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Welcome to English as a Second Language at Kingsbury High School

We look forward to a great year. Here are some things you will want to know.
Contact information:
Teacher: Ms. Morgan Williams
oom: !"!
School #hone: $%!&"!'&'%'%
Ms. Williams( cell )hone: $%!&*+,&-.'-
Email: mmwllm!%/mem)
WE0S1TE: htt)
Course Description:
1n ESL you will:
!. Learn basic English 3ocabulary
-. #ractice with English grammar
*. #ractice writing4 listening4 reading and
s)eaking in English.
". 5et hel) with your other classes
Grading System:

6lass #artici)ation27aily work: "%8
Homework: -%8
E9ams: -%8
:ui;;es: !%8
S)ecial #ro<ect: !%8
1f you need e9tra hel) you must come to tutorials. 1 will )ost tutorial times in the classroom and
on the website.
= folder >can be a section in a binder?
#en and )encil
Classroom Rules: 1n addition to the school rules4 1 e9)ect students to:
!. 0e )olite and res)ectful to e3eryone and e3erything.
-. =lways )ay attention and )artici)ate.
*. Lea3e class only after dismissed by the teacher >not the bell?.
". Ha3e only water that is in a closable container.
.. 7o not bring cell )hones4 i&)ods4 and other de3ices into the classroom. 1 will take it and return
it after school.
Absent and Late Work:
Aor e9cused absences4 you ha3e the number of days absent )lus one to make u) missed
work. 1n order to ensure the )ro)er grade4 )lease write on to) of )a)er that you were
Aor field tri)s and school acti3ities4 )lease make arrangements before your absence.
1t is your responsibility to make u) any work that was missed.
Late work will lose !. )oints )er class )eriod u) to a total of *% )oints.
Cheating olicy:
6heating or co)ying is not allowed under any circumstances and earns an automatic ;ero for the
assignment. This includes:
!sing a computer program to translate "# $ill kno$%
Accessing pri&ileged information "cheat sheets' ans$er keys' test (uestions%
lacing your name on an assignment that you did not do)
Gi&ing and recei&ing ans$ers on indi&idual assignments or during testing
arents: 1 am ha))y to be a )art of the three&way )artnershi) of student&)arent&teacher. 1 would like to
meet you at #arent2Teacher 6onferences on Se)tember !$4 -%!". #lease contact me if you ha3e a Guestion
about your child(s )rogress in my class.
1 strongly encourage you to sign u) to see your student(s grades on&line. E9)ect to see )rogress re)orts
from me on a regular basis. = signature is reGuired on all )rogress re)orts regardless of grade. #lease4
hel) me get these back.
Students: Learning English is an e9citing ad3enture that will )re)are you for many o))ortunities in the
future. 1 ha3e high e9)ectations for you and 1 am thrilled to ha3e you in my class. 1 look forward to a great
year togetherF
Morgan Williams
#hone: $%!&*+,&-.'-
e&mail: mmwllm!%/mem)
Receipt for Class *+pectations and olicies
I have read and understand the expectations for ESL at Kingsbury High
Schoo! I aso understand that it is "y responsibiity to #eep "y parents
infor"ed about "y progress in this cass! I $i as# for hep $hen needed
and $i attend "andatory tutorias if re%uested! I $i do "y best to
contribute to "y education and the education of "y cass"ates by
participating in cass!
Student Signature&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Date &&&&&&&&&
Student Na"e 'pease print( &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
I have read and understand the expectations for ESL at Kingsbury High
Schoo! I understand and $i encourage "y chid to contribute to their
education by participating and $i as# "y chid about his,her progress in
cass! I $i co""unicate $ith the teacher if the need shoud arise!
)arent Signature &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Date &&&&&&&
)arent's( Na"es &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
I prefer to be contacted by: &&& phone &&&e-"ai &&&"ai
Using this contact infor"ation: