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Play Playwright Character Age Scene # Summary
And People All
George Sklar Don 20s 13
Art Yasmina

35-40 A couple
pages in You
understand the
seriousness of
this do you
Marc is talking to his friend Yvan about their mutual friend Serge, who has
bought a painting that Marc considers to be shit. Marc has been telling Yvan
about the painting. Yvan doesnt understand why its a big deal. Marc tries to
convince Yvan of the seriousness of this painting.
Chekhovs Gun Picket Taylor Jeffrey 16-18 Jeffrey is going insane and explains to his classmates and himself there is no
afterlife or reason for life
The Day They Shot
John Lennon
Silvio 25 Page 39 Silvio explains what women really want trying to prove to his friend that he is,
in fact, a dominant male.
Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller Biff 30 Act 2 Biff and Willy start to have an argument with each other, with Biff telling the
truth about his life so far.
Fat Kids on Fire Bekah
Bridger 17 Act II Scene
Fat Camp- Camper discussing girls and troubles with weight
The House of Ramon
Jose Rivera Javier 21-25 Act 2 Javier finds his failure-of-a-father drunk in the snow, and, while annoyed, tries
to get him to pick himself up.
Lifes a Dream Pedro
Calderon de
la Barca
Sigismund 18-21 Page 14 After years of being imprisoned, Sigismund finally meets another person and
begs for company
Lloyds Prayer Kevin Kling Lloyd 30s-40s Pg. 81 Awkward jerk finally showing his friendship for Bob
Lonely Planet Steven Dietz Carl

30-35 Act 2 Scene 1
I answered
this ad
Jody and Carl have been friends for several years. Jody still feels like he
doesnt really know who Carl is, especially since he doesnt even know his
occupation. Carl tells a story to convince Jody that its better not to really
know people.
Magic Time James
Scott 20s 48
Mr. Marmalade Noah Haidle Mr.
20s Page 37 Mr. Marmalade returns to Lucy after rehab hoping that she will take him back
and forgive him.
No Exit Jean-Paul
Guy 35-50 Guy has been is hell coexisting with two other insufferable people and realized
that Hell is living forever with people
Ohio Nick Zogone Zach 20s-30s 61
Oklahoma Rodgers and
Jud Fry 27-40 Act 2 Jud tells Laury what he thinks she thinks of him, and that is being worthless
and unloving.
One Flew Over the
Cuckoos Nest

40-45 Act 1 Why,
see here, my
R. P. McMurphy has just been committed to a mental hospital. The head nurse
is torturing the patients by making them dig into and judge each others lives.
Harding explains why none of the patients do anything to fight it.
Only Kidding! Jim Geoghan Jerry 20s-30s Comedian- Driven speech about wanting success
People in the Wind William Inge Drunk 30s-40s Act I Scene I Learned Drunk discussing his addiction and lost love
Pictures on the
Christian 16-17 Christian emailed pictures of his, now deceased, girlfriend and attempts to
justify the action in his mind to alleviate guilt
Reasons to be Pretty Neil Labute Greg 20s After a violent run in with his ex-girlfriend Stephanie (who's on a date), Greg
tells her how much she will regret breaking up with him.
Shape of Things Neil Labute Adam early-mid
Adam tries to talk his way out of a sticky situation with his new girlfriend,
Evelyn by professing his love for her, but he accidentally goes too far.
Shape of Things Neil Labute Adam early-mid
After discovering that he was just a project for her art class, Adam tells Evelyn
what he thinks of the finished product.
Shape of Things Neil Labute Adam early-mid
Adam tries to talk his way out of a sticky situation with his new girlfriend,
Evelyn by professing his love for her, but he accidentally goes too far.
This is our Youth Kenneth
Dennis 20 19
The Tutor Allan Havis Nick 16-19 53
Wonderland Brooke
Ian 20s Pg. 63 Attractive Movie Star- Condemning his judgemental girlfriend
Youre a Good Man,
Charlie Brown
Clark Gesner Schroeder 16-29 Act 2 Schroeder finally lets out how annoyed he is with Lucys crabbiness.

Cyrano de Bergerac Edmond
Cyrano 35-45 Cyrano was insulted and he ridicules his aggressor with well witted and
performed words until his adversary admits defeat

Julius Caesar William
Mark Antony 20-30 Julius Caesar is murdered and Mark Antony speaks to gain support for Caesar
despite his apparent stance

Les Miserables Claude- Marius 16-19 A revolution is brewing while Marius stirs the crowd to aid in his
revolutionary actions

Loves Labours

20-25 Act 4 Scene 3
Tis more
than need
Berowne and two other lords, along with their king have sworn off women in
favor of study. They have all fallen in love with visiting ladies. In this speech
he rationalizes their giving up on their oaths for love.
Two Gentlemen of
Shakespeare Proteus 20s Proteus battles with his affections for his best friend's girl, then finally
concocts his plan to steal her away.
The Winters Tale Shakespeare Florizel 20s Act IV Scene
Prince talking to his peasant lover, encouraging her of his love

