Misunderstood Chapter 7

© Melanie Sawyer

Chris walked me to the door and whispered something in my ear, “I had a good time.” I shook with pleasure, and the nervously said back, “Me too.” He smiled and squeezed my hand. Then dad turned the porch light on. I growled, annoyed. Chris laughed and I smiled. I pulled my hand away put it on the door knob. “Guess we gotta go,” I said in a sad voice. Chris touched my shoulder and I turned to look at him, “See you in the morning. Call me.” He winked at me and got on his bike. I watched as he backed out of the drive way and drove off down the street. When I couldn’t see him anymore, I went inside. “So how did it go?” Dad asked. I rolled my eyes at him and laughed, “I saw you watching us when I got home. He was about to make a move when you turned the light on, thanks for killing the moment.” Dad laughed and rubbed my arm, “Just looking out for ya, that’s all.” I pulled away and went to my room to take a shower and read. The warm water felt good against my back. When I got out, I smelled like honey. I pulled on my pajamas and grabbed my blanket off my bed and snuggled up in my fuzzy chair. I pulled my favorite book off the shelf, Coffeehouse Angel. I fell asleep half

way through. Derek woke me up with a gentle shake. I turned my head into the chair and groaned, “What?” He tried to get me up again. “What do you want?” He sat by me on the chair. “How was the date?” I lifted my head and looked at him; he actually cared about how my date went. That’s sweet. “It was really good. He took me to a movie, and we got some hot chocolate. He really is a great guy.” I smiled as I said this, wishing I could see his face. Derek smiled back at me, “Good, you’re not the only one how not single.” It takes me a minute, “We’re not together, not yet at least. And who are you talking about?” “I have a date too. She’s so sweet. Her name is Angel. You’ll meet her tonight.” I raise my eyebrows, so he’s got himself a girl know? I’m happy for him. He disserves a really special girl.

There was another knock on the door around eight. Derek answered the door, and a girl, taller than me, came in. She had blond hair with a bow-clip in it. She wore pink glasses, and a big smile. She was beautiful. Derek grabbed her hand and pulled her inside. I could see by the way he was looking at her and the way she was looking at him, that they really liked each other. Dad and I stood there awkwardly. Derek pulled her to us. “Angel, this my father and my little sister, Rain.” She smiled warmly at me and dad. Dad shook hands with her and smiled a smile of approval to Derek. Dad didn’t make them take a picture, that’s so not fair.

I went back to bed when they left. I kept tossing and turning; not able to sleep. I looked at my clock, midnight. My phone beeped, I got a text. It was from Chris. R U up? I replied, Ya cant sleep I could see him laugh in my head, that wonderful laugh. I wish I could hear it. LOL, sry. I cant either. He can’t sleep either. I wonder what he is thinking about? Me? Something else? I know I’m thinking about him. Hehe, I had a good time 2night. Me 2, we need to do that again He wants to go out again! No way I can’t believe it! Now I’ll never get to sleep. I’ll c u 2marrow. ‘night. Night I replied sadly. I layed back and let my mind explore. Somehow my mother’s boyfriend ended up in my head. I hated him and my mother, cheating on my dad with him. And when I lived with him, he would beat me and touch me. That’s why I moved in with my dad. I knew he would never do that to me and Derek. I feel asleep dreaming happy and wonderful dreams about my dreams. I didn’t want to wake up when it was time to, but the thing that got me up was I knew Chris would be here soon. I put on some dark purple skinny jeans and a black Metro Station t-shirt on. I let my hair fall lose, and pulled on my black jacket. I

just grabbed a granola bar and slowly ate it. Derek came down stairs, happier than usual. He had his blond hair in neat spikes on his head. His blue shirt was stainless, as were his jeans. “How’d your date go?” He smiled and said, “Amazing. Angel is amazing.” I smiled at him, and looked down, a little jealous of their relationship. Chris knocked on the door. I picked up my backpack and said bye to Derek And opened the door. Chris was smiling as I looked at him, I couldn’t help but smile back. Chris held my hand as we walked to the bike. I sat behind him and held on. “Your brother seems happy.” “He has a girlfriend now, Angel.” “Do you like her?” I nodded and replied, “Yeah, she’s good for him,” I paused then continued, “Now he’ll leave me alone.” We laughed. We walked into the school not afraid like we usually were. I was confident with Chris by my side.

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