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The Jonny Sofargone Rosa Story

The Jonny Sofargone Rosa Story

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Published by AJ Weberman
Extractions from the Facebook Page of the scumbag who killed 3 children who were raising money for their church.
Extractions from the Facebook Page of the scumbag who killed 3 children who were raising money for their church.

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Published by: AJ Weberman on Jul 29, 2014
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(J onathan Rosa)
These two scumbags high jacked a car,
raped the owner than crashed the car.
The crash killed 15-year-old Keiearra
Williams, 10-year-old Thomas J oseph
Reed, and 7-year-old Terrence Williams.
Their mother, Keisha Williams, was
critically injured and remains at Temple
University Hospital. Another woman who had been selling fruit
with Williams and her family, Thelma Brown, 69, suffered a
broken ankle and a bruised sternum, and remained Monday at
Hahnemann University Hospital. Also injured was the 45-year-old
real estate agent who was carjacked, then forced to perform oral
sex on both men after they forced their way into her car.
Cornelius just got out of prison even though the parole board said
he posed a threat of violence. But that is a whole other story.
Before Facebook takes down J onathan Rosa’s page I copied a lot
of his postings.

Here he is with his gangster dope dealing crew. It was probably
one of these guys or his cuz who introduced him to Cornelius.

Here he is with some decent Christian kids on an outting. Amanda
Los is his mom:

AJ Weberman shared Jonny So'argone Rosa's status.
32 minutes ago ~
I took my physical with the Marines and found out I was partially deaf.
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AJ Weberman shared Jonny So'argone Rosa's status.
U 32 minutes ago ~
Passed meps. And go to bootcamp February 22. - ~ f     l i n g excited.
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AJ Weberman shared Jonny Sofargone Rosa's status.
3 hours ago ~
Not even talkin to Nikki communication is breaking I need her in my life to
check me wen im tripping cus lately I've been losing it not giving a fuck ready
to shoot Shit l,be so high im on.Pluto and thats so true Shit cus im so cold to
all these new niggas thats trying to move Shit dont end up a news clip tryin
to step on my toes nigga thats a mistake cause I'm a chop you up and have
your body looking like steak. back to this mistake I made Nikki please forgive
me and come back and I promise you won't regret it but if it's not possible
can u make it feel real till I leave to the Marines a stack this green and wen.I
come home I'll buy u that ring I love u baby you a queen don't let these
jokers fuck your head up come with me beautiful u deserve the king.

AJ Weberman shared Jonny Sofargone Rosa's status.
19 minutes ago  
wanna know why I'm so cold, raised in a traphouse it looked like a crack
house wit no gas just enogh to get passed always had mitch match socks
wit a bunch of holes wit them Forman Mills clothes, my bro was always on
the go left me alone, my dad died right wen i was getin to know em he was
always on the go duckin the law he wanted to watch me grow, back to my
bro he on the same roll, mom always took her boyfriend side she says thats
how its suppose to go but i know she love me now she got new hope but me
i done seen the ins and outs of the game at a young age i know how it feels
to be at the top of the block and at the bottom wit them rocks, graduated that
was a goal for her i hope she know then I was suppose to go to the Marines
but I needed some doh to have some fun before I got on the road so i sold
some dope get booked now i cant go got discharged now i got no hope but
to do wat i grow up to know ima adapted cus i aint for be smacked and
claped so wit this mac ima react and be on top of the pack becuse the
slumdog always ends up on top of the pack .

AJ Weberman shared Jonny Sofargone Rosa's status.
20 minutes ago  
Look in my eyes and wat ull see is a void im empty like the O.E i just dogged
keep ur paws and ur soft bark to urself cus u don't want this silent nigga to
turn violent nigga cus i aint gonna only fuck u up im cut u up and leave u
stuck in muk or ima hit u wit the pump ether way u fuckin slumped.
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One of this buddies defended him:

He passed all the tests to become a Marine and was about to go to basic
training when he got busted for selling dope. That ended his Marine Corps
ambitions so he became a drug dealer. His cell phone was found in the
SUV, the cops called him in, then let him go. He confessed to his mother
and she and his pastor brought him to the cop shop. This is done for. He is
going to spend the rest of his life in prison not matter how much he

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