Overdone Monologues
ALBEE/Zoo Story/1959/JERRY/Jerry and the dog
ANDERSON/I Never Sang for my Father/1967/GENE/That night I left my fathers house
ANDERSON/I Never Sang for my Father/ALL OTHERS
ANDERSON/Tea and Sympathy/1953/Tom
BAITZ/Substance of Fire/1992/MARTIN/I spent most of my 16th year getting chemotherapy
BAITZ/Substance of Fire/1992/MARTIN/Publish Hustler or publish Proust
BOGOSIAN/Suburbia/1994/JEFF/about moving to New York City
CRISTOFER/Shadow Box/1977/MARK/We're dying here lady
CRISTOFER/Shadow Box/1977/MARK/When I met Brian
CRISTOFER/Lady and the Clarinet/1989/JACK/Saw himself swimming in the toilet bowl in the commercial
DAVIS/Mass Appeal/1981/MARK/Dead goldfish speech
DURANG/The Actor's Nightmare/1981/GEORGE SPELVIN/Any of it
DURANG/Baby with the Bathwater/1983/DAISY/realized I looked more like a boy than a girl, mother gasses herself
DURANG/Laughing Wild/1987/MAN/Tunafish monologue
DURANG/The Marriage of Bette & Boo/1973/ALL
FEIFFER/Feiffers People/1968/ALL
FEIFFER/Hold Me!/1977/ALL
GESNER/LIPPA/Youre a Good Man Charlie Brown/ALL
GREENBERG/The American Plan/1990/NICK/Im a rambling wreck
GREENBERG/Take Me Out/2002/MASON/Baseball convert speech
GREENBERG/Three Days of Rain/1998/Walker/ALL
GUARE/House of Blue Leaves/1986/Ronnie/ALL
GUARE/Six Degrees of Separation/1990/RICK/ Rainbow Room night
GUIRGIS/Jesus Hopped the A Train/2001/ALL
HOROVITZ/It's Called the Sugar Plum/1968/ZUCKERMAN/Strudel-dee
HOROWITZ/Its Called the Sugarplum/1968/ZUCKERMAN/Cellar door
IIZUKA/Aloha Say the Pretty Girls/1999/ALL
JOHNSON/Brilliant Traces/1988/HENRY HARRY/ALL
KORDER/Boys Life/1988/ALL
KORDER/Search and Destroy/1992/RON/ Baseball bat night at Shea stadium
KRAMER/Wall of Water/1998/ALL
LABUTE/Fat Pig/2004/ALL
LABUTE/Shape of Things/2002/Monologue at end about This isnt art
LONERGAN/This is Our Youth/1996/ALL
LONERGAN/Lobby Hero/2001/ALL
MAMET/American Buffalo/1992/TEACH/ALL
MAMET/Glengarry Glen Ross/1983/ROMA/ALL
MAMET/Sexual Perversity in Chicago/1974/BERNIE/Girl in the flak suit speech
MARGULIES/Dinner with Friends/1998/ALL
MARTIN/Jack and Jill/1996/JACK/Nice, right?
McCLURE/Lone Star/1980/ALL
MEE/Big Love/1999/Giuliano and Nikos monologues
PAPE/Say Goodnight Gracie/JERRY/Chunky turkey soup speech
RAPP/Red Light Winter/2005/ALL
RIDLEY/The Pitchfork Disney/1991/PRESLEY/Frying the little green snake
RUDNICK/I Hate Hamlet/1991/ANDREW/Acting To be or not to be
SHANLEY/Danny and the Deep Blue Sea/1983/DANNY/ALL
SHANLEY/Italian-American Reconciliation/1989/ALL
SHANLEY/Beggars in the House of Plenty/1991/JOHN/ALL
SHEPARD/A Lie of the mind/1985/JAKE/She was going to these goddamn rehearsals every day
SHERMAN/Women and Wallace/1996/WALLACE/ALL
SILVER/Free Will and Wanton Lust/1994/PHILIP/I dont find my sex organs attractive
SILVER/Raised in Captivity/1995/SEBASTIAN/Mr. Giggles the Clown
SIMON/Biloxi Blues/1984/EUGENE/I was in the latrine
SIMON/Any/Virtually any young mans monologue from Neil Simons major plays
SONDHEIM/Assassins/1990/SAM BYCK/Speech to Leonard Bernstein about hijacking airplane
STOPPARD/Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead/1966/ROSENCRANTZ/Did you ever imagine yourself lying in a box
TAYLOR & BOLOGNA/Lovers and Other Strangers/1968/ALL
TESICH/Division Street/1980/ALL MEN'S/(orgasm, boat people, etc.)
WELLER/Loose Ends/1979/PAUL/Happy Birthday. Do you like it? (abortion speech)
WILLIAMS/The Glass Menagerie/1944/TOM/ALL
WILSON/Burn This/1987/PALE/1st Monologue
WILSON/Fifth of July/1980/ALL

Overdone Shakespeare
As You Like It/ORLANDO/ As I remember, Adam, it was upon this fashion
As You Like It/JAQUES/All the worlds a stage
Hamlet/HAMLET/To be or not to be
Hamlet/HAMLET/O what a rogue and peasant slave am I
Hamlet/HAMLET/Speak the speech
Hamlet/HAMLET/Alas poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio
Henry IV Pt 1/HOTSPUR/My liege I did deny no prisoners
Henry V/CHORUS/All prologues
Henry V/Henry/Once more into the breach dear friends once more
Henry V/Henry/This day is called the feast of Crispian
Julius Caesar/ANTONY/Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears
King Lear/EDMUND/Thou, Nature, art my goddess
Macbeth/MACBETH/If it were done when tis done, then twere well
Macbeth/MACBETH/Is this a dagger I see before me
Macbeth/MACBETH/Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
Measure for Measure/ANGELO/Who will believe thee Isabel
A Midsummer Nights Dream/PUCK/ My mistress with a monster is in love
Othello/IAGO/Thus do I ever make my fool, my purse
Othello/IAGO/And whats he then that says I play the villain?
Richard III/RICHARD/Now is the winter of our discontent
Romeo and Juliet/MERCUTIO/Then I see Queen Mab hath been with you
Romeo and Juliet/ROMEO/But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?
Twelfth Night/SEBASTIAN/This is the air, that is the glorious sun
Two Gentlemen of Verona/LAUNCE/When a mans servant shall play the cur
Two Gentlemen of Verona/PROTEUS/Even as one heat another heat expels