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Marketing Plan for Roll Out of Truly Cosmetics Line

of Awake Caffeinated Eye Shadows
1. Executive Summary
Truly Awake eye shadows have been created to further the brand of Truly Cosmetics as the
forerunner in developing desired of products at reasonable prices. Truly Cosmetics strive to
differentiate each of their products from those products that influenced the creation of each
formula, serum, and color sold under the Truly name. The goals for Truly Awake eye shadows
are centered around the idea that positive reception and superior service to customers and
retailers will encourage a sense of loyalty to the Truly Cosmetics brand.
Dedication to Truly Awakes eye shadows launch has remained a serious topic within the
Truly Cosmetics office. All staff in the office, located in Tulsa, OK, wear the Truly Awake
formula to further test the product before it hits the shelves. The caffeinated spin of a normal eye
shadow will take the cosmetics market by the eye lids, as the market lacks a product of this type.
The anti-aging/anti-lack of sleep market has spent more than their share of dollars to create a
trend conscious product that is able to appeal to women under the age of 30. Truly Awake eye
Kaitlan Beasley
July 10, 2014

shadows has created such a product and intends to roll out three basic colors (fair, medium, dark)
in the first wave of distribution. Should the sales numbers reflect positively, four additional color
options will be released one year from the launch date of Truly Awake eye shadows.
There was slight hesitation in the roll out of Truly Awake when bareMinerals READY
4.0 eye shadow was discovered. Management was distraught, thinking that bareMinerals had
beat them to a product they hoped would be a unique to Truly Cosmetics. The Research and
Development office did extensive research to find that there was only trace amounts of caffeine
within their product. Hope was renewed and the numbers were crunched.
The first step after planning the launch of the Awake line was to secure advertisement
spots in national magazines. While attempting to secure these spots, Truly Cosmetics was
contacted by not only Sephora but also Ulta and Beauty Brands, major cosmetics supply stores,
with an interest to begin selling Truly Cosmetics in their stores. The rumor of the recent addition
of an American supplier had the three stores vying for the opportunity to sell Truly Cosmetics.
Truly Awake eye shadows are positioned to be sold in national chain stores, mentioned
above, and boutiques located in the Midwest portion of the country. The Awake line is first
and foremost targeting single, working women aged 18 to 35. Truly created a specific
reciprocation technique for those customers who were displeased with the Awake eye shadow.
Retailers who purchase larger amounts of Truly Awake eye shadows will be able to
receive minor discounts on orders as a show of appreciation from Truly Cosmetics. Also
included for retailers are upscale displays to accompany purchases of five cases or more during
the first year of Truly Awake eye shadows in stores.
2. Company Description

Truly Cosmetics was started in the bathroom of, then teenagers, Katie Beasley and Molly
Bennett five years ago. Their initial plan was to recreate their favorite makeup brands to avoid
spending their entire paycheck. The first of their products was a cream blush with the main
ingredient of coconut oil. Their bathroom business found a home in a small rental unit the
summer before the two women began their college careers.
Beasley and Bennett have continued recreating and adding their own twists on their favorite
makeup combinations. The business has grown to 15 employees and has allowed a supplier to
mass produce their creations. The Truly Cosmetics lines have been sold to boutiques across the
Midwest and have been featured in advertising spots in magazines such as Glamour and
Cosmopolitan. With continued growth similar to what Truly Cosmetics has experienced in the
last five years, there is no doubt that within the next decade Truly Cosmetics will be available
through their own website.
Truly Cosmetics believes its reasonably priced lines have been more than appealing to the
women they service. This marketing plan outlines the release of a new product, Truly Awake
eye shadows.
3. Strategic Focus and Plan
This section covers the a) mission, b) goals, c) core competency/sustainable competitive
advantage that Truly Awake eye shadows brings to the American cosmetics market.
a) Mission
The mission of Truly Cosmetics is to provide lines of reasonably priced cosmetics that
have low risk/high reward benefits for users.

