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Tester Aviation Security Stakeholder Participation Act (S 1804) One-pager

Tester Aviation Security Stakeholder Participation Act (S 1804) One-pager

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Published by Dan Malessa

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Published by: Dan Malessa on Jul 28, 2014
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Aviation Security Stakeholder Participation Act (S.


The Aviation Security Stakeholder Participation Act would authorize and improve the
Transportation Security Administration’s Aviation Security Advisory Committee (ASAC). The bill
directs the TSA to consult with the ASAC on the development and implementation of policies,
programs, and rulemakings pertaining to aviation security.

The ASAC, currently operating under a charter issued by the Department of Homeland Security
(DHS), is in need of updating and expansion. This bill recognizes the broad set of stakeholders
impacted by TSA’s decisions and polices. It expands the size of the ASAC from 27 to 34 members
to guarantee a seat for the following comprehensive list of stakeholders.

• Air Carriers
• All-cargo air transportation
• Indirect air carriers
• Labor organizations representing
air carrier employees
• Labor organizations representing
transportation security officers
• Aircraft manufacturers
• Airport operators
• Airport construction and
maintenance contractors
• Labor organizations representing
employees of airport construction
and maintenance contractors
• General aviation
• Privacy organizations
• The travel industry
• Airport-based businesses
• Businesses that conduct security
operations at airports
• Aeronautical repair stations
• Passenger advocacy groups
• The aviation technology security
industry (including bio-metrics)
• Victims of terrorist acts against
• Law enforcement and security

The Aviation Security Stakeholder Participation Act also improves the DHS charter by directing
the ASAC to form subcommittees to address the following specific aviation security issues.

Air Cargo Security - the implementation of air cargo security programs to screen air cargo on
passenger aircraft and all-cargo aircraft.

General Aviation – general aviation facilities, general aviation aircraft, and helicopter operations at
general aviation and commercial service airports.

Perimeter and Access Control - recommendations on airport perimeter security, exit lane security and
technology at commercial service airports, and access control issues.

Security Technology - security technology standards and requirements for technology used to screen
passengers and cargo, avionic technology and biometric technology.

H.R.1204 – The House of Representatives passed a very similar bill last December with a 411-3 vote.

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