Looking for internships around the environment or activism?

Click here to learn more about internship opportunities with
Green Corps!
Green Corps is an environmental non-profit based right here in
Denver. Green Corps has partnered with more than 75
environmental organizations, provided critical field support to 1
campaigns, and secured dozens of significant victories in
conservation, corporate accountabilit!, and public health.
"ur interns will learn about running grassroots campaigns, gain
e#perience in non-profit management, and wor$ closel! with the
fundraising and recruitment staff. %e are loo$ing for people who
are serious about saving the planet, and have a desire to strengthen
and grow the environmental movement. &his is an unpaid
Click here to receive more information and an application for
our internships in Denver.
'nterns in our Denver office will wor$ closel! with the
Development (ssociate and )ecruitment Director of Green Corps.
*mail +oll! Co# at mco#,greencorps.org with an! -uestions.

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