Truly Cosmetics fully intends to differentiate each product, color, and formula to restore
faith in the cosmetics industry.
b) Goals
Nonfinancial Goals:
1. To exceed expectations with loyal customers who will purchase the
Truly Awake eye shadows.
2. To increase customer loyalty by 15% in the first quarter following the
release of Truly Awake eye shadows.
3. To introduce four additional color options one year from the launch
date, should sales reflect positively.
Financial Goals
1. To obtain a public stock offering in the American market by 2016.
2. To successfully locate and finance a large building space in the
downtown area of Tulsa, OK.
3. To have a return on equity of at least 25 percent.
c) Core Competency/Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Truly Awake eye shadows seek to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage unlike
that achieved previously by Truly Cosmetics. With this line of caffeinated eye shadows,
Truly Cosmetics is offering to a market that has not yet been tapped. Caffinated eye shadow
has been shown to reduce puffiness around the eye lids, temporarily reducing the appearance
of tired eyes. The main goal of Truly Awake eye shadows will be to continue as the leader
after other cosmetics companies have created their own duplicates to the caffeinated eye

Currently, Truly Cosmetics has established core competencies in (one) providing
reasonably priced cosmetics with low risk/high reward benefits for their customers; (two)
intentional differentiation with each product, color, and formula; (three) providing employees
advancement opportunities within Truly Cosmetics reach.
By breaking into an untapped product line with Truly Awake eye shadows, Truly
Cosmetics will work side-by-side with their supplier, customers, and retailers to further
enhance their brand name needed to achieve reputable market penetration within the
cosmetics industry.
4. Situation Analysis
First, a simple chart outlines the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
analysis). Following the chart, a written analysis will discuss the cosmetics industry, Truly
Cosmetics competitors, the company itself, and the Truly customers.
SWOT Analysis
The chart below, Figure 1, lays out the internal and external influences that may make or
break the Truly Awake eye shadows line. This summarized table will allow an insight into
Truly Cosmetics.
Figure 1: SWOT Analysis for Truly Awake eye shadows
Internal Factors Strengths Weaknesses
Management Organized and dedicated leaders Recently promoted management with
little professional management


Offerings First of its kind within the
caffeinated-makeup field
Other indirect competition with
bareMinerals READY 4.0 eye shadow

Marketing Ads in and on several national
Little dedication to rural markets and

Personnel Creative employees; experienced
in the industry; training program
with experienced and rookie
Many employees new to the Truly
Cosmetics brand

Finance Recent access to many large
name resources, including
Glamour Magazine

Stagnant growth in sales so far for
Manufacturing Experienced and socially
responsible supplier located
locally in the USA
Suppliers quality of caffeinated
products was only 90% in December
2013 trials

Research and
Looking into other additives for
the caffeinated formula for longer
results and a greater variety of
color options

Lacking expertise in eye shadow
products beyond Truly Cosmetics
Source: Fictitious data, for Truly Awake eye shadows marketing plan

External Factors Opportunities Threats
Consumer/Social High demand for youth products
and the formulas that conceal
tired, baggy eyes

The creams vs makeup lines may
provide an unexpected challenge

Competitive Attractive, clean logo and
packaging compared to similar in
current cosmetics market
There will be rush to create a
competitive product within the first
quarter following the Truly Awake
eye shadows launch

Technological Advertising reach is more
customizable than ever before;
online site is running

Competitors may use similar
advertising techniques

Economic US households are spending
substantial dollar amounts on skin
Previously mentioned creams cost
50% more than Truly Awake eye

care and cosmetics
shadows, taking away a high dollar
amount from the percentage
Americans spend on cosmetics

Legal/Regulatory Truly Cosmetics follows all
regulations and guidelines put
forth by the FDA. Truly
Cosmetics also extensively test
every product before they allow
them to be put on market.

