The ancient mixture of lemon, honey and warm water has helped many people lose

weight. It improves digestion and also the honey prevents bacterial growth in the
stomach. The fibre, pectin, found in the lemon makes you feel fuller for a
considerable amount of time and keeps hunger pangs at bay. Additionally, it only
contains 33 calories per glass which makes it perfect to lose belly fat and stay fit.
To make this mixture –
1) Take a glass of warm water, squeeze half-a-lemon, and add its juice and one tea
spoon of honey to it. Mix well and drink it quickly.
2) You must drink this mixture as soon as you get up in the morning. Brushing before
you drink is a good idea, but it is recommended to drink it with brushing or gargling
for best results. (Read: 10 reasons to drink warm water with lemon and honey in the
Hunger will always be a dieter’s worst hindrance. Soup is a gentle marriage
between food and water. The first one, famous for providing calories to the
body and the latter hydrates and helps make you feel fuller. Soup, on the
whole can definitely give you two benefits at a time and helps you avoid those
annoyingly frequent hunger pangs.
Here are some things to keep in mind while considering soups to lose
1) Soups with a creamy topping will not benefit you much in your weight loss
regime. In fact, it would result in adding up of excess weight.
2) Try consuming homemade soups primarily, such as sweet corn soup or
tomato soup.
3) Discarding the vegetable stalk may result in the loss of proteins and other
essential nutrients, so avoid doing that.
4) You may even add chopped garlic and other spices in reasonable
quantities, since they act as a catalyst in the burning of calories.
5) Although one bowl of packaged readymade tomato soup can give your
body upto 91 to 105 calories, it is advisable to avoid their regular consumption
as their sodium content is high.
So, stock up on baby corn and tomatoes for this monsoon and enjoy a nice
hot bowl of homemade soup when you step in from the damp and cold.
(Read: Tomato soup recipe — slurp its healthy goodness!)
Eggs are possibly the best solution to your protein deficiency issues while following a weight-loss
regime. Our body uses a lot of protein when performing the various muscle-strengthening exercises that
comprise your weight loss workout. Including egg whites in your diet can help to restore that rapidly
depleted supply of protein. Eggs also have a lot to offer in terms of satiety. One hard-boiled egg (100
grams) contains around 13 grams of proteins, which is around 23% of your total protein requirement for
the day if you’re a man and 28% if you’re a woman. Additionally, the fact that it contains just 5 grams of
fats should be a relief to weight loss enthusiasts who closely monitor any fat intake. (Read: Eggs, meat,
tuna, cottage cheese can help you stay slim)
How can you include protein-rich eggs in your diet?
1) You can boil the egg and throw away the yolk, or use a small sharp object to make a hole in the egg
shell and extract the white.
2) You can even combine it with whole grain breads. This will ensure that you get some fibre and a
protein rich start-up.
3) Avoid having scrambled eggs or omelettes since they may require extra butter or cooking oil in their
preparation, which may sabotage your weight loss plans.
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Weight Loss Tip #42: Eat watermelons to lose weight
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Working out in natural landscapes is always enjoyable, productive and a lot
more exciting than doing the same in a closed, packed gym. Hiking and
trekking are activities that feature prominently on every person’s wish-list
during the monsoons. So what if we say trekking can actually help you lose
weight in not just one, but in many ways?
Hiking and trekking are extremely physical activities, typically requiring you to
walk miles, very often across arduous trails. This makes it physically
challenging and eventually, a wonderful way to burn calories. Besides, an
actual uphill climb is always a lot more pleasant as compared to an inclined
treadmill workout. Trekking invariably involves carrying some kind of gear in a
backpack and this added weight adds to the effectiveness of the trek as a
workout. So, don’t turn down an opportunity to soak in the serenity of nature
and you will have the added benefit of some weight lost!
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Home › News › Eggs, meat, tuna, cottage cheese can help you stay slim
Eggs, meat, tuna, cottage cheese can help you stay slim
Editorial Team July 5, 2014 at 11:00 am

