Discussion agenda: Monday July 28, 8-9pm

The Two Faces of January by Patricia Highsmith
Hosted by Robbie Millen
1. General impressions
Did you enjoy it? Did it keep you turning the pages? Did it have the
pace and pressure of a good psychological thriller?
2. Impressions of Rydal
Was it far-fetched that Rydal Keener helped hide the body of the
Greek detective, and then do so much to aid the MacFarlands es-
cape? And what of his strange pursuit of Chester MacFarland? Was
there some deep psychological impulse behind it, or did you have
to suspend your disbelief?
3. Is Chester a believable character?
Was his change from chancer/con-man to murderer plausible?
4. Is the book misogynistic?
Is Colette a likeable, rounded character? Or is she a bit of a cipher -
a shallow nymph and gold digger?
5. Comparison with other works
How does this Patricia Highsmith novel compare to other works?
Is this a serious work of fction or just another crime potboiler?
More broadly is crime fction underrated?
6. Announcement of next month’s book
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