwhile let’s have the courage to stop such chaos! For humans walk into the darkness and I shall be waiting to be your light.... My heavenly Father's angelic eyes help me to see what is brought about all along.. I desire to guide you upon your misunderstandings for I live in the light. yet I shall light it up for that is my destiny. For I understand and I give you clues humanity is blinded to.... Go ahead and create such darkness. I desire the sight that's just like the one who sees all in truth. For all that remains in the darkness can not hide away in secret from me. honor.But that is not my desire or my will so I sing my tales of my loving verse.. I shall use the power of love to sing my verse under God's universe.. Let's take all of our gifts and unite while casting away such that may curse! While I share my divine love of my divinity to you as I express patience with love.. Take my hand into the light that is waiting for you. and love that’s also of me. There's emotion in devotion and knowledge with wisdom hidden from you and me... understanding. I've wandered too far upon many of my journeys and shall make right of the wrongs. My misunderstandings have only guided me as I ran from the darkness.. Failing to follow the laws of light. Waiting as you run from the lessons that were taught unto you from the darkness … 132 . Humans don't have the power to destroy everything all at once... Give it time as the darkness humans create will end it all at once! As I fight to bring the light brightening up the darkness as your insanity kills. and passion with the chorus that I poetically sing in my songs … It takes walking into the light to understand the darkness. Loyalty... compassion in Zen.. You shall soon understand to follow my destination.. love and truth may put you in misery! Two wrongs don't make a right and not any good results come from doing wrong.

In a world of feeling hopeless in searching for to stumble upon the hopeful To venture an adventure as there is much divinity in unity that could be. Humanity and all creations Uniting hand in hand blissfully Seeking many destinations Can broaden life mysteriously.. Yet I feel the soul lives for an eternity. 133 . Giving promises in its mission and role As it follows its own destiny. body and spirit Together in the form of a unity Can be so enlightening and proves to fit.. The mind is so powerful and very much creative In determination to follow in a journey of seeking answers.. Destined Truth In a world of failing promises there is a promising happiness And much emptiness can also be surrounded by a deep love..Humanity The form of a created soul With life from such a perfect beauty. The desire of learning human maturity and growing to live Can much like a garden of blossoming flowers! The physical can prove to be so attractive In such a form and without judging.. The mind.... Humanity has such a life to journey Along with divinity upon such a destiny.. As the soul and mind find the means to live Mysteriously with a gradual nudging.. With all that may seem like a curse can transform into pure blessedness Without a lie in such a truth and with instinct as you are taken above... Like a puzzle between oneself to see As altogether shall mysteriously fit...

In a world of darkness there is a world of angelic light As the purity vanishes the darkness and evil shuns... Humanity appears to still be at an early peak And seemingly has matured but slowly as grown. As the mind in such a way is like a compass that is a graphical chart Believing in the ways of the soul which is like a guide so defined to the mind. Upon the hate there is a true love and angelic purity And a chorus to be sung in a poetic song so blessed … Upon the stillness there are actions to portray between you and me.. Great is the thought that is in progress With a choice to clear such a mess! Hateful Manipulation In a world that appears to have a lot of hate Nothing makes sense in a manipulation's destined fate As it proves that it is not real upon such a state.. Broaden such a narrow and closed mind and follow the heart With love in such a destined truth to be creatively designed. Answers in view to a maze of a situation of problems for humanity to cope With intelligence to see through that of which are followed by questions in curiosity... With such a destiny of truth in unity that I have expressed.With insight to find much through the magnifying glass with the looking scope To approach and discover the destined truth as there is much to see.... With determination to search and not knowing what to seek Searching for what is clear upon a haze as it is shown. In a world brought to you from my mind Does seem like a dream I have designed.. 134 . Together we shall conquer with a meaningful fight That brings promises of peace as hate runs. Yet soon shall be in clear view when seeing through the lens of what is to be.

Such hateful actions is not the answer With a mind so full of manipulation! There is not a window or a back door For your cruel approach to bring on such a stimulation! This I question of what was all this for upon such a war? That of which may have been causing all the more Of portraying gestures of such a wrongful action. They are always without failure too late To even conceive to retry their lies.. What is meant to be shall always be! Hatefulness shall prove to have no destiny! In a world that appears to be of hate With blinded and wicked eyes.. Doomed with much and discovered to be outrageous Never to be at a peace or at an ease. Although. Go ahead and try to mess with what you will! Karma shall prove its form and shall take its toll. Do not mess with characters of love and truth. straight to the truthful core That there shall not be any satisfaction With such blood and gore! In a darkness that is so evil that I have defined Yet.. For the destiny of hate's terror shall be knocked by the destined truth! Love On A Mission The questions.. time will feel that it is at a stand still As hateful manipulations continue to be backed into a wall. blinded fools continue to run hiding inside their mind A non-existent outcome so tragically designed.In a world of chaos war destructively takes over From dealing with a boss and sadness of loss is not over.... amongst many answers. 135 .. This I say.. A price from that is destined and found to be contagious With the lingering remains of such a disease....

