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What Is Zac Efron's phone number

What Is Zac Efron's phone number

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Published by: api-19963039 on Dec 03, 2009
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What Is Zac Efron's Phone Number

Submitted by CellGeek on Tue, 09/02/2008 - 1:49pm.

Sigh... I love these creepy stalker posts. If you want to know what is Zac Efron's phone number it's not going to happen, I'm not even convinced the guy has a phone. Seriously, go search online for a picture of him with a cell phone, it's easier to find Big Foot. (BigFoot has 864,000 results in Google Images, so actually bad example.) But that doesn't mean there still isn't a way to contact Zac. I'd suggest just contacting his agent Mick Sullivan, at Creative Artists Agency. Mick's phone number is 424-288-2000 and his Fax number is 319-288-4800. His e-mail is msullivan@caa.com. You have better chance of getting struck by lighting than having Mick, let alone Zac return your phone call, but if you and Zac Efron are truly meant to be together, I'm sure you'll be the exception. Other random Santa's phone number Trace cell phone numbers free How to block your cellphone number phone number posts:

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