Protein-rich foods has always been favourite food choice for exercisers and
gym-goers. Its various benefits help enthusiasts to build on muscle, maintain
proper body weight, and strengthen the system and much more. But now
there are more reasons to gorge on protein-rich food. This time the advice
flows in to give you more news on protein intake — it aids your weight loss
You heard it right, now have more protein to lose weight. A new animal
research has revealed that boosting up protein content in diet would be a
better way to lose weight rather than counting calories. There would be no
competition between the appetite systems, when foods are nutritionally
balanced and when one nutrient requirement is satisfied. Many foods
however, are unbalanced and have a higher or lower proportion of protein to
carbohydrate than the animal requires. Therefore, to obtain the right amount
of protein the animal may have to over- or under-eat fats and carbohydrates,
thus, the consistent balance was achieved where 20 percent of the energy
needs came from protein.
It was established that like spider monkeys and orang-utans, humans
prioritise protein over carbohydrates and fat, which meant that if they have a
diet with low protein, they would over-eat fats, carbs and energy to get the
target level of protein and that is why human obesity cases in the Western
World have soared over the past 60 years.
Professor Raubenheime said that they could use this information to help
manage and prevent obesity, through ensuring that the diets people eat have
a sufficient level of protein with the balanced consumption of fats and carbs to
satisfy their appetite. He further suggested that a simple rule for healthy eating
was to avoid processed foods, whilst, no human population has until recently
encountered ―ultra-processed foods‖ that is made from industrially extracted
sugars, starches and salt, so our appetites are not adapted to biscuits, cakes,
pizzas and sugary drinks but people do eat too much of them at their peril.
If you are wondering which food items should you pick up to maintain an
optimum protein balance in your diet here are your choices
Cottage cheese: Cottage cheese or paneer is a healthy source of protein,
mosre so for vegetarians who have limited options of protein-rich food. One
can make paneer rolls or sandwich for evening snacks which gives energy
and keeps hunger pangs at bay. One cup of cottage cheese contains about
25 grams of protein.
Tuna: Tuna not only is rich in protein but also has omega-3 fatty acids which
have benefits like lowering risk of a stroke and more. One can of tuna can
have as much as 25 grams of protein. (Read: Omega 3 fatty acids – why you
need them in your diet)
Pumpkin seeds: Another option for vegetarians is pumpkin seeds. These
make for a good snack when you are craving for junk food. They will fill your
stomach. They also contain magnesium and zinc and are low in calories. A
half cup of pumpkin seeds could contain as much as 14 grams of protein.
Chocolate milk: A yummy way to get your protein is by drinking a glass of
chocolate milk. You can have it during breakfast or before you hit the sack as
it ensures a good night’s sleep. A glass of chocolate milk can have between
eight and 11 grams of protein. (Read: Milk in the benefits of doodh)
Hard-boiled eggs: These not only add good fats to your body, but also pack
in other vitamins and keep your eyes, hair, bones healthy. They are a good
breakfast option. One hard-boiled egg provides roughly six grams of protein.
Almonds: Soak almonds overnight in water and eat them in the morning.
Almonds has very low number of calories and is great for your body. You can
eat it as a snack before going to the gym, even diabetics can consume
almonds. You can get 6.4 grams of protein from 25 raw almonds. (Read:
Almonds – how they can help you lose weight!)
Oatmeal: A good breakfast option, oatmeal provides the necessary fibre your
body needs. It also prevents constipation and has a low GI. A serving of
oatmeal can have as much as five grams of protein. (Read: 5 reasons to start
eating oats today)
Peanut butter: Peanut butter on a toast makes for a healthy and tasty snack.
People on a weight loss diet can also eat this in moderation. It is rich in
potassium and dietary fibres and has a slow release of energy which keeps
you full for longer. A tablespoon of peanut butter contains about four grams of
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Home › Fitness › Weight Loss Tip #42: Eat watermelons to lose weight
Weight Loss Tip #42: Eat watermelons to lose weight
Adil Dolani July 25, 2014 at 4:47 pm

Are you tired of trying to lose weight? One of the reasons could be that you
fail to stay hydrated enough, in which case you need to drink more water.
Failing that, you can also eat foods with high water content like watermelons.
The fruit contains around 90% water, so even if you consume it in large
quantities, there’s not much to worry about gaining weight. A 100-gram
serving of watermelon gives you just 30 calories that gives you a satiated
feeling. Also, watermelon is a rich source of amino acids called arginine which
are known to melt up to 60% of your belly fat.
How to eat watermelons:
1) Add some spices such as black pepper to a plate full of watermelons to
improve its taste quotient. Also, black pepper is pretty helpful in initiating the
calorie burning process in the body.
2) You may even blend the fruit and devour its fresh juice.
While eating the fruit will definitely help, the real trick lies in reducing calorie
intake and burning more calories through proper exercise.