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!"#$%#&% !()($* +$,"&-."/0$#1 21#$$/$3 1eachers are able Lo plan dlfferenL klnds of lessons.

1he Leacher organlzes and plans sysLemaLlc lnsLrucLlon based upon knowledge of sub[ecL
maLLer, puplls, Lhe communlLy, and currlculum goals.
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7/"1(* MaLh Lesson lan
8#"(* !anuary 2013
8(,.&/9"/0$* 1he lesson plan ls a subLracLlon lesson LhaL lncludes a revlew of Llme and money
wlLh hands on acLlvlLles Lo engage Lhe sLudenLs.
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SLandard Seven lnsLrucLlonal lannlng: 1he Leacher organlzes and plans sysLemaLlc lnsLrucLlon
based upon knowledge of sub[ecL maLLer, puplls, Lhe communlLy, and currlculum goals.
1hls plan was developed for use wlLh my Lhree maLh sLudenLs. 1hese sLudenLs need Lo dally
revlew Llme and money concepLs. l have found LhaL we need Lo pracLlce dally or Lhey forgeL Lhe
baslc skllls LhaL Lhey wlll need when Lhey leave school. 1hls ls a greaL progress monlLorlng Lool.
We Lhen began a lesson on subLracLlon and Lhe connecLlon lL has Lo addlLlon. 1hls ls also a
needed sklll. When l can make a connecLlon wlLh Lhelr own llves, Lhe sLudenLs reLaln Lhe
lnformaLlon beLLer. l ofLen use money and sLory problems abouL Lhelr famllles Lo help.
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kS1.e uLSlnCS CCPL8Ln1 lnS18uC1lCn - 1he candldaLe, wlLh approprlaLe sLudenL lnpuL, has
Lhe ablllLy Lo develop relevanL, goal -dlrecLed, engaglng clear, and varled learnlng acLlvlLles LhaL
progress coherenLly and produce a unlfled lnsLrucLlonal seLLlng LhaL reflecLs recenL professlonal
1he lesson was goal-dlrecLed, engaglng and clear. lL was allgned wlLh Lhe currlculum and
common core sLandards. 1he sLudenLs were engaged ln Lhe acLlvlLles ln Lhe lesson and had Llme
Lo masLer Lhe concepLs/skllls before movlng on Lo more dlfflculL problems.
!(.0$%#&; <!8,*
kSu1.c. SLLLC1S lnS1u8ClCnAL CCALS - 1he candldaLe can esLabllsh clearly wrlLLen goals LhaL
reflecL Lhe currlculum framework and sLandards, and can arLlculaLe hlgh expecLaLlons LhaL
permlL vlable meLhods of assessmenL and accounL for varylng learnlng needs and sLyles, and
prlor knowledge
kS3.b. uSLS CuLS1lCnlnC Anu ulSCuSSlCn 1LCPnlCuLS - 1he candldaLe's quesLlonlng
Lechnlques and lnsLrucLlonal sLraLegles are of unlformly hlgh quallLy wlLh speclal aLLenLlon glven
Lo avallable Llme for sLudenL response, varled levels of quesLlons, and adequaLe sLudenL
lnvolvemenL ln Lhe dlscusslon/lnsLrucLlonal process.
=>#" + 1(#&$(% #?0-" "(#.>/$3 #$% 1(#&$/$3* l have learned LhaL lL ls lmporLanL Lo develop
lessons LhaL are goal orlenLed, engage sLudenLs, and are meanlngful. l have also learned Lo leL
myself go wlLh lL because someLlmes lessons don'L go as well as planned or Lake anoLher paLh
when Leachable momenLs occurs. As long as Lhe sLudenLs learn Lhe currlculum and are meeLlng
goals we are successful.
=>#" + 1(#&$(% #?0-" :;,(15 #, #$ (%-.#"0&* l have learned LhaL by belng conslsLenL and
provldlng lessons LhaL are engaglng ,Lhe sLudenLs wlll be successful. l don'L have Lo follow Lhe
LexLbook exacLly, by addlng acLlvlLles and Lransformlng Lhe lesson Lo meeL Lhe needs of my
sLudenLs l can creaLe lessons Lo reach all learners ln my classroom.