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1. Classical era was naturalness.

It includes serious thoughts in music and art, independents in

people life and community. All of these bring new forms in music, such as sonata forms, string
quartet, and piano concerts. In orchestra appears wind and brass instruments. All of this helps to
write symphonies.
2. Sonata form is a form which has three main parts. Exposition is where themes expose,
Development, and Recapitulation (back to the original key). Binary form is a piece divided into two
parts. First half modulate and second half where music goes back to the original key.
3. It is true. String Quartet has 4 individual instruments. They are 2 violins, viola, and cello. The
melody begins with one instrument and another one repeat or develops the melody. When you
listen to it, it seems as a conversation between instruments (individuals).
4. Ritornello used in Baroque period. It has similarity to rondo form but repeated theme is longer,
that is why it has more similarity to sonata form. Concerto has double exposition in sonata form. So
the ritornello principles have in sonata form, and concerto form.
5. Glucks main reforms in opera were make operas back to seria operas. The way they were written
before. Florentine Camerato has similar ideas. He though that operas were performed better in the
old years. There were many voices in operas, and more words were not pronounced well. Their
principles were to make music simpler, and text was important for them. Both of them had success
in their reforms.
6. Haydn worked when Prince Nikolaus was alive. When Prince wanted baryton rather than viola da
samba. Haydn wrote many trios and other pieces for baryton. When the prince built a new opera
house, Haydn composed new operas. It shows that he did not choose what to write. He worked with
people, who asked him to write what they want or needed for that time.
7. I think it is when Commentator (a father of Donna Anna) would be alive after his death, and how
he wanted to punish Don Giovanni. It is serious ideas, which is from opera seria.
8. Many writes said that music it is a language which everyone can understand. It is true that music
language analogous to linguistic language. Music has the phrases and sentences as in a language.