Let’s bring love and let it flow from the highest heights. In such a war of hate in obstruction! The answers amongst questions How does one find the answers? As one questions such inventions. There's no love in war and no war in love. And rebuild all that's been tattered with a dose of adoration. Much of the confusion in humanity varies much... Coded in every way. In observation for explanation. and truly nonetheless. In disorientation for such losses. love heals such.... To find the worth let’s bring the birth And omit the shame of the tongue that bites And bring blood shatter upon this earth.. Humanity causes such burns. Answers to the pain that causes...... From such horrid and destructive fights… Find the enlightened insights in darkened lights. Love that vanishes unnecessary deaths.How does one define humanity? Upon precious humanity. Of all that's truly mattered and in creation. Down grades humanity with such ignorance and stealth. Love amongst humanity. Upon the bleeding scar. Questions seeking answers . In a single poetic call How can such hatred mingle upon humanity? Sin lingers upon us all... The spirit of love with love’s ability to portray to dissolve this... Walk into the light and flee from darkness Love is in sight that’s awakened from such blindness. It doesn't have to be a mess. Along with human ignorance in destruction. Along with the spirit of love.. upon the poor and the wealth.... . Decoded every day Decisions of what's sure . 136 . Let’s bring love to cast away it all.

In commitment nonetheless. To clear such a mess.. of what had been led. humanity shouldn't have bled. Loving unity of each hand Can bring in view and sight. To understand 137 . Nothing explained in the toll of hatred And keeping it detained.. When hate wanders and Clouds the mind of love. Such love at hand For love takes away a frown.. for it all scatters. Shall not ask why. But I do understand Love has good intentions.. determined from the dead. Humanity makes the call . The truth is what matters Destiny said. to the sky. I fail to understand The means to knock down.. yet passed by Of what is old and new ..Mystery bled.. Understanding God I fail to understand Why mankind blames love.. For love extends a hand To take pain away and above. Understood to the mind In this physical goal. love still shall wed... Soaring on the fly I give my all . I do understand There's no wrong in right. death said .. Love is God defined Felt from the soul... Through darkness on this land Bringing only the affections To infect all mankind... from the ground below.. Answers in clear view .

Love sings to ears So open them and listen. Take love's hand To greatly understand. With a heavenly hand And with all my might. I extend my hand Upon all on this land! Inner and outer View On the outside looking in I see the world innocently From the inside. looking out What is in store for destiny? Of humanity … So I shout! From up above And down below And all around with love "Which way shall we go?" I fly like a heavenly dove Swaying to the flow Bringing such a love 138 . To kiss away the tears For the eyes to glisten. Love sends chills To the physical nature. God is love Sent to humanity. To take us above For all to see. And push away such a foul Of hate's plague and seal. and feel.That God is the light. I desire to understand As I extend my hand. Love embraces the soul Connect. At the greatest wills To heavenly nurture.

.. what's meant To humanity.Singing "which way shall we go".”! “I have risen above it”! . “Get away from me...... “You are you and I care not to test you. Along with my love and the angels on my own time”..”! “Let’s just get along and behave”! . without a fit. I'll get over it as I've bled.. “You've not discovered what I can say and do”.. “Life is just a battlefield of drama filled poison”.. “Go sink in your pits of despair” . On the outside.. “Oh.. “Oh get over it” .. “I've risen above such nonsense” . “If you think you're giving me a scare” .”! “Quit digging such a grave”! . with love "This is the way to go" Devils and Angels “Oh rise above of it”! “You are you and I am me... “I am who I am and testing me is not wise”. All around. “I love who I am and respect that of which you are” .. Even without seeing We can still believe. I'm to busy enjoying the heaven I have found. As it can be seeing And never deceiving. “Silence is becoming of you”! “You got over it because silence is becoming of me”! ... 139 .” “Such monotonous foolishness is immature and full of crazy lies”. so let us shout! From up above And down below. Determined to bringing Such magical belief.... Lingering like salt on wounds .. Can you hear of my love? Loving with feeling That continues believing... looking out We can bring. Just get over it”! “Go paint the fires and the dark skies on your own time.. “I'm definitely not you. looking in The world can be innocent From the inside.

