Dota 2 Item Guide

In order to play a hero effectively, you need certain skills that the sa
id hero demands - game sense, micro-ing, sharp reflexes, and more.
However, in order to maximize the potential of the hero and getting an advantage
, it's often needed to play a certain hero in a role he can make the most out of
, filling a particular niche in your team composition to ensure proper gold and
xp distribution (in favor of the 'carry' heroes) - I assume you already grasped
the basics of the game.
These item builds are 'socially accepted' by the non-professional commun
ity - professional players often need to come up with original, inventive item a
nd skill builds to outsmart the opposite team in a professional match, and provi
de entertainment to spectators as well.
1. Starting items
- Support: Sentry Wards, Clarity potion (situational), Courier
- Squishy carry: Stout Shield
- Melee carry (especially with low damage/long animation): Quelling Blade
- Ganker: Smoke of Deceit
- Against spell-spamming heroes: Magic Stick
- Generally viable: Tango and/or Healing Salve, Iron Branches (x3)
2. Early game
- Boots of Speed
- Middle-lane hero: Bottle
- Support: Flying Courier upgrade
3. Core items: Hero-specific.
4. General items
- Push/Anti-push: Ring of Basilius/Aquila, Necromicon, Assault Cuirass
- Escape/Initiate: Force Staff
- Against physical damage: Vanguard, Ghost Scepter
- Against magical damage: Black King Bar, Pipe of Insight
- Against invisible heroes/wards: Dust of Appearance, Gem of True Sight
- Team-oriented items: Pipe of Insight, Shiva's Guard, Mekansm
- Ganking: Smoke of Deceit, Urn of Shadows
- With melee damage-based heroes: Vladimir's Offering
- With magical damage-based heroes: Veil of Discord, Ethereal Blade
- Crowd-control: Heaven's Halberd, Scythe of Vyse, Eul Scepter
- Against spell-based heroes: Orchid Malevolence
- Against carries with BKB/Magic Immunity: Abyssal Blade
- Splitpushing/very late-game: Boots of Travel

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