Outside legal team results in delayed
notice of changes within regulations
Source: Fictitious data, for Truly Awake eye shadows marketing plan
In the positives of Truly Cosmetics company, organized leaders with freshly promoted ideas,
should broaden the scope and markets in which Truly Cosmetics may enter within the next year.
The unique offering of being the first marketed caffeinated eye shadow should have a rocket-like
effect on the sales within the first quarter following the launch of Truly Awake eye shadows.
The effect on sales should only increase as the national magazine advertisement spots are
distributed. Truly Cosmetics is dedicated to their training program, similar to a mentoring
program, that fosters positive relationships between more seasoned employees and those that
hold the future of Truly Cosmetics in their hands.
Although Truly Cosmetics has some experience on their side to push for the quick release of
Truly Awake eye shadows, the main weakness is the Research and Development teams
inexperience with eye shadow products outside of the company has the management more than a

little concerned. Large focus has been put in place to educate members of the Research and
Development team before the final product has been sent for duplication to the supplier.
5. Market-Product Focus
Marketing and Product Objectives
Truly Cosmetics marketing objectives are not limited to only their new line of
caffeinated eye shadows, but rather increasing the familiarity of the entire Truly Cosmetics line
within the cosmetics industry. The following objectives are noted:
Current marketsTruly Cosmetics are sold in boutiques across the Midwest, with
a majority being in the major cities. The boutique market is especially important
to Truly Cosmetics sales, so a greater push for the larger town boutiques should
be implemented with special reach promotions by mail and then followed up on
by a drop-in sales pitch. Larger town defined here as a city with a population
above 20,000.
New marketsA recent opportunity to sell Truly Cosmetics in Sephora, Ulta, and
Beauty Brands chain cosmetics stores has become available. For the purpose of an
accurate execution plan, Truly Cosmetics has filed these stores as a new market.
The opportunity to sell in these stores allows for the products to be tested in-store
and the marketing aspect falls onto the shoulders of the employees of the chain
stores rather than Truly Cosmetics. Truly Cosmetics will be providing stores with
upscale displays to accompany their first shipments of Truly Awake eye

New productsShould the sales numbers be as high as projected by the Truly
Cosmetics team, an additional four color options will be available one year from
the launch date of Truly Awake eye shadows. Increasing the available color
selection should increase the appeal of this line of caffeinated eye shadows.
Target Markets
Figure 2: Market-Product Grid for Truly Awake eye shadows
Product: Truly Awake eye shadows
Market Segments 18-22 23-27 28-35
Single Women 1 3 2
Married Women 2 1 3
Working Women 2 3 1
Unemployed Women 3 2 1
Key: 3=Large Market; 2=Medium Market; 1=Small Market (Non markets have not been shown.)
The target market Truly Awake eye shadows will focus the most on is single and/or working
women between the ages of 18 and 35. Disposable income is found more often than not in single,
working women who have graduated from college. This market is the one that are more likely to
spend the extra money for appearance.
Points of Difference

For the life-experiencing women of this generation, a well-rested appearance in their day-
to-day life is a must-have. With Truly Awake eye shadows, this is possible through their
unique qualities.
a) FormulaTruly Awake eye shadows are formulated with all of the wonderful
creamy ingredients that women love from a long-lasting eye shadow, but unlike the
other cream eye shadows, Awake contains amounts of caffeine within their
formula. This addition to the eye shadow can aid in reducing swollen, tired eye lids,
providing a more Awake look to any woman.
b) Continuous innovationWith Truly Awake eye shadows, the customers will be
able to apply the shadow in the same manner they would any other eye shadow, rather
than spend valuable time reading and learning the application process of a
complicated cream or serum.
c) Desire for resultsTrends can be a dangerous thing, but with Truly Awake eye
shadows, the Truly Cosmetics team guarantees a product that will provide visible
results. Caffeine is a trending additive to recent anti-aging formulas. The Truly team
wears the products after they have gone through testing to further their guarantee that
they are selling customers a dependable product. This technique allows the customer
to see results with the Truly Cosmetics brand, allowing them further to pursue trends.
Truly Awake eye shadows will be sold in national chain stores, as well as their
websites, along with in smaller scale boutiques. The availability through national chain stores
online sites creates a convenient marketplace for the potential customer to purchase the product