.. Destiny as it tries Making it.. Nothing is won! I got over it as you fell and hit rock bottom . Dearest one.. I'll see.? Blinded eyes... I laughed. you kissed Sending it to a star.. I'll not leave you alone On this mystic path. Mystic Magic Magic in the eyes As I see in my dreams... Where ever you are. Magic in the eyes In your mystic dreams..Such human ignorance is neither fun nor an accomplishment ... Upon my heart. Where ever you roam Upon my magical path.. . 140 ... you wished As you kissed from afar. . To bad you drowned in your insanity that became my sanity... not what it seems. Opening in disguise.. I rose above such insanity.... not what it seems. Upon my soul.. I'll go Just follow my feeling. Amongst my fun. Sigh! You drowned in my tears . Destiny as it tries Making it. Awaken the Mind And the soul.. for me... Into the night I flow Empathy on this feeling.. All this designed Was the true goal.

. Wherever you may roam Upon your magical path. Spiritually connected Mentally together. I wished As I kissed from afar... Upon your soul.. With our satisfaction Along with a kiss. I kissed Sending it to a star.. you’ll see. Upon your lips While your sleep. Physical attraction Inside our bliss. Amongst your fun. The moon shines and leads A glow inside your mind. As you dream. for you... You'll not leave me alone On this mystic path.Dearest one. I find All that surrounds you. As the planted seeds Grow and mature in my mind.. 141 . Bringing such bliss From afar! Spiritual Unity In the midst I mysteriously creep. A passionate kiss Sent from a star. Sleeping but awakened Close together. Upon your heart. Inside your mind I stumble across you.

you find All that surrounds me.. Upon my lips While I sleep. In this fashion Spiritually together! Love's Guidance Angelic entities extend their hands even to a darkened nature With brightened faces of loving eyes upon their angelic stature. love always wins! Love empowers with an overwhelming pleasurable sensation.Stars create pathways Guiding in our beliefs. Messages along the way. In this connection Mentally together.. God is love and knew what to do before I fell from the edge of life! Sending angels to catch me before I hit rock bottom even in life's strife. In the midst You mysteriously creep. fear shall not exist in love as hate flees from love. past and future that is eternally known and felt from within! Love portrays itself as loving as well as protection and patience with strength showing its dedications.. Inside my mind You stumble across me. Love doesn’t fear. portraying loveable actions Given in the present. Never to go astray Sending without disbelief. As I dream. Giving knowledge and wisdom from our creator that gives such strength Along with an assurance of love that always conquers and goes the greatest length. 142 . I am taken away from the darkness that blinds and into the light Expressing the love within myself breathing out happiness with all my might..

God doesn't exclude He includes by such forgiveness and love in mysterious ways! Unexplainable events may occur with mystery as God works through the sands of fate Of what may feel like is slipping away. yet never to be too late! Love extends such a strong feeling embracing all with a caress never to be mistaken. I smile feeling surrounded by love and I suddenly drift above all that's not of love.. So I pray that I can cast away the wicked trolls Night and day! I'll do and say in the manner of love that maybe so unexplainable yet. felt! 143 .. No one is ever alone or unheard nor forsaken To what may seem dark and empty... Love fills the hole fulfilling.. I feel the warmth of happiness so full of love that is much like the sunny. for love has a plan unexplainable.The lessons I have learned are that of the strongest felt emotions from love … That is an overwhelming feeling felt and expressed from God's glorious ways.. blue skies. This I say. When showing love then that is also God working through one to another of God's love Even a darkened nature with loving intentions has a heart to express God's loving ways. Love is as peaceful as the night sky and the ocean and I feel my creator hold me close! I sleep with my angels ever near with the gift of listening to hear their songs of love. I pray that I can work such loving magic even upon the darkened souls. God sent such beautiful creations of any sort of fashion to my destined journey Along with such angels that have saved me from such wicked woes! My spiritual bliss with such tender embraces fearing not of what's before me! Compassionate hearts with intelligent minds have shared wisdom and guided me along the way. I am not afraid.....

.. Ever flowing to an eternal destiny … Ever knowing of the light to see.... Finally feeling like she belongs..Angelic Visitations Fearless child adoring such beauty Of a golden light upon thy guiding one With a glowing face of innocence unto thee Bringing laughter of happiness and fun … Tickling her heart with a smile And entrancing her mind with a rhythm While walking with her on her dreaded life's mile By her side as she sings her hymn … A guiding hand to show her the way With protection upon her every being And a flowing love that'll never part From such innocent eyes that's seeing. Expressing of a spiritual knowledge that I hold close to my heart and soul… I love to soar beyond and above in going the short or long distance.. 144 .. Of a heart pumped with determined happiness and love in freedom's goal. Noticing what hasn't been seen And with hearing beautiful songs While feeling complete and serene.. Movements to the perfect pure light Destined to follow in such a trance Guided To her in perfect sight While going with the flow of this dance. Tallest golden chapels sing her a phrase Of the ancient verses that overwhelm her As her heart is in awe and in a daze For nothing to her seems like a blur. I Am Love I love to flow with the trees as the wind passes by showing me its essence..

