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•When, where, how and whom to shake hands with? •The following will answer most of the questions on the topic of hand shake.

•Whenever you are introduced to someone the business or social arena. •On meeting a business or a social acquaintance. •When someone comes into your office or home.

You would shake hands

• When you are congratulating someone-show your enthusiasm but be aware of shaking the arms of the socket! • When you are offering your sympathy or condolence-the ‘glove’ handshake is very appropriate in this situation.

•When you greet your host and hostess. •While saying ‘goodbye’ taking leave. Have a firm and not a crushing handshake. A word ofcaution here.

• Please do not shake the other person’s hand off the shoulder socket and also be aware of a person’s physical inability to shake hands firmly. • Don’t hold back. Extend your hands immediately to have a distinct advantage

• Exception to this rule would be, in the social arena, the man waits for the woman to extend her hands first, especially in Europe. • It is considered to be in bad form for the woman not to extend her hand spontaneously.

• The socially savvy man knows to wait for the woman to take the initiative. • But if the man holds out his hand first, the woman should take it graciously accompanied by the proper verbal greetings! Happy handshaking! M.L.PANDIA

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