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Response to request

Response to request

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Published by: The Union on Jul 28, 2014
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July 28, 2014

Jeff Pelline
250 Clay Street
Nevada City, California 95959

Dear Mr. Pelline;

The Civil Grand Jury of Nevada County has received your information request, dated
July 12, 2014. Your first request was for the roster of the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 Grand

The Foreperson of the 2013-2014 Civil Grand Jury of Nevada County was Keith Overbey
and the roster of jurors as follows; Daniel Baldwin, Diana Beer, Donald Branson, Marilyn
Bodourian, Peter Brost, Damon DeCrow, Kerry Drennan, Charles Field, JoAnn Marie,
Gregory Marks, Elaine Meckler, Robert Ogden, Kelly Reuss, Carolyn Roemelen, Mary
Rosenberg, Siobahn Smart, William Wasil and Douglas Wight.

The Foreperson of the 2014-2015 Civil Grand Jury of Nevada County is Keith Overbey
and the roster of jurors as follows; Diana Beer, Donald Branson, Peter Brost, Patricia Brown,
Sharon Collins, Damon DeCrow, Kerry Drennan, JoAnn Marie, Gregory Marks, Elaine
Meckler, Evelyn Nagafuchi, Robert Ogden, Mary Rosenberg, Adrian Springer, Dottie Ray
Souter, Walter Stickel, Charles Voorhis and Douglas Wight.

All appointments to the Grand Jury for the aformentioned are subject to the approval of
the Nevada County Superior Court. The Presiding Judge of the Grand Jury is the Honorable
Thomas M. Anderson, Judge of the Nevada County Superior Court.

Your second request was for the “authors” for each of the ten reports issued by the Civil
Grand Jury of Nevada County for the term 2013-2014.

As to the identity of the "author" of each report, the “author” of a published report is the
Full Panel of the Civil Grand Jury of Nevada County. Prior to publication, each report must
be adopted by at least a supermajority vote of the Full Panel (California Penal Code §916).
Additionally, each report is further reviewed by the Nevada County Counsel and the Presiding
Judge of the Grand Jury, prior to publication.
Eric Rood Administration Center
950 Maidu Avenue
Nevada City, California 95959
Phone Number: 530-265-1730

Grand Jury proceedings are confidential (California Penal Code §915) and, as such, a
juror may not and cannot disclose any information pertaining to deliberations by the Grand
Jury, including statements by any juror or the vote of any juror (California Penal Code §924.1
and §924.3). Further, the Grand Jury cannot disclose or reveal any information related to
individual opinions of jurors regarding a report, including information that could reveal
language contributed to a particular report by a juror or how a juror voted regarding the
adoption of a particular report.

The Civil Grand Jury of Nevada County shares your propostion that the “disclosure of
the requested information is in the public interest and will contribute significantly to the
public’s understanding of the Nevada County Grand Jury.” As such, this response, along with
your request, both a matter of public record, will be shared by the Grand Jury with media
outlets in Nevada County with the hope of having the information reach as many residents of
Nevada County as possible.

The Nevada County Grand Jury thanks you for your cooperation as a concerned citizen.


Keith Overbey, Foreperson
2014-2015 Nevada County Grand Jury

Cc: Judge Thomas M. Anderson, Nevada County Superior Court
Alison Barratt-Green, Nevada County Counsel

Bcc: The Grass Valley Union
Nevada County Televison
The Sierra Sun
Moonshine Ink

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