and become a returning customer. The unavailability of Truly Awake eye shadows at the
customers local supermarket creates a small sense of exclusiveness that could push customers to
make the purchase, especially at Truly Cosmetics lower prices.
6. Marketing Program
The marketing mix for Truly Awake eye shadows is outlined below.
Product Strategy
Product Line. Truly Awake eye shadows are sold to retailers for $7.99 for a 1.5g/0.05
US oz. jar. This light-shimmer, caffeinated eye shadow line is available in three shades:
Porcelain (fair); Venetian (medium); Decatur (dark).
Features. The cream eye shadows sold in market are close to the expectations of Truly
Awake eye shadows but with one major difference. Truly Awake eye shadows have amounts
of caffeine within their formula. This feature differentiates the formula from any other product in
the eye shadow markets.
Brand Name. The name for the line, Awake, was a play on the company name. Like
other Truly Cosmetics products, truth behind the product was a main focus. Included on the
packaging of Awake is a line that reads With bright eyes, all those depending on you will
know you Truly can do it all.
Service and Warranty. The service provided by Truly Cosmetics to their retailers is as all
inclusive as any company in the cosmetics market. Truly provides free shipping to the retailers
stores and special discounts for high selling retailers. For those customers that purchase Truly
Awake eye shadows, they may send their eye shadow back with an accompanying before/after

picture to receive a full refund, but also to receive an eight ounce coffee mug with the print
Sleep. Those customers who send in a satisfactory review to the Truly Cosmetics company
along with a before/after picture will receive a complimentary sample of the color options before
they have been released. The sample is 0.3g.
Price Strategy
Truly Awake eye shadows are sold to retailers for $7.99 for a 1.5g/0.05 US oz. jar or
$189.99 for a case of 24. Should a retailor continue to purchase cases of 24 of Truly Awake
eye shadows, every sixth order will be reduced in price by 8 percent. Full payment for a Truly
Cosmetics order will be expected at time of transaction.
Promotion Strategy
Upscale displays. Stores that purchase five cases or more of the Truly Awake eye
shadows will receive a detailed, upscale display for their store to encourage sales during the first
year following the launch.
Advertising. Truly Awake eye shadows have full page advertisements within the first
year following the launch in national magazines such as Seventeen, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan.
These advertisements include a manufacturers coupon for $0.50 off the purchase of a Truly
Awake eye shadow when purchasing two or more.
Place (Distribution) Strategy
Truly Awake eye shadows are currently distributed from the home office in Tulsa, OK
to the store (retailor) who places the orders. The customers then purchase the eye shadows from

the retailers. As sales grow, additional offices may need to be put into place to more easily fill
the orders from the stores.
7. Organization
Below in Figure 3, the organization of Truly Cosmetics can be found. This simple chart allows
for viewing of the general makeup of the company.
Figure 3: Organizational Hierarchy of Truly Cosmetics at Launch of Awake Line

8. Implementation Plan
Bringing Truly Awake eye shadows into the competitive cosmetics market has never
promised to be an easy task. The five-year outcome projections are outlined in Figure 4. The
numbers below are the same numbers that all of Truly Cosmetics have been given to achieve.
Without the successful application of the marketing plan, these numbers will be unattainable
(Beasley &
Creative Board

leading to wasted dollars in the creation of the additional color options for Truly Awake
eye shadows.
Figure 4: Five-Year Outcome Projections for Truly Awake Line
Year Percentage of
Increased Sales
Percentage of
Discounts Used
Percentage Left to
Complete New Line
Today (Present) 0 0 100
Year 1 (2015) 35 60 75
Year 2 (2016) 38 44 40
Year 3 (2017) 34 29 15
Year 4 (2018) 22 33 0
Year 5 (2019) 10 5 0
Source: Fictitious data, for Truly Awake eye shadows marketing plan
Percentage of Increased Sales refers to the increase in sales that is able to be attributed to Truly
Awake eye shadows. Percentage of Discounts Used refers to the amount of discounts that
were returned in relation to the amount that Truly Cosmetics released. Percentage Left to
Complete New Line Rollout is the percentage Truly Cosmetics is watching to create a timeline
to release their next line of products. When the percentage in the final column reached below 25,
Truly Cosmetics will begin the steps needed to rollout a new line. At 0, Truly will execute the
launch of a new line.
9. Evaluation

At the conclusion of each quarter, the sales number and table of percentages shown above
will be reviewed. Actual numbers rolling in will be held to the numbers projected within this
plan and execution tactics will be altered as needed.

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