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Level Group Verbs

Knowledge: Rememberingpreviously learned material.
Recognize label, name, recognize, recall, underline, select
List list, record, repeat, reproduce, state, recite, outline
Describe defne, describe
Match arrange, match, order, relate, identify, point out
Comprehension: The ability to grasp the meaning of material.
Locate & classify arrange, classify, identify, indicate, locate, sort
Explain discuss, explain, express, give examples, report, summarize
Translate convert, interpret, paraphrase, restate, translate, rewrite
Interpolate interpolate, infer
Extrapolate extend, extrapolate, generalize, predict, illustrate
Application: The ability to use learned material in new and concrete situations.
Prepare choose, prepare, schedule, select, sketch
Use apply, change, employ, manipulate, modify, operate, use, construct
Practice demonstrate, execute, illustrate, practice, show, produce, conduct,
Resolve compute, measure, solve
Analysis: The ability to break down into its component parts.
Analyze analyze, appraise, calculate, examine, experiment, question, deconstruct
Categorize breakdown, categorize, diagram, inventory, outline, separate, subdivide
Discriminate compare, diferentiate, distinguish, discriminate, reconcile, point out
Synthesis: The ability to put parts together to form a new whole.
Plan collect, plan, propose
Create compose, create, design, devise, formulate, generate, set up, tell, write,
Construct arrange, assemble, construct, combines, compiles, manage, organize,
synthesize, set up
Rearrange modify, rearrange, reconstruct, reorganize, revise, rewrite
Evaluation: The ability to judge the value of material.
Assess assess, conclude, estimate, predict, rate, score, appraise
Evaluate attack, criticize, critique, evaluate, value
Defend argue, defend, justify, support, explain
Based on MIT CDIO Report #1 The CDIO Syllabus: A Statement of Goals for nder!raduate "n!#neer#n!
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