What is Management?

Unit 3

What is Management?
• Management is the process of getting activities completed efficiently and effectively with and through other people.

Management functions
• • • • • • • Planning Organizing Staffing Directing Coordinating Reporting Budgeting

1- Planning
Types of Plans: Strategic • Strategic plans are organizationwide, establish overall objectives, and position the organization with relation to its environment. Operational Plans • Operational plans specify details on how individual objectives are to be achieved. (Plans may be long-term or short-term, directional or specific.)

2- Organizing
1- Division of Labour Departmentalization Specialization 2- Unity of Command Line of command One superior 3- Authority and Responsibility Line and staff authority Authority and power 4- Spans of Control Levels of control Centralization and decentralization 5- Contingency Factors Environment and technology Knowledge technology: task variability & problem analyzability

Management roles
• Interpersonal roles Figurehead, Leader, Liaison • Informational roles Monitor, Disseminator, Spokesperson • Decisional roles Entrepreneur, Disturbance handler, Resource allocator, Negotiator

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