Lotus Mobile Connect 6.1.

4 for Windows 7
What is Lotus Mobile Connect?
Lotus Mobile Connect is IBMs strategic remote access tool for countries where AT&T cannot offer the AVTS (VTS/MTS) service.
Lotus Mobile Connect is formerly known as Websphere Everyplace Connection Manager (WECM), since release 6.x it is called IBM Lotus Mobile Connect (ILMC).
IBM has built an internal service called IBM Connect (ICON) based on this product.
IBM Mobility Client is part of the Lotus Mobile Connect 6.1.4 product and available for
l Windows XP Servicepack 3 32 Bit
l Windows Vista Servicepack 2 32 Bit/64 Bit
l Windows 7 32 Bit/64 Bit
l MacOS X 10.5+
l Linux
l Symbian OS S60, S80
additional mobile platforms are planned for 2011.
Is the client part of the IBM Client for Windows 7?
Yes, IBM Mobility client installer is available on your Harddisk:
Which Windows 7 Editions are supported?
Windows 7 Professional is IBMs strategic plattform for Windows 7 deployment.
A license comes with every Thinkpad since End of 2009.
You are required to always have installed the latest Windows 7 Servicepacks as part of ITCS300, if a Servicepack becomes available we will soon block systems without
How to install IBM Mobility Client on Windows 7?
Windows 7 is IBMs upcoming plattform for users requiring Microsoft Windows Operating System.
As part of the IBM Client for Windows 7 the install code is delivered on your hard disk.
Depending on what GEO you are, please choose the correct directory.
Please start the
You will be guided through the installation.
On some systems a message will be presented to Accept the installation of an unsigned driver, please accept this.
File Directory
Windows 7 Installer C:\Program Files (x86)\ILMCINST\614\Win7
Symbian S60 Installer C:\Program Files (x86)\ILMCINST\614\Symbian
This File C:\Program Files (x86)\ILMCINST\Readme.pdf
Edition Supported
Windows 7 Starter Not supported, doesn't work
Windows 7 Home  Basic Not supported, doesn't work
Windows 7 Home Premium Not supported, doesn't work
Windows 7 Professional Supported for IBM Client for Windows 7
Windows 7 Enterprise Not supported, doesn't work
Windows 7 Ultimate Not supported, doesn't work
Geography Installation Directory Connection manager adress (for information only)
Europe, Africa, Middle East: C:\Program Files (x86)ILMCINST\614\Win7\Europe wecm.ehningen.de.ibm.com (SSL and UDP)
India C:\Program Files (x86)\ILMCINST\614\Win7\India wecm.in.ibm.com (SSL and UDP)
Asia Pacific C:\Program Files (x86)\ILMCINST\614\Win7\APAC wecm.au.ibm.com (UDP only)

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