It may not be all that it may seem.. . Even in my life's dealing I feel life all around as my love's verse shall sing.... Between me and you and proven to be so very true....... .. All my life I have journeyed upon roads and climbed hills and mountains. .... the universe makes deep passionate love with the earth! In a trance of a unity humanity won't ever fully understand! Goddess of Love In a dream I felt my reality and upon my reality it felt like a dream. Once déjà vu and yet. As my essence soars spiritually underneath a perfect sky. I shall explain it all over again! Mystical Magic has touched my soul and much exists that's hidden from humanity. The mind is eternally enslaved to the body showing off its worth! Emotionally. Now in my life I see more clearly than ever before and now I understand. possibly in rebirth! Spiritually. I feel from within and never do I have to ask why. . Maybe my insanity shall help the world find their sanity. a moment so true. I surrender to love's bliss and the truth that co-exists.. all that truly matters and help mankind to see. But for the means to share. nor hatred.. I am very much alive as physically I may die. Not for power.. The heart may stop for a while but not in death. The trees flow with me as the wind passes me by.. Both in sync with a deep understanding without questioning why! Little do humans know. I shall express my love in the many ways I know and understand... My comfort zone is my sanity in a world that appears full of insanity.. nor money in the greed that one can gain.. By someone who'll understand and so I've taken that hand. 145 . because I am love! I love to wander upon this planet in hopes that I'm taken by the hand... . Over and over times infinity..A touch of mystical magic upon with drifting white particles of healing. but I do take it to the extreme. I'm filled with love and I can't lie. I shall feed the roots and nurture mother earth with love..

.. this too is mine As I share my heart. Yes. I am the goddess of love.. I won’t deny all that lies within in such a loving state... it is mine As I kiss this earth with a deep love and healing. Only my creator holds the truths and it is He that sends it to me! I love the spiritual and artistic flow of the universe. I have sought and found as the searching was such a goal And I have found all that is within thy self. it is mine To my soul mate. it is yours! Without a Doubt I don’t doubt the love in my heart shall be for my soul mate.. .. body and spirit And I have found the truths told to me by extensions of myself.. I adore a heart that is identical to mine and I thank fate! No. all in the name of love! There's no harm done. I’ll admit all that is truth and love and never too late! I doubt anything shall get in between what is meant. it is yours... My nurturing nature and my protective stature. There's no harm done... and soul with the world. . it is meant! Without a doubt I shall not doubt what is truly meant … 146 . The nature of my physical stature.I cause not any harm for I do not wish any harm and therefore. I am who I am .. one day. Mine and Yours I have looked deep within my mind. My poetic and artistic flow shall express my loving design And so.. Because all shall happen in the name of what’s meant … Good or bad all that happens is because. it is yours. it is mine. mind. I bring love and so I am a lover of all that exists.

The heart is the key to the map of emotions that may fade. Even the harshest decisions come with miracles Possibly disguised as tragedies with-holding the mask … But it gets easier as time runs away with the keys. And so I take the wheel and drive even closer To my destination that leads me back to myself. Do you leave yourself trails of what is meant most? Or will the wind fly them away into a non-existent reality? For the spirit shall soar like a mysterious ghost! That may linger mysteriously between you and me. No need to search for what is right in front of me. No need to worry! Such harsh decisions become easier … The burden all the sudden turns into a miraculous gift! Transform such a worry into excitement that’s much happier … Lighting up the deep cave and soaring above to the skies with an up lift. Either way. Upon a harsh decision it soon enough becomes easier … As I realized I amount to the rules I set for myself. Not in the ways to be expected but in the ways so unexpected. there's growth with maturity in such a nurturing wed. That’s wandered upon my heart and soul to the likes of me! 147 . the situation has carried many seeds And so. For I have found such beauty and truth so dear. It’s like a maze to get lost in with the mind’s puzzle. this is my greatest deed. The harshest decisions can very much give wants and needs. Because it meant a lot to me to impress and succeed And I realized there’s nothing to prove in the show.Harshest Decisions It was a harsh decision and so I went with the flow. And it’s like a flight of freedom in a box of not knowing. I’ll go the great lengths for myself. While unlocking the truths showing off its task … Deep within you there is a harsh decision to be made. Mysteriously isn't a Mystery All that seemed mysterious to me has become crystal clear.

Traveling many miles and yet. heart and soul I have found my home.This mystery isn’t so mysterious and I have decoded the code … While I am coding all that’s within that only my soul mate can decode. Deep inside my mind. … 148 . still in one spot Upon my own being and found myself at home.

149 